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    As the World Turns CAST - Elwood Hoffman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Elwood Hoffman Played by Alex Charak on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alex Charak

    Birthday: January 4 1988
    Birthplace: Roslyn Heights, New York
    Real Name: Alex Charak


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    I Told You So!

    Monday, March 02 2009

    At the diner, Ellwood asks Luke where he gets off breaking into his dorm room. Luke boasts he knows Ellwood is dealing drugs. Ellwood wonders why they locked up Casey instead of him if that is true. Luke says it is all a cover and the police are after him. As Ellwood runs away, Noah wonders why Luke told him all that, but Luke thinks they now get a confession. Noah is scared that Luke is going to get himself into trouble again.

    At the bridge, Luke and Noah are waiting on Ellwood, who is late. As he is approaching them, an SUV flies towards Ellwood and runs him off the bridge. Luke and Noah rush down and pull him out of the river. After Noah calls 911, Margo arrives and informs them that Ellwood is dead. Luke fills her in on the confession, and Noah states that the driver of the SUV definitely hit Ellwood intentionally. Margo orders them to go back to the station to take their statements for being witnesses to murder.

    Breaking and Entering!

    Thursday, February 19 2009

    At Java Kevin, Luke and Noah talk about the death. They tell Kevin their thoughts about Elwood's involvement. Then Elwood walks in and Luke shoves him up against a wall! Elwood says he is innocent and Luke is crazy. After he leaves the guys wonder how they can make Elwood pay; Kevin says Elwood is in the dorm room across from his and offers to watch Elwood. He leaves. Luke says it's time to move their investigation to the next level – by breaking into Elwood's dorm room! Noah doesn't like the idea but Luke says they have no choice. Noah leaves for class; Luke decides to snoop through Elwood's room alone.

    Luke gets to Elwood's dorm and listens at the door until he is sure the room is empty. Then he breaks in. He searches through drawers and then the desk. He finds a note that reads, "Got you covered – M." Elwood walks in with Kevin and a security guard! The guard hauls Luke away.

    Noah comes to the police station to see Luke; he says Kevin double-crossed them! Luke insists that Elwood is guilty and asks Noah to post bail. Margo walks in and asks what he was thinking. "This is a felony," she says. She tells Luke to be very careful and leaves. Luke worries what his parents will think. Noah tells him he should have trusted the cops; Luke asks Noah to keep investigating since he is locked up! Noah refuses until Luke shows him the note. He reluctantly agrees to try to figure out who 'M' is. Margo returns with Lily. She demands to know what is going on; Noah hides the note and leaves for school. Luke explains why he broke into Elwood's room, insisting that he is guilty. Lily angrily says he shouldn't have gotten involved but Luke stands by his principles. Lily tries to be understanding but is too upset. She leaves the room and asks Margo to go easy on Luke because of Reg's death. Margo says she can't make excuses for Luke's behavior. Margo says all of this hinges on Elwood's decision about the charges. Elwood walks in and Lily convinces her to leave them alone. She begs Elwood not to press charges. He says he won't press charges as long as Luke apologizes! Luke overhears and says that will never happen! He accuses Elwood of killing Reg again.

    Noah returns to the police station as Luke continues to refuse to apologize. He says Luke has to do the right thing and let the cops do their job. "Fine. Elwood, I apologize but I still think you gave Reg the drugs," he says. Elwood says this isn't worth the hassle and drops the charges. Margo releases Luke; Lily thanks Elwood and they all leave.

    It's A Set-Up!

    Thursday, February 12 2009

    Casey is waiting for Elwood in the park when Matt comes up to him. Casey tells him about their suspicions and his plan to set up Elwood. Matt offers to help but Casey won't let him. Matt leaves. Elwood arrives and they argue about the past. Casey whines about his work as a janitor and being kicked out of school. Then he asks Elwood for drugs. He is suspicious and turns away but Casey grabs him and covertly slips the drugs from Luke into his pocket! Matt comes back after Elwood walks off. Casey tells him what he did – and then Alison arrives! Casey turns to go and then apologizes to Allie for the night before. She says Matt made everything all right and then brings up Casey's one night stand with Jade! Casey storms off. Matt tries to get Alison talking about the night before. She finally tells him about seeing Casey and Jade together. She says Casey choosing Jade is her fault.

    Luke and Noah meet with Margo at the police department and tell her about their suspicions after seeing Elwood and Reg outside. Margo is suspicious, especially when they say Reg collapsed a few minutes after that. Margo orders an officer to bring in Elwood. A few minutes later Elwood arrives. Margo asks if he knows Reg and then tells him about the overdose. Elwood is antsy but insists he doesn't know anything. Margo searches his backpack as another officer pats Elwood down. Margo doesn't find anything in the backpack; Elwood leaves. Luke and Noah can't believe it; they leave. Tom arrives and Margo says her lead was a dead end. Tom tells her about Jade and Casey. "Oh, what did we do to deserve this?" Margo asks!

    Dirty Drugs?

    Wednesday, February 11 2009

    Luke and Noah meet Reg at Yo's to get ready for the surprise party. Jade calls to tell Luke that Casey is on-board. Luke goes to the bar where Alison is talking to Matt. He tells her about Casey's surprise party and she gets nervous, wanting to go. Matt and Luke convince her to stick around for the party. Matt delivers the first round of drinks as Casey and Jade arrive. Casey can't believe his friends set all of this up and downs a shot. Alison watches from across the room; the guys hit the dance floor. Alison finally goes to Casey and wishes him a happy birthday. He says a kiss would be a great present, upsetting Alison. She returns to the bar and Jade gives Casey another shot. Casey orders drink after drink. Elwood walks in! Casey brings up the stolen manuscripts and Elwood reminds him that he stole from Lisa. Casey and Jade hit the dance floor. Casey is drunk. Luke and Noah leave but Alison just keeps watching him. Matt warns her that she is being obvious.

    Luke and Noah spot Elwood in the alley with Reg. Elwood quickly leaves. Luke tells the other student to stay away from Elwood. He goes back inside; Luke and Noah wonder what is going on. Back inside, Reg takes over for Matt behind the bar. Matt leads Alison to the dance floor, upsetting Casey. Jade suggests more drinks! Elwood watches Alison and then makes a sarcastic remark about Alison's porn videos. Casey slugs him! Alison storms out. Elwood keeps poking at Casey and then Reg falls to the ground! Jade convinces Casey to come with her so that he won't be arrested when the cops come.

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