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    As the World Turns CAST - Daniel Hughes

    Full detailed profile on Daniel Hughes Played by Sam Stone on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sam Stone (
    Daniel Hughes

    Actor: Sam Stone

    Who played Daniel Hughes over the years

    Sam Stone (2007 - November 24 2008)
    Dylan Bluestone (2001 - 2006)

    Useful information on Daniel Hughes

    * Currently resides at boarding school.


    Current: Student


    Daniel Hughes was born to Emily and Tom after having an affair. Margo Hughes, Tom's wife accepted Daniel into their lives when he was born. Given his mother's inability to provide a stable home for Daniel, he went to live with Tom and Margo. He shares the house with Casey and Adam, his half brothers. In January 2007, a man who wanted Emily's share of the newspaper kidnapped him. He and Emily were saved by Dusty Donovan.

    Daniel is a very sweet little boy who wins the hearts of all who know him.

    In 2008, Tom learned of Emily's call girl past and tried to take custody of Daniel from her. Casey fought for Emily and showed Tom how much Emily loved her son. That, combined with the fact that Emily had left her past behind, caused Tom to change his mind. He and Emily decided to share custody.






    Tom Hughes (father)
    Emily Stewart Munson (mother)
    Casey Hughes (half brother)
    Bob Hughes (paternal grandfather)
    Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell (paternal grandmother)
    Dr Susan Stewart (maternal grandmother)
    Dan Stewart (maternal grandfather - deceased)
    Alison Stewart (aunt)
    Nancy Hughes McClowsky (paternal Great Grandmother)
    Christopher Hughes (paternal Great Grandfather - deceased)
    Henry Miller (maternal great grandfather - deceased)
    Alma Miller (maternal great grandmother - deceased)




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    Tuesday, September 15 2009: False Hope Is Better Than No Hope.

    Damian carries a confused Lily back home. She tells him Susan gave her some sleeping pills. Lily thinks Holden was there, but he points out she was sleepwalking. Lily cries it was heaven seeing Holden. Damian changes into a robe while his clothes dry. He notices Lily is shivering and gets into bed with her to keep her warm. He then begins to kiss her. The two begin to make love!

    Monday, November 24 2008: Casey Comes Clean!

    Tom and Margo are getting Daniel settled at the house when Emily calls to check in. Daniel is excited to see her and invites her over; Tom approves but Margo thinks this is a bad idea because Casey is coming home soon. Tom says they can't keep Emily away from Daniel just because Casey and Emily broke things off. Emily arrives a few minutes later with video games for Daniel. He goes upstairs to play and Tom suggests that Emily leave so they can get ready for their family dinner. Emily and Margo exchange barbs about family; Casey arrives – with Alison! The sisters are shocked to see one another. Casey says he invited Alison because she's been helping him figure out his future. Daniel comes back downstairs; he asks if Emily can stay for dinner, too. "Oh, sure, the more the merrier," Margo says. Emily gets snarky with Alison about her job help. Casey finally comes clean and tells them he was expelled. Alison says there are other schools; Emily continues her snarky comments to her sister until Tom says they need time to talk. Emily takes Daniel upstairs but Allie stays with Casey. Allie asks them to listen to Casey because his heart was in the right place. They listen but neither understands Casey's actions. Margo and Alison go into the kitchen; Alison says Casey's heart really was in the right place and if they will stand by him now, he can get through this. She turns to go but Margo asks her to stay.

    Outside the door, Tom gets quiet. Casey tells him to say anything but Tom isn't sure where to start. "You've been given one second chance after another and you just throw them away," he says angrily. Casey says he doesn't care what the future holds as long as he doesn't wind up a suit like Tom! Tom goes back inside and runs into Emily; he blames her for Casey! She says this has nothing to do with her. "His problems started way before he was with me," Emily says. Tom says seducing a kid isn't a plus; she storms out and runs into Casey. He asks why she cares about his education; she says she cares about him. "Why? Did Dusty dump you again?" Casey asks. Emily says she realizes she made a mistake – and kisses him! Alison sees them. She angrily says they are acting badly and turns to go back inside. Casey asks Emily to leave! She goes inside to get her things. Casey tells Alison that Emily started it but he doesn't know why – and he doesn't care why! Margo calls them to dinner. Tom resets the kitchen table because Kim and Bob have begged off from dinner because the soup kitchen is packed. Margo says Casey's actions weren't that bad when compared to the problems of the homeless. Emily says she isn't staying. Casey, Alison, Tom, Margo and Daniel sit down to dinner. Casey apologizes for going off on his dad. Tom and Margo offer prayers of thanks for their family. "As long as we've got each other, we have everything we need," Margo says and they eat. Emily watches through the window, crying.

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