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    As the World Turns CAST - Brad Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brad Snyder Played by Austin Peck on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Austin Peck

    Birthday: 1971-04-09
    Birthplace: Hawaii
    Marital Status: Married Tara Crespo (April 16, 2000 - present) 2 children
    Real Name: Austin Peck
    Height: 6' 2"


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    Dude, I'm Sorry.

    Thursday, October 22 2009

    At home, Janet is calling around for Liberty without luck. She and Brad begin arguing about the situation with Paul and then he worries more about Katie. "She is the sunshine," he says.

    Jack shows up at rehab and discovers that Carly is out for the day. He calls Janet and she tells him what happened with Liberty, Paul and Emily. Now, the kids have run off. He hurries home and Janet and Brad fill him in on everything that has been going on. Brad's sick of standing around. Parker calls to tell his father that Liberty has had an accident. Jack tells Brad to find Katie and then meet them in Chicago.

    Brad goes home and shouts for Katie but there is no sign of her. He tries calling Henry without luck.

    Dusty shows up at the station after being called by Margo. She asks him about Manzo and he tells her about seeing his thugs in church. He tells her that they went to Madigan's. Margo searches the database when Brad storms in and throws Henry against the wall, threatening him.

    Small Snafu.

    Wednesday, October 21 2009

    At Metro, Brad asks Henry and Ralph where Katie is. Brad excitedly tells them about the shower and Henry does his best to be rid of him. Once Brad is gone, Henry demands to see Katie and says he's calling the shots now. "That's an unfortunate use of words," Ralph says. Henry hands the check over and Ralph explains that if it goes through, he will release the girl. Once Henry is gone, Ralph calls his thugs and tells them to bring the girl back immediately.

    Craig and Rosanna arrive at Brad's. Margo glares across the room at them. When Rosanna and Margo sit down, Margo admits that she's shocked to see them together and begins talking about all of things that Craig's done wrong. She warns her to be careful. When Henry walks in, everyone yells surprise until they notice Katie isn't with him. He assures them she should be there any second and probably just stopped to pet a puppy. Brad starts to pour champagne for a toast. Henry drinks it immediately. Brad explains that he was going to toast to him for being Katie's best friend and it's bad luck to drink before the toast. Henry gulps. Brad tries calling Katie while Craig asks Rosanna what his sister was saying to her. She tells him about Margo's warning. He's disappointed when she didn't tell his sister that they are together. "So much for being honest," he says. "Unless you were honest?" he wonders. She admits this might not be the best time for them to go public. Craig walks out. Rosanna runs after him. Brad returns, worried that Katie isn't picking up her phone. Henry tells them he thinks Katie ran off to a spa and offers to go and get her.

    Paul and Emily arrive at Janet's. She's still busy arguing with Liberty and Parker. Paul and Emily explain that they are moving to California and want Liberty to go with them. Janet yells at them to get out. Liberty runs outside with Parker trailing after her. He finally comes clean and explains that he can't get her an apartment. She goes back inside and tells her mom the news. Liberty tells them all that she's not sure what to do right now. Janet calls Brad and tells him about the situation. He agrees to come over. When he gets there, Janet has to pull him away from Paul. Liberty sneaks off and calls Parker to meet up with her.

    This Honesty Business Isn't Easy.

    Tuesday, October 20 2009

    Over the phone, Ralph orders Henry to get him his money immediately or he will kill Katie. When Henry turns around, Brad asks him what that was all about and then explains he is throwing a surprise party for Katie. Henry doesn't think this is the best time.

    Jack arrives at the station and complains to Margo about his problems with Janet. He asks her about what Craig has been up to in regards to Parker's trust fund. He's sure that Craig has been paying off Parker about something. Margo knows her brother has 'a fluid relationship with the truth', so she suggests Jack just talk to Parker. As he heads out, Brad arrives and they talk about how things blew up between Janet and Liberty. Brad invites him to Katie's baby shower and tells him he's never felt so lucky in his life. He chats with Margo and she encourages him to invite Craig to the party.

    Rosanna and Craig are anxious. He wishes he hadn't tried to buy Parker off. She insists that they have to come clean with her sister when she gets home. He assures her that this isn't a scheme and his feelings for her are genuine. She feels the same way, but she's not sure what they have. "It's not nothing," he says, offering to try and define it. They know it isn't just about sex and worry it could be over when it becomes public. As Craig is about to open up, Parker shows up, eager to get his money. Craig explains that they've changed their minds because this was a bad idea. They refuse to ask him to lie anymore but hope he won't tell his mom before they can. Parker storms out. "This honesty business isn't easy," Craig says. She asks him what he was going to say before. Brad comes to the door before he can say anything. He invites them to the shower. Craig says he wants to bring Rosanna. She's shocked. When Brad leaves, she asks Craig, "Are you sure about this?" He is sure. It hurts her not to be with him, but it hurts her to know she is hurting her sister, she admits. Part of her worries that this is just payback for when Carly did the same thing to her. "All that matters to me is you," Craig says, kissing her. That's enough to convince her to go. She never thought she would end up with him again.

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