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    As the World Turns CAST - Cheri Love - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cheri Love Played by Robin Mattson on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robin Mattson (Cheri)

    Birthday: 1956-06-01
    Birthplace: Los Angeles
    Marital Status: Married Werner Roth (June 3, 2006 - present)
    Real Name: Robin Mattson
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Carly Tells The Kids

    Thursday, September 27 2007

    Cheri reaches out to Dusty and his spirit takes her hand! Their spirits communicate, talking about Win Mayer's evil tendencies. Cheri feels like a victim but Dusty is still willing to fight to save himself! His spirit returns to his body. Cheri's ghost disappears. Dusty tries to work on the car to get it going but he is too weak. When the car won't start, he passes out again.

    Maddie Lies For Noah!

    Wednesday, September 26 2007

    Meanwhile, Dusty has just woken in the trunk of the car. He remembers the shooting as a homeless man opens the trunk! He pulls Dusty from the trunk and asks what happened. "Mayer," Dusty says and passes out again. The homeless man begins going through Dusty's pockets. Dusty wakes and asks the man to call the cops but he won't for fear that they'll take him in to custody. He walks away. "I'm going to die," Dusty whispers. He hallucinates and Cheri comes to him, telling him death isn't so bad! She reaches out to him but Dusty won't give up. She tells him that he is already gone anyway and she'll just wait.

    "I'm Dying..."

    Wednesday, September 19 2007

    At the hotel, Lily is confronted by The Colonel, who belligerently declares himself her “son’s worst nightmare.” It’s enough to get nearby Dusty’s hackles up, but things soften when the Colonel tells Lily that he just wants Luke to stay away from Noah. Lily says that at their age, they’re going to live their own lives. But the Colonel tells Lily that if she wants to stop being a parent, fine, but he won’t do it. He leaves and Dusty, who’s overheard everything, is suddenly full of questions about Colonel Mayer, saying that he’s a suspect in Cheri’s death and wondering aloud who the Colonel’s son is. He leaves, but Lily isn’t about to be shut out of the hunt for Cheri’s murder. She leaves right after him, off to pay Noah a visit.

    It’s a run-in between Colonel Mayer and Dusty. “We have a lot in common,” Dusty says. The Colonel starts to piece together who Dusty is and says that he doesn’t think it’s appropriate that they talk to one another since he’s one of the witnesses against Dusty. He tries to walk away, but Dusty lures him back by bringing up the name “Charlene.” Some threats are issued and The Colonel walks away, but Dusty’s certain his suspicions are on the mark – The Colonel may not be as innocent as he appears to be.

    What's Wrong With Carly?

    Tuesday, September 11 2007

    We join Lily at the hotel, on her cell phone, leaving a message for Dusty. She hangs up, turns around, and discovers Holden watching her. She’s got a guilty “caught” look on her face. Holden is frighteningly calm, but it’s clear what’s on his mind. He wants Lily away from Dusty’s legal mess and he plans to offer Lily an ultimatum. “If you keep doing things behind my back we won’t have a marriage anymore,” Holden says. Lily resents Holden’s treating her like a child that needs to be stopped from messing up and a little bickering ensues. But the fight’s interrupted when Holden’s phone rings. He leaves Lily alone. Just in time, because her phone rings just after he leaves – it’s Krista, the “working girl” from the bar, wanting to meet up so she can give Lily information on Cheri's murderer.

    Lily meets up with Krista. Krista’s still suspicious of Lily, but Lily convinces her she’s the real thing by telling Krista that she knew Cheri's real name was Charlene and that she was married once. It works! Krista starts talking. Krista says that if Dusty didn’t do it, it was Cheri's son that plugged her. Krista gets a page – a new client – and Lily gives her a load of cash before she leaves.

    Dusty's a Suspect!

    Monday, August 27 2007

    Dusty pulls himself over to Cheri's body, checks her pulse and realizes the madam is dead. He grabs his phone and tries to stand. Still groggy from the drugs, he looks around the room and sees that it's been ransacked. Dusty picks up a gun he sees on the floor, realizing it is his own weapon! He knows he didn't shoot Cheri because he was knocked out. Checking his glass, he smells something strange. Someone knocks on a door and Dusty begins to check out the room. He doesn't find anyone. It's Margo. She is investigating a shot fired somewhere on the floor - Dusty invites her in, saying it isn't his room. An officer goes in to check things out. He doesn't find a gun. Margo begins to question Dusty, who makes up a story about hearing the shot and going inside to check things out. Lily arrives and Margo tells her about the shooting. Margo asks Dusty to come down to make a full statement and he follows her out of the hotel room. Lily follows Dusty to the stationhouse and asks what really happened. Dusty doesn't tell the full truth but admits he is making up a story for the police. Lily insists and Dusty tells her everything that happened - up until he was knocked out. He tells her about the gun. Margo orders a full body search; Lily whispers to Dusty to give her the gun! He hands it over as Margo returns to the interrogation room. Lily leaves - with the gun - telling Margo about Cheri's plans for a "convention". From outside, Lily watches the officers pat down Dusty. They don’t find anything. Margo begins to question Dusty, wondering why the only prints in the room belong to him and Cheri! They go over his statement again. Margo wonders how his prints got there and he makes up a story about looking around and not seeing Cheri right away. Margo doesn't buy it. Dusty asks if he is under arrest! Margo tells him he isn't under arrest but he is a suspect, and she's holding him for 24 hours. Handing him a phone, Margo tells Dusty to call a lawyer.

    Who Shot Cheri?

    Friday, August 24 2007

    Lily finds Dusty in Old Town; he tells her about the meeting with Cheri. Lily tells him not to go! Instead, she asks Dusty to just drop it and stay away. She even offers to go with him to make sure nothing bad happens but he refuses, saying he'll handle it himself. Dusty leaves. He arrives at Cheri's room. She surprises him by apologizing for the tape and offering him a drink. Dusty reluctantly takes a drink. Cheri tells him she'll leave town - if he'll fund the trip! She asks for $50,000 and Dusty turns her down. Cheri tells him he'll come around. Dusty starts to get dizzy and then passes out! Dusty wakes when his phone starts to ring - and he sees Cheri on the floor in a pool of blood!

    Noah Stuns Luke!

    Wednesday, August 22 2007

    Lily orders Cheri out of The Lakeview. With another snide comment about checking her email, Cheri leaves. Dusty tells Lily what Cheri has on him - the sex tape. Dusty doesn't pull any punches about what he did but Lily sticks by him. She tells him to turn the tables! Dusty leaves for his room, telling Lily that he'll take care of things. Alone, Lily worries about what Dusty might do. Dusty goes to his room. Alison is right behind him. She asks him about the possibilities of Emily having seen the video. Still angry with herself, Allie plays the blame game. Dusty tells her to stop! Allie leaves for her meeting. Cheri calls, telling Dusty she has more planned for him!

    Katie Postpones The Wedding!

    Tuesday, August 21 2007

    Cheri thanks Elwood for his work on the tape. Dusty walks up. She invites Elwood over but he's too scared to face Dusty, grabs his computer and runs off. Cheri continues without a beat, asking Dusty if he is with Allie or Emily now. He walks away but Cheri doesn't stop baiting him. She laughs, telling him that she can still hurt him and the people he loves. She walks away. Dusty returns to The Lakeview, where Alison is looking for him. A few patrons ogle them and Allie pulls him away from the crowd, telling him about the video. Dusty logs on to the 'Net and promises Allie that he'll take care of it. Alison tells him it was Cheri and isn't sure that Cheri won't just post the video somewhere else. Angry, Dusty tells her that it doesn't matter what anyone thinks but Alison doesn't see it that way. He tries to comfort her but Alison can't reconcile what they did that night. She tells Dusty that she just wants to get high and forget! "I just want it to stop," she says. Alison tells Dusty about the message but admits she hasn't listened to it yet; she is afraid that the message will be more of the angry-Aaron. Dusty offers to listen for her but she refuses. He offers to stay with her for a while but she refuses that, too. She feels like she can't go home and she won't go to a meeting. Allie storms out.

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