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    As the World Turns CAST - Brad Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brad Snyder Played by Austin Peck on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Austin Peck

    Birthday: 1971-04-09
    Birthplace: Hawaii
    Marital Status: Married Tara Crespo (April 16, 2000 - present) 2 children
    Real Name: Austin Peck
    Height: 6' 2"


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    Wednesday, November 25 2009

    Katie arrives on the porch. She sits down with Liberty and they talk about how much they miss Brad. Liberty says she just had a weird feeling, like her father was there. Katie feels that too. When Katie looks in the window, she can see Brad. She tells Jacob that Brad must be trying to reach them and decides to go home and wait for him.

    The Compass Only Points South.

    Tuesday, November 24 2009

    At Katie's, ghost Brad watches her sleep and tries to touch her. The baby cries and wakes her up. She calls and makes a doctor's appointment.

    At the diner, Henry gets a call from Margo informing him that Ralph has been sentenced to prison. Brad suddenly appears and yells at Henry to go and check on Katie. He's afraid she's going to try and hurt herself.

    At the hospital, Katie asks the doctor if she can get some sleeping pills. He doesn't think that's a good idea. When he leaves, Katie walks out, bumps into Henry and tries to push past him. Brad barks at Henry to ask her questions. Katie asks Henry to watch the baby while she sleeps... she just has to go to the pharmacy first. Brad and Henry are scared by what they've seen.

    Henry meets Katie at her place. As she goes to her room, Brad tells Henry that Katie keeps going to sleep to see him but this means she is going to miss their son's life. He materializes in Katie's room and yells at her not to take a handful of pills. Angrily, he swats them from her hand and screams at her. She gets in bed and falls asleep. Brad turns to Henry and tells him that he has to get Katie to see that he is still there. They bicker loudly until Katie comes out. She assumes he's talking to Brad and begins waving in the air, crying that she loves him. She gets woozy and falls into Henry's arms. He puts her to bed. Brad sits by her side and remembers watching her sleep. He's thankful that he is still there to see her. "You mean the world to me," he says.

    Good Men Are Hard To Find.

    Friday, November 20 2009

    At home, Katie prays to Brad to make the chair move again. He tries but has no luck. They both yell in frustration. Jacob begins crying so she begins cradling the child. The doorbell rings. She wonders if it's a sign. It's Janet with veal. She asks Katie if she is expecting anyone. "Not anymore," Katie says. Janet plays with the baby and offers to look after him if she needs a break. They discuss Jack running off and Katie tells her not to give up on him. "He's a good man and they're hard to find," she says. Brad tries talking to Janet but has no luck. The baby cries more and Katie drops a hint to Janet to leave.

    A frustrated Henry goes back to his room and jumps into the shower. One of Ralph's goons sneaks in. When Henry comes out drying his hair, the goon whips out a knife. Brad appears and Henry yells at him. Brad grabs a vase and smashes it on the goon's head. The goon runs off. Brad grabs Henry and he feels it.

    They rush over to Katie's. She refuses to let Henry in. He rings the bell again and she lets him in to hold the crying baby. Henry gets the baby to stop screaming and tells Katie to have a nap. When she does, he and Brad sing 'Get Along Little Doggies' to the child. While Katie sleeps, she dreams of Brad. He tells her that she won't have to raise the child alone, they can do it together. She wakes up and rushes over to Henry. He hands her the baby and leaves to testify. She sings to the baby and Brad joins in.

    I Can't See Anything.

    Thursday, November 19 2009

    The ghost of Brad suddenly appears in Katie's apartment. He talks to her and glares at the danishes she puts out. He worries she is already moving on. Margo comes to see the baby on her way to work. Katie tries to brush her off when Thomas, the psychic, arrives. Brad thinks this is a great idea. Margo tries to talk her sister out of this but she won't back down. Once the 'doubter' leaves, the psychic asks for his fee before they begin.

    Brad shows up in the bar to see Henry. He tells him that he needs to go and see Katie before she gets taken for a ride by the phony psychic. After Brad vanishes, Henry rushes over to Margo and asks her to get rid of the restraining order so he can help. She's surprised to hear he knows about Katie and the psychic.

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