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    As the World Turns CAST - Dallas Griffin (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dallas Griffin (Past) Played by Duane McLaughlin on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Duane McLaughlin

    Real Name: Duane McLaughlin


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    Luke Finally Sees the Truth

    Tuesday, August 15 2006

    Jack shows up, He just got a report that there was an explosion at Fair Winds. Luke turns his back on Damian after finding out that he jeopardized Lucy's life. The cops come in with Sergio, dragging him away in handcuffs. Dallas arrives, Jack and Holden want Damian arrested. Damian gets Luke aside, tries to convince him he wouldn't have hurt Lucy and it wasn't just about money, taking him to Malta. They start talking about the fact that Luke is gay and Damian can't accept that. Luke realizes that Damian really was the one who had the deprogrammer hired to try to change him. Luke tells Damian that he is not his father. Luke sees all the truth. He tells Damian because of him his mother might die.

    Margo continues to question Will about where he was during the attack on Gwen and Casey. Jade walks in and says that he was with her. Margo questions Jade; she says they were together at Java. To save himself, Will must admit in from of Gwen that he really was with Jade. Jade tells Margo, ...Find Maddie Coleman and you'll find the Oakdale Slasher.... She says she saw Maddie and Gwen together and heard Maddie threaten Gwen. Margo gets the whole story that Will slept with Jade and Maddie telling. Gwen tells Margo what Maddie said, you see what happened to Lia once she got close to Casey.

    Outside the house, Dallas found Maddie hunched in the corner, hiding. She took off running. Dallas caught up with her. He asked her what she was doing there. She said she had to stop Casey and Gwen and she had to talk to Casey.

    Dallas walks into the house, Maddie accompanying him. Margo wants to get Maddie's shoe prints. Dallas gets called away, a report of shots fired at the airport. Margo asks Jade what her problem is. Jade says she has a problem with the way Margo is running her investigation. Margo asks Casey if Maddie ever said anything that sounded like a threat. He says no. Will talks to Gwen alone in the bedroom after Margo leaves, taking Maddie with her. Will wants to drive Gwen to the hospital, but she says Jade is waiting for him, has he forgotten? She hasn't. On the porch, Jade asks Will if he wants to stay with her. Casey goes into the bedroom. He is convinced that Will is the killer. Gwen doesn't think so, they talk. She thanks him for being there for her. Casey says he doesn't know what's going on with Maddie.

    A Standoff at the Airport

    Monday, August 14 2006

    Gwen struggles for her life, gets away from killer, calls 911, killer attacks her again and begins to choke her, she passes out, Will shows up and shakes her to, comforts her, Casey comes to, Casey tries to get Gwen to describe the killer, she says he had on a hood, they both look at Will, he has on a hooded sweatshirt. As the cops arrive, Casey accuses Will of being The Slasher. Margo shows up, Margo questions the three of them, Will can't explain his whereabouts, Margo wants to know how he got in, she finds a splinter on his shoulder, he climbed through the window, the same way The Slasher did. The longer they question him, the deeper in trouble he seems to be getting. Dallas is outside investigating, hears a noise, shines his flashlight on Maddie crouched in a corner.

    Lucy is Getting in Over Her Head

    Thursday, August 10 2006

    Henry and Maddie are having breakfast at the Lakeview, Eve has summoned them. She shows up with her husband, Louis. He tries to hug Maddie but she resists. She is upset, wants to know why he's there. He says he wants to help. Maddie tells them that they are all suffocating her and leaves. Henry, Eve and Louis sit down, Casey show up and ask who Louis is. Louis wants to know what Casey has to do with Maddie. Henry tells Casey Louis is there from Chicago. Louis gets into it with Casey, tells him to stay out of Maddie's business. Casey leaves, Henry tells Louis he had no right to talk to Casey like that. Louis says he will move heaven and earth to help Maddie. Henry says he can handle things, Louis says Henry hasn't handled a damned thing but a cocktail shaker. He and Maddie were very close while she was in Chicago and he's there to help her.

    Gwen Is Devasted by Will's Confession

    Tuesday, August 08 2006

    At the scene of crime where Maddie was attacked, Dallas is investigating when Jade suddenly appears. He asks her what Maddie did to set her off. Jade tells him why she believes Maddie is the killer. Dallas doesn't think so.

    At the police station, Eve has been trying to find a psychologist. Henry says Maddie doesn't need one, she needs a ticket out of town, he wants to get her a new identity, send her away. Eve tells Henry not to dare mentioned such a ridiculous plan to Maddie. In the interrogation room Casey talks to Maddie but she doesn't want his help. He says, ...You didn't do this, Maddie!... She asks, ...How do you know?!... Casey gives her a CD he made of them and talks about the future. She tells him she can't be a part of his future. She tells him he could be next if he doesn't stay away from her. Casey says he can't quit them, tries to convince her that he knows it wasn't her who killed Lia. She asks him how he knows what's real, he says he knows it's real between them, tries to get close, but Maddie holds back.

    Casey argues with Margo, tells his mother she shouldn't be honing in on Maddie and find the killer. Jessica, Maddie's attorney, shows up. She dismisses Henry and talks to Margo. Henry goes into the interrogation room and talks to Maddie. She asks, ...What if I did it?... Henry refuses to believe it, almost breaks down. Dallas returns to the police station and talks to Jessica, She asks him what his gut feeling is and he says that to him Maddie is still the little girl he knew back in Chicago. Jessica goes into the interrogation room and tells Maddie not to say a word. Jessica talks to Dallas alone, saying that the more she knows the less this adds up, that the profile of the killings does not fit a rape victim. Dallas and Margo discuss Maddie and her problems in Chicago and that he needs to find out what happened there.

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