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    As the World Turns CAST - Daniel Hughes - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Daniel Hughes Played by Sam Stone on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sam Stone (

    Birthday: 0000-00-00
    Real Name: Sam Stone


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    False Hope Is Better Than No Hope.

    Tuesday, September 15 2009

    Damian carries a confused Lily back home. She tells him Susan gave her some sleeping pills. Lily thinks Holden was there, but he points out she was sleepwalking. Lily cries it was heaven seeing Holden. Damian changes into a robe while his clothes dry. He notices Lily is shivering and gets into bed with her to keep her warm. He then begins to kiss her. The two begin to make love!

    Casey Comes Clean!

    Monday, November 24 2008

    Tom and Margo are getting Daniel settled at the house when Emily calls to check in. Daniel is excited to see her and invites her over; Tom approves but Margo thinks this is a bad idea because Casey is coming home soon. Tom says they can't keep Emily away from Daniel just because Casey and Emily broke things off. Emily arrives a few minutes later with video games for Daniel. He goes upstairs to play and Tom suggests that Emily leave so they can get ready for their family dinner. Emily and Margo exchange barbs about family; Casey arrives – with Alison! The sisters are shocked to see one another. Casey says he invited Alison because she's been helping him figure out his future. Daniel comes back downstairs; he asks if Emily can stay for dinner, too. "Oh, sure, the more the merrier," Margo says. Emily gets snarky with Alison about her job help. Casey finally comes clean and tells them he was expelled. Alison says there are other schools; Emily continues her snarky comments to her sister until Tom says they need time to talk. Emily takes Daniel upstairs but Allie stays with Casey. Allie asks them to listen to Casey because his heart was in the right place. They listen but neither understands Casey's actions. Margo and Alison go into the kitchen; Alison says Casey's heart really was in the right place and if they will stand by him now, he can get through this. She turns to go but Margo asks her to stay.

    Outside the door, Tom gets quiet. Casey tells him to say anything but Tom isn't sure where to start. "You've been given one second chance after another and you just throw them away," he says angrily. Casey says he doesn't care what the future holds as long as he doesn't wind up a suit like Tom! Tom goes back inside and runs into Emily; he blames her for Casey! She says this has nothing to do with her. "His problems started way before he was with me," Emily says. Tom says seducing a kid isn't a plus; she storms out and runs into Casey. He asks why she cares about his education; she says she cares about him. "Why? Did Dusty dump you again?" Casey asks. Emily says she realizes she made a mistake – and kisses him! Alison sees them. She angrily says they are acting badly and turns to go back inside. Casey asks Emily to leave! She goes inside to get her things. Casey tells Alison that Emily started it but he doesn't know why – and he doesn't care why! Margo calls them to dinner. Tom resets the kitchen table because Kim and Bob have begged off from dinner because the soup kitchen is packed. Margo says Casey's actions weren't that bad when compared to the problems of the homeless. Emily says she isn't staying. Casey, Alison, Tom, Margo and Daniel sit down to dinner. Casey apologizes for going off on his dad. Tom and Margo offer prayers of thanks for their family. "As long as we've got each other, we have everything we need," Margo says and they eat. Emily watches through the window, crying.

    Will You Marry Me Again?

    Wednesday, July 23 2008

    At the Hughes home, Tom tells Daniel that the court hearing is just to figure out some issues that he and Emily are having. Daniel is worried that Tom will take away Emily's custody! He says he is. Casey walks in. Daniel asks why he can't see Emily anymore. Casey tells Daniel about a new toy and Daniel hurries away. Tom angrily turns on him, saying he won't get away with turning Daniel against his family. Casey says he isn't doing that at all. He says Tom needs to stop trying to turn Daniel against Emily! Tom says Daniel will never know the whole story; Casey says he can't keep the truth from Daniel forever. He keeps defending Emily, saying she is a good mother. He realizes Tom is upset about his relationship with Emily, not about Emily's prostitution. Tom insists that this has nothing to do with Casey. "Maybe this is about the sons you couldn't save," Casey says. He says nothing Tom or Margo did ruined his life or Adam's and says Tom needs to let go of the past. He says forgiving Emily could be the first step; Tom says this isn't the same thing. He leaves for court.

    The Common Sense of an Earthworm!

    Tuesday, July 15 2008

    Tom takes Daniel home; the kid wants to know why he was taken out of camp and Tom says there are family issues going on. He says Daniel can’t go on vacation with Emily! Tom says they are changing the custody agreement; Daniel asks what Emily did this time. Tom won’t tell him, which angers Daniel. Casey arrives and asks if they can talk.

    Sofie's Dead!

    Wednesday, July 02 2008

    At Margo and Tom's party, Chris arrives late - and drunk! Kim takes him outside as he rambles about lying on the stand and ruining his life. Kim can't believe how far Chris went. Chris says he didn't really harass Alison but he did stop defending her to Brenda. Kim says Chris should have told the truth but Chris says he couldn't face another disappointing look from Bob. Kim says Bob only wants the best from Chris and returns inside. She makes excuses for Chris, saying he wasn't feeling well. Lisa offers a toast to the couple, calling them an inspiration. Lisa gives them her gift - a photo album with pictures. Nancy joins in the fun, as do Casey and Daniel, as they look at the old pictures. Looking through the album, Tom and Margo remember the best times of their lives. They kiss. Tom reminds her of their wedding vows and they each make new promises to the other. Casey says they need new wedding photos and gathers the clan for a family picture.

    Threatening Words!

    Tuesday, July 01 2008

    At Margo's, Emily asks what she did to annoy the woman this time. Daniel arrives and Margo calms down. Em takes the boy inside as Tom and Margo demand that Casey attend their anniversary party. He refuses, saying he can't forget the way they've been treating people like Alison! Tom tells Casey to have some respect; neither takes his feelings for Alison seriously. Tom continues to defend Chris and so does Margo. As they argue, Emily hears them bring her into the argument. Margo asks why Casey is protecting Emily's family! She interrupts, telling Casey to stop defending her because she doesn't need his help. She tells Margo to butt out, too! She says she'll be out of their hair as soon as Daniel is changed. With the house to themselves, Tom tells Margo they have to stop worrying about their kids and start focusing on their relationship. Margo agrees and gives Emily a compliment, saying she is a great mom to Daniel. They kiss. Margo brings up Emily again and says she loves Daniel and thinks he deserves better than Emily. Tom reminds her that Em is a great mom. Margo worries about Casey, too. Tom tells her to stop worrying about Emily because they are stronger than Em.

    No One Is Giving In!

    Wednesday, June 11 2008

    Daniel, Casey and Emily return to Oakdale. At Margo's, Daniel tells Margo how disappointed he was that Emily vetoed the trip to the Museum of Sex. Margo says moms are always right. Casey and Daniel start playing catch in the living room, ignoring Margo's and Emily's calls to them to stop. Tom returns home. Casey asks Emily to stay a while longer. Tom brings up Alison's suit, saying Emily should really go. Em is stunned and immediately takes Alison's side. Tom tries to walk the line, saying there are questions about the case. She turns to go and when Casey offers to tag along, tells him to stay out of it! She says goodbye to Daniel and Casey starts to follow her anyway, but Margo stops him and tells him to go inside for dinner. Over dinner, Margo questions Casey and Daniel about their New York trip; when Casey clams up about what he did, she wonders what really happened. They send Daniel upstairs. Tom tells Casey to keep his distance from the Stewart women because of the case; Casey says he'll do what he wants and walks out. "That went well," Tom says. Worried, Margo brings up Casey's actions and reactions about Emily lately. She wonders how they can break the weird bond between them before Casey gets hurt.

    Not So Quiet Moments!

    Friday, June 06 2008

    Emily arrives at the Hughes home with Daniel. Daniel and Casey quickly catch up. Daniel talks about Tom's plans for their weekend. Tom arrives and says they have to postpone their weekend. Tom tells Emily not to go sniffing around; she says she'll call her contacts. Daniel is crushed that he'll miss the concert so Casey offers to take him. Emily doesn't like that idea at all and volunteers to go along. Casey tries to talk her out of it, saying he can't handle being one room away from her. She says he'll have to make it work! Tom returns. Em tells him that she'll escort the boys on their trip. When she is gone, Tom asks what is really going on. Casey insists nothing is going on. Tom warns Casey against spending time with Emily because of their family connections.

    Emily, Casey and Daniel tour around New York City, taking carriage rides and eating hot dogs. Both Emily and Casey think about their last trip to the city. They drop Daniel off for his concert and Emily tells Casey she changed his ticket - he can leave now! Back at the hotel, Emily is surprised when Casey shows up. He says he can't leave and kisses her. They make love. Daniel arrives back at the hotel early; Emily and Casey hurry to make up the room. Daniel doesn't catch on to anything so they settle in to watch a movie. Daniel falls asleep. Casey takes Emily into the hall and kisses her passionately before returning to his room.

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