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    As the World Turns CAST - Brad Snyder

    Full detailed profile on Brad Snyder Played by Austin Peck on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Austin Peck
    Brad Snyder

    Actor: Austin Peck

    Who played Brad Snyder over the years

    Austin Peck (Jan. 2007 - December 24 2009)
    John Loprieno (April - August 1999)
    Roy Eudon (March - April 1999)
    Nick Kokotakis (June 1998 - March 1999)

    Useful information on Brad Snyder

    * Currently residing at Emma's Farm House.
    * 1998 - Falsely admitted that he killed his father.
    * 1998 - Scammed money from rich women.
    * 1998 - Tried to keep money he found instead of turning it into police.
    * 1999 - Told Carly that she had to marry him or he would blackmail her.
    * Brad helped Carly keep her misdiagnosis a secret.
    * Brad married Katie in 2008.
    * Brad learned he had a teenage daughter, Liberty. He and Liberty's mother, Janet, had a one night stand in high school.
    * To keep Liberty away from Parker, Brad set her up with Leo but Leo attacked her.
    * Brad pushed Leo into the reservoir and lied to police about it, costing Jack his job.


    Current: Co-Host of Oakdale Now on WOAK
    Past: Construction


    When Brad first came to Oakdale, his car almost hit Camille Bennett who had run onto the road without looking first. Brad tried to calm Camille down, and finally offered to take her anywhere she wanted to go. She accepted his invitation and got into the car. She confessed that she just found out she had cancer and couldn't bear going through the surgery. Nevertheless, she eventually went back. Brad went under the name of Brad Carter instead of Brad Snyder. When he first showed up, no one knew he was a Snyder. He befriended Lucinda Walsh and Ben Harris, which was Camille's fiancee at the time.

    He couldn't hide his identity any longer, and it was soon discovered that he was a Snyder. He made his way back to the farm where he saw Julia Lindsey, who was Jack's girlfriend at the time. Jack came in while they were talking. Jack didn't like Brad too much because he blamed Brad for his father's death. He was also known to take money from women who were rich in order to fill his own pockets. Later, Camille told Jack that Brad had confided in her about the accident that claimed the life of their father. Brad wasn't the one driving drunk that night. It was their mother, Deloris. A little while later, Deloris showed up at the Snyder farm for a visit. While she was there, Jack witnessed his mother drinking a lot. He wanted to confront her but Brad told him to wait. Jack found the perfect opportunity one night to question his mother about the accident. As he started to ask her, Brad came in to stop him. Deloris went ahead and confessed to drinking and driving that night, and killing their father as a result. Jack was shocked that Brad would take the rap for his mother.

    The more time Brad spent around Camille, the more he found himself attracted to her. Brad asked her to marry him, but she gently turned him down and they decided to go their separate ways. He then set his sights on Carly Tenney, who was just as wild as he was, and willing to go to extremes for money. Carly found herself falling for Brad's brother, Jack. Carly's sister, Rosanna had made a deal with her. Carly had one year to marry and have children by her husband in order to receive a large sum of money. She managed to marry John Dixon before the year was up, and she also found herself pregnant. She passed the baby off as John's, but it was actually Hal Munson's. The secret was kept even though she and John divorced. Brad knew that Hal was the father and that Carly never wanted that secret to get out. Therefore, he told Carly that if she didn't marry him, then he was going to tell the truth. Carly married him but she was determined that they would never be in love. She still had feelings for Jack and decided to pursue them. Brad found himself falling for Carly. She asked Brad for a divorce in exchange for five million dollars from the money that Rosanna was going to pay her. Brad confessed to Carly that he had fallen in love with her, but agreed to the divorce as long as Carly slept with him one time. Carly made him aware that she didn't love him, but agreed to sleep with him the one time. After the divorce papers were signed, he wanted his money. Carly went to collect but Rosanna refused to give her half-sister a dime of it. Brad was furious! Out of revenge, he made a public announcement at Hal and Barbara's wedding reception that Hal had a son, Parker. Soon after, he left town, but not until after he slept with Rosanna.

    Brad came back to Oakdale in January 2007 as the co-host of Oakdale Now. He was first to learn that Carly was keeping her mis-diagnosis a secret. He helped her keep the secret, hoping it would break up Jack and Katie so that he could win Katie's heart. Jack and Katie were broken up but she resisted Brad's charms until the spring on 2008 when she finally admitted her true feelings. Unfortunately Katie's ex, Mike Kasnoff, returned to town and threatened to throw a wrench in the wedding plans. Katie stood by Brad and they were married.

    Soon after their wedding, a young girl arrived in town and announced that she was Brad's daughter! Turns out his one night stand with Janet Ciccone resulted in Liberty's birth; he was determined to be the best dad in Oakdale but made many mistakes. Liberty became close friends with Parker Snyder and then they had sex. Brad was incensed when he learned of it and was determined to keep them apart. He enlisted the help of Leo, a WOAK intern, but Leo attacked Liberty. When Brad learned of this, he went after Leo and pushed in into the reservoir to scare him. Leo hit his head; Brad pulled him out of the water and performed CPR. Leo was in a coma for a few days and when he woke, he didn't remember anything. Brad decided to keep his part in the accident a secret even though Jack, Janet and Katie told him to come clean. He refused and convinced Jack to get rid of any evidence connected to him. Jack did it but couldn't stand what he did and quit his job. Brad finally told the truth and faced jail time.

    As Brad tried to move on with his life, he and Katie started trying for a baby. There were many misfires and disappointments before she managed to successfully carry a child to term. Unfortunately, she ended up being caught up in the battle between Henry and Ralph and Brad rushed to save her. Jack accidentally shot him when he rushed to the rescue. Brad's ghost stuck around town for a few months though. He haunted Henry and tried his best to communicate with Katie. Finally, Santa Claus let him have his body back for one night, which he spent with his wife and son, before finally moving on to the after life.


    Katie Peretti Snyder (married)
    Carly Tenney Snyder (divorced)


    Katie Peretti Snyder
    Lucinda Walsh (fling)
    Camille Bennett (lover)
    Rosanna Cabot (one night stand)
    Janet Ciccone (one night stand)


    Bert Snyder (father - deceased)
    Dolores Snyder Pierce (mother)
    Jack Snyder (brother)
    Sage Snyder (niece)
    Harvey Snyder (uncle - deceased)
    Emma Snyder (aunt)
    Henry Snyder (uncle - deceased)
    Elizabeth Snyder (aunt)
    Seth Snyder (cousin)
    Iva Snyder Benedict (cousin by adoption)
    Holden Snyder (cousin)
    Caleb Snyder (cousin)
    Ellie Snyder (cousin)
    Meg Snyder (cousin)
    Josh Snyder Stricklyn (cousin by adoption)
    Matthew John Dixon (first cousin)
    Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (first cousin)
    Rose D'Angelo (first cousin by adoption)
    Abigail Williams (first cousin)
    Aaron Snyder (first cousin)
    Luke Snyder (first cousin)
    Faith Snyder (first cousin)
    Natalie SnyderF (first cousin)
    Ethan Walsh Snyder (first cousin)


    Liberty Ciccone (daughter, with Janet)


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    Thursday, December 24 2009: Brad Says Goodbye.

    Brad is following Katie and Jacob around as they shop for the holidays. She bumps into a Santa Claus and he wishes her a Merry Christmas. Janet and Dusty walk by talking. Liberty and Parker come out of a shop as soon as they're gone. She tells him she's dropping out of school and he should leave her alone. Jack and Carly walk by. She asks him to wait while she does some shopping. As Jack looks in a shop window, he flashes back to playing with Brad when they were children. Carly returns and finds Jack staring. He can't pretend that everything is okay anymore and walks away. Carly trails after him. Simon and Henry walk by. Simon asks Henry if he can stay with him for a few days. Brad wanders over to Henry so Simon walks away. Henry tells the ghost he has to spend the holidays alone. After he walks away, Santa walks over to Brad. He can actually hear him. Brad's shocked and begs him to make him 'not dead'. "You don't ask for much," Santa laughs. Brad is sick of being stuck and wishes he could let go. Santa tells him to stop 'kvetching' and help the people he loves let go of him.

    Santa and Brad go to where Liberty first saw him on a TV in a shop window. She arrives with Parker and talks about the first time she saw her father. All of the memories she has of him are still in Oakdale and she's scared that if she leaves, they will disappear. Parker says things don't work that way. She asks him to leave her alone. When he does, she watches Brad in a rerun on the TV. Brad says his hair looked better back then. Liberty hears this. Santa explains to Brad that he's not alive and he needs to concentrate on being the 'mensch' that his daughter needs. Liberty and Brad hug and he says he's sorry about the baby. He tells her that he loves her as if he'd known her for her entire life. He tells her to go to college and be whatever she wants. She helped him grow up, not the other way around. Brad promises to watch over her always. She doesn't understand so he points at one of the stars and tells her that it will be him, looking down on her always.

    Brad stuns Janet when he walks into the Metro. She hugs him and screams. He tells her he's still dead and he's only there to say goodbye. She tells him how much she and Liberty need him. He thinks she seems beaten down. Janet explains that Jack left her. "My brother is an idiot. Don't let him drag you down," he says. They talk about their prom night, the night they made Liberty. She loved him in spite of how stupid he was. He tells her that he was lucky and Jack will realize how lucky he is too. Their song comes on and they dance until Dusty comes in and catches her crying and dancing with thin air. She begins furiously wrapping gifts. They hang some mistletoe and kiss.

    Brad tracks his brother down at the bar. At first, Jack just thinks he's drunk. "I was wondering when you were going to get around to haunting me," Jack jokes. Brad doesn't see the point of tormenting him when he already torments himself. Jack tries to walk away. Brad grabs him and leads him away. They go to the dark warehouse where the shooting happened and Brad tells him that there is no way he could have seen anything or known what was going on. "It was an accident," Brad insists. They go to the farmhouse and look at Emma's Christmas wreathes. Jack sulks and drinks. Brad repeats that he forgives him and tells him to get on with his life. "I'm not going to let you use my death as an excuse to bail on the people who love you," Brad says. He asks him to look out for his son and help him become a man. "Be Jack again. Be my brother or I swear I really will haunt you," Brad says. Jack weeps. They hug.

    At home, Carly is on the phone with JJ, telling him that Jack isn't around yet. Parker and Sage ask her why she's pretending he will come. When they turn around, Jack comes in. He apologizes for not being himself lately. They all hug. Brad and Santa watch through the window. Santa says it's time to say goodbye to Katie. Brad can't do that. Santa says that's tough. Brad rants at him.

    Brad materializes at Katie's. She's on the floor crying and wondering why Brad left her. Jacob cries. Brad goes in to his room and sings to him. Katie can hardly believe what she's seeing. "I knew you would come back to me!" she exclaims. They kiss. He tells her he can't stay, he has no choice. She wonders why he would come back at all then. It's too hard to look at him, knowing it will be the last time. He tells her that this is a gift. They decorate the apartment and talk about Jacob and how she keeps finding his old socks all over the house. The bells begin to ring. When they go into the bedroom to make love, Jacob begins crying. They sit with the baby in bed. There was so much that he wanted to teach his son... Brad tells Katie he wants her to fall in love again someday. That doesn't mean she loves him any less. He asks her to promise to live her own life. She promises. They finish decorating the tree. Santa arrives and tells Brad it's time to go. Brad cries. Katie begs for more time. "Even if we'd had years, it wouldn't have been enough," he tells her. He'll love her always. She says goodbye as he fades away. "I'll see you in my dreams," she sobs.

    Monday, December 21 2009: Worth More Than Diamonds.

    At Henry's, Katie tells Brad that she wants him to go so she can move on with her life. He refuses. "Leave me alone!" she shouts. When she tries to walk out, Brad closes the door. Henry tells Katie that it was indeed Brad who did it. She admits that she would jump at a chance with Brad again, but she can't have a relationship with a ghost. Katie sits down and Henry repeats everything Brad says to her. Brad reminds her of their first meeting and how he came to care about her. He asks her to believe in him and their vows; he begs her to let him stay in her life. Henry becomes uncomfortable and refuses to relay everything. Katie demands to hear it all. Brad continues, admitting that he doesn't know what kind of life they can have but he would stay by her side to watch their son grow up. Katie weeps. She wants him in their son's life but she can't be with some 'vapor' she can't even see. She begs Brad to touch her hand. When he tries, she can feel something. "I love you," she cries before running out.

    Brad is actually still at Henry's being berated for taking advantage of Katie. Henry refuses to help him steal her life. Brad says he will find another way to be with her.

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