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    As the World Turns CAST - Brad Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brad Snyder Played by Austin Peck on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Austin Peck

    Birthday: 1971-04-09
    Birthplace: Hawaii
    Marital Status: Married Tara Crespo (April 16, 2000 - present) 2 children
    Real Name: Austin Peck
    Height: 6' 2"


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    I Had To Find A Way To Shut You Up.

    Monday, September 28 2009

    At home, Katie and Brad are looking through baby catalogs. He worries about how Liberty would be able to afford all of this stuff. He still thinks she should have ended the pregnancy like she'd planned. Janet comes in and excitedly tells them that everything has been taken care of – they've found a couple to adopt the baby. Brad doesn't know why she thinks this is such a great idea. He's irate when she tells him that Liberty is meeting with the couple today, alone. Janet reminds him that they all have to work together on this. After she leaves, Katie tells Brady that he needs to respect his daughter's decision, whatever it is. He wants to check out the prospective parents.

    At the clinic, Parker tries to reassure Liberty and remind her of her choices. She worries about the couple liking her. Jack and Janet arrive. Liberty isn't happy to see them after they'd promised to stay away. Brad and Katie come in next and arguments erupt. Paul and Emily come in, though they're reluctant to since it sounds like a hockey game in there. When it becomes obvious that they are the adoptive couple, Jack blurts out, "No way in hell!" As the lawyer comes in, everyone gangs up against Paul and Emily and reminds them of all of their past crimes. Liberty shakes her head. The lawyer has heard enough and leaves. Liberty and Parker go next. The three couples bicker. Paul accuses them of being too judgmental and reminds them that they are far from perfect. Katie thinks they've all done a great job turning Liberty off to the idea of adoption. She tells them they owe their daughter an apology.

    Katie and Brad go home. He's glad the adoption fell through and insists that this is all Janet's doing. He only wishes that he had taken his daughter to the clinic himself.

    In Bed With The Mob.

    Friday, September 18 2009

    Brad wants Katie to go with him to talk to Janet into letting Liberty have an abortion. Katie admits she doesn't feel the same way as him. Brad reminds Katie that Liberty is seventeen, but she says it is difficult for her to imagine a woman having an abortion when she has a miracle baby. Brad points out their situations are different. He leaves for the studio, but Katie is still torn.

    Janet meets Brad at the studio and tells him Katie is on her side and that she is trying to talk Liberty out of the abortion. Brad is angry that Janet used his wife to do her dirty work.

    An angry Brad returns home and wonders why Katie was trying to talk Liberty out of having an abortion. Katie apologizes for not talking with him first and admits that Liberty got angry and stormed out. Brad wants Liberty to feel safe with them and doesn't want her to be a pregnant senior. He yells that he is a failure of a father. Katie reminds him that it is about Liberty and not anyone else. Brad calms down and Katie feels the baby kick. She tells him life happens and they can't control it.

    Torn Apart.

    Monday, September 14 2009

    Janet consults with a priest about Liberty's pregnancy. A disturbed Liberty tells Janet she doesn't appreciate being ambushed. The priest tells Liberty that as a Catholic, Janet can't accept an abortion. Brad barges in and tells them he is Liberty's father and is not religious. The priest thinks they should all talk privately and leaves. A relieved Liberty hugs Brad. Brad tells her that Tony should be the one who feels ashamed, not her. Brad asks her what she really wants to do. Liberty doesn't want to have the baby and Brad promises he will handle Janet.

    Brad tells Janet that Liberty doesn't want to have the baby. Janet thinks Liberty can give the baby up for adoption and still have the future she wants. Brad doesn't think Liberty could give her baby away after carrying it. Brad sternly points out that it is Liberty's decision. Janet claims she won't love Liberty any less, but Brad thinks Janet is acting as bad as her parents treated her. Janet softens and admits she is scared that Liberty will never be the same.

    Brad interrupts Liberty and Parker and demands to know what is going on between them! Brad pulls Liberty aside and tells her that Parker can't help her right now. He asks her what she really wants. Liberty admits she can't think straight. Brad confesses that if she had an abortion, he would be with her all the way. She asks if Janet had come to him when she was pregnant, would he have wanted to get rid of her. Brad doesn't know how to answer the question and thinks it is a different situation. He promises to be with her every single step of the way no matter what she decides. Parker returns and Brad asks them to promise to always talk to a parent before making decisions about anything. Alone with Parker again, Liberty wishes she had the abortion before everyone found out she was pregnant.

    Jack stops by to see a cranky Janet at Al's. She tells him Brad was at the farm and told her she was selfish. Jack thinks Janet should listen to what Liberty wants. Janet wants Jack to tell her he supports her. Jack assures her that he is always on her side. Janet then realizes if she can stall Liberty from having an abortion just a little while, she'll have to have the baby. Brad interrupts and tells them he told Liberty he will support her no matter what. He thinks they should work through the situation together and Janet agrees.

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