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    As the World Turns CAST - Cheri Love - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cheri Love Played by Robin Mattson on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robin Mattson (Cheri)

    Birthday: 1956-06-01
    Birthplace: Los Angeles
    Marital Status: Married Werner Roth (June 3, 2006 - present)
    Real Name: Robin Mattson
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Katie Postpones The Wedding!

    Tuesday, August 21 2007

    Cheri follows Dusty from the bar into the lobby of The Lakeview. "Not exactly a happy ending, is it?" she asks him. Dusty lashes out at her, wondering why she brought Alison into her plan to hurt him. As he yells at her Noah, Maddie and Col. Mayer listen in!

    Jack To The Rescue!

    Monday, August 20 2007

    Cheri gives Elwood the skinny on her project - she wants him to post a video to the Internet and hyperlink it to Dusty's address book! Elwood hesitates but the flirty Cheri convinces him to take on the project. He leaves to get things started. Cheri leaves, running into Allie a block later. She introduces herself as Allie's new best friend! Allie tries to walk away but Cheri brings up Emily, making Alison uncomfortable. Every time she tries to leave Cheri follows. "Your life is going to change in ways you can't imagine," Cheri says.

    Dusty runs into Aaron at the bar and asks if they can talk. Aaron doesn't want to talk - period! - but Dusty won't take no for an answer and tells Aaron he is making a huge mistake with Alison! Aaron doesn't want to hear it and confronts Dusty about being Allie's sugar daddy. Dusty tell him what the money was for and that Allie still turned it down. He leaves. In Old Town, he runs into Allie and Cheri and confronts the madam about what she wants from Allie. Cheri makes a few veiled threats and Alison realizes there is something up with her. Cheri leaves. Dusty doesn't enlighten Alison about Cheri, instead he tells her that Cheri is just mad at him. They talk for a bit about Aaron; Allie wonders what Dusty thinks of him.

    Elwood calls to tell Cheri the project has hit a snag. As Cheri talks to Elwood, he continues to work on their project. He finally gets the hyperlink working. Cheri couldn't be happier.

    The Kiss!

    Friday, August 17 2007

    Lily takes over Lisa's appointment with Cheri. She talks about the possibility of a conference at The Lakeview and asks Lily about reserving several suites for her co-workers! Lily hands over some additional information but Cheri isn't interested in them. She just wants a commitment from Lily that will open the hotel to her! As they talk, Dusty walks up and listens in. Cheri leave to get her "business credit card" and Dusty asks Lily how much she knows about Cheri. "She's a hooker," Dusty says, shocking Lily. Worried, Lily wonders how she can get out of this. Dusty gives her several options and even offers to take care of things for her. Lily decides to step up and when Cheri returns, Lily orders her off the premises! Seeing Dusty, Cheri realizes what has happened and turns her anger on him. Cheri asks him about Emily and Alison, bringing up Allie's porn-past. Angry, Dusty warns Cheri away from Allie. "You had your way with Alison. Why shouldn't I?" Cheri asks and then leaves. Lily returns, thanking Dusty for helping her out. Seeing how upset she is, Dusty asks if he can help. Lily fills him in on things and he tells her that she'll make things right with Holden. Lily worries about Cherie and how she might hurt Dusty. He tells her not to worry.

    Cheri meets Elwood in Old Town and asks him to help her with a project.

    Dusty Makes His Move!

    Friday, June 29 2007

    At The Lakeview, Emily runs into Cheri. Annoyed because she knows Cheri turned Lance on to her prostitution past, Emily vents on her. She tells Cheri to leave her and her family alone. Cheri asks if Emily and Dusty are taking their relationship in a new direction. Cheri suggests that Emily go for a different kind of man and ignore Dusty. "There are some men who can handle who we are and some can't," Cheri says, telling Emily that she has a lifetime membership in the prostitution club! Emily gets angry and tells Cheri that she is done with that life. Cheri leaves.

    The Truth Has A Way Of Coming Out!

    Friday, June 08 2007

    Dusty makes a phone and finds out that lance made a stop to pick up Alison, before heading on the plane. He sees Cheri and asks what she did to get even with him. Cheri tells him that he spoke with someone in Vegas who was interested in finding out that Emily was one of his girls. She felt that telling (Lance) gave her ammunition against him. She smirks and says she thinks she hit the jackpot and stalks off.

    Emily's Past Is Hurting Her Present

    Wednesday, June 06 2007

    Lance demands that the concierge get him another limo so he can get out of town. He run into Jade in the lobby and comes on to her, saying she looks like a painting he saw in Vegas! "Someone should be watching you - like a police officer," she says, ordering him to stay away from her. Cheri watches them and offers her assistance to Lance! She suggests that he change his flight, but he declines. He tells her Dusty wants him out of town too badly, intriguing Cheri.

    Cheri runs into Dusty in Old Town and they argue. "You tanked my whole operation at the Avalon," she tells him; he has no regrets. She tells him she'll even the score and leaves, worrying Dusty.

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