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    As the World Turns CAST - Craig Montgomery (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Craig Montgomery (Past) Played by Jeffrey Meek on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeffrey Meek

    Birthday: 1959-02-11
    Birthplace: Fairfield, California, USA
    Real Name: Jeffrey Meek
    Height: 6'2"


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    Vienna Proposes Marriage

    Monday, April 02 2007

    Craig arrives at the Snyder Farm. "What the hell do you want?" Lily asks. "I'm here to make the best proposition you've heard in years," he answers. He continues by asking her stay with WorldWide. She refuses and blames him for all her problems, because he encouraged her to take the diet pills. He tells her if she's having problem with the pills, he knows some excellent doctors that would help her. She denies having a problem, and then confronts him about taking the company away from Lucinda. Once she's done shouting at him, she shows him the door.

    Later, an angry Meg enters WorldWide and blasts Craig for playing Lily and everyone else! Craig harks back that all of this was her fault. She demands an explanation just as Paul barges in. Before she leaves, she continues to demand that Craig explain what he meant. He responds, "I just asked myself why would I give up this beautiful penthouse, office and corporate jet just to twist myself into something I'm not." "I'm a business man, Meg, so why don't you and Nosetradamus go out and have a lovely life together. I have a business to run," he continues. Meg storms out of Craig's office and Paul follows. Once outside the office, Meg declares to Paul that Craig won't get away with what he has done this time!

    Reflection From the Past

    Friday, March 30 2007

    Dusty arrives at WorldWide to give Craig his letter of resignation. After giving him his resignation, he reminds Craig that his latest stunt will only drive Lucy and Johnny further away.

    Will Rescues Gwen

    Thursday, March 29 2007

    At WorldWide, Craig tells Lucinda she can keep her company only if she reveals where Lucy and Johnny are, but Lucinda refuses to give him what he wants. Lily confronts him, and Lucinda orders him to leave. He obeys, but before leaving, he insults Lucinda about her mothering skills.

    As the guards begin to escort her out, she tells one of them to let her know when his wife has the baby. "Yeah, well, don't let her buy any of Valley's Best," Craig calls out. Lucinda stops, walks up to him, and then smacks him across the face with her leather gloves, several times.

    After Lucinda leaves, Lily turns to Craig and says, "There goes someone with class. Something you know nothing about." He apologizes if what he did hurt her, and she tells him she will stand by her mom to make sure he pays for what he's done.

    Betrayed by a Friend

    Tuesday, March 27 2007

    At the Snyder Farm, Meg and Paul notice Craig standing outside the window. Meg heads outside to apologize to Craig for what he just witnessed. He's surprised, and she admits she hasn't sorted out her feelings for Paul yet. He tells her that she's free to do whatever she wants and says goodbye.

    Meanwhile, Craig sits in his car and remembers his last conversation with Meg. Coming back to the present, he grabs his cell phone, calls his attorney and orders him to go ahead and file the papers!

    At WorldWide, Lily begs Dusty not to call Lucinda. However, moments after Lily takes the phone from him, Lucinda appears! A surprised Lily asks her mom what she's doing there. Lucinda reveals that she knows about the e-coli breakout and asks about Ethan. Lily reports that he doing fine and suggests she go see him. Lucinda insists on staying there and senses that Lily doesn't want her around. She asks Lily what she's hiding. Lily starts to answer when Craig walks in. Lily continues to explain that all of WorldWide's problems have been handled thanks to Craig's generous loan. Lucinda is appalled. "We owe him!" Lucinda exclaims, referring to Craig. When Lily shows Lucinda the papers Craig had her sign, Lucinda shouts at Craig for taking advantage of Lily. Next, Lucinda turns her anger toward Lily and scolds her for signing something without reading it. Lily's confused so Lucinda grabs the papers from Dusty, hands them to Lily and says, "Look. Read. You have taken my company -- my blood, sweat and tears -- and sold itů" she pauses, and then continues, "to Craig!" Lily can't believe Craig betrayed her and confronts him about it! As soon as Craig walks out of the office, Dusty follows him.

    Once outside the office, Dusty tells Craig he's going to pay for what he has done. Craig smirks then asks a woman to call security to have Dusty removed, but the woman replies that she doesn't know who he is. "I'm the new CEO of this company. You now work for me, as does everyone else in this building," he clarifies."

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