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    As the World Turns CAST - Cheri Love

    Full detailed profile on Cheri Love Played by Robin Mattson on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robin Mattson (Cheri)
    Cheri Love

    Actor: Robin Mattson

    Who played Cheri Love over the years

    Robin Mattson (2006 - August 2007)

    Useful information on Cheri Love

    * Madam who got Emily into hooking.


    Current: Madam
    Past: Madam


    Cheri showed up in Oakdale as a madam. She met Emily and lured her into the profession. Along the way she has forced Emily to stay with her until Emily broke free of her.

    Cheri stayed in town, making a nuisance of herself with Dusty and threatening to get Allie into hooking since Emily had gone straight. She got Elwood to help her post a sex tape of Dusty and Allie on the Internet and then asked Dusty to her hotel room to discuss how he might help her leave town. She drugged Dusty and when he woke up, Cheri's room was trashed, his gun was on the floor and Cheri had been shot dead!


    Col. Winston Mayer






    Noah Mayer


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    Thursday, September 27 2007: Carly Tells The Kids

    Cheri reaches out to Dusty and his spirit takes her hand! Their spirits communicate, talking about Win Mayer's evil tendencies. Cheri feels like a victim but Dusty is still willing to fight to save himself! His spirit returns to his body. Cheri's ghost disappears. Dusty tries to work on the car to get it going but he is too weak. When the car won't start, he passes out again.

    Wednesday, September 26 2007: Maddie Lies For Noah!

    Meanwhile, Dusty has just woken in the trunk of the car. He remembers the shooting as a homeless man opens the trunk! He pulls Dusty from the trunk and asks what happened. "Mayer," Dusty says and passes out again. The homeless man begins going through Dusty's pockets. Dusty wakes and asks the man to call the cops but he won't for fear that they'll take him in to custody. He walks away. "I'm going to die," Dusty whispers. He hallucinates and Cheri comes to him, telling him death isn't so bad! She reaches out to him but Dusty won't give up. She tells him that he is already gone anyway and she'll just wait.

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