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    As the World Turns CAST - Dallas Griffin (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dallas Griffin (Past) Played by Duane McLaughlin on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Duane McLaughlin

    Real Name: Duane McLaughlin


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    Help Arrives at Raven Lake

    Tuesday, September 05 2006

    At Raven Lake, Gwen and Will are in the boat shed frantically trying to figure out how to escape being murdered by The Slasher. They decide to make a break for it; then they hear police sirens and hug, but they are worried that it's only one police car they hear. They are stopped by a sheriff's deputy just as Jack, Dallas, Margo, Tom and Henry all arrive on the scene. Henry takes off running, looking for Maddie. Margo asks Will and Gwen about Casey. They tell her that Maddie said Casey was dead. But Margo says nobody has seen his body? Then that may not be true, as she clings to Tom. Gwen says that Maddie's hands were covered in blood, and Margo says, so you are saying that Maddie killed him? Will says there's no way Maddie is the killer. Margo grieves in her husband's arms, thinking her is dead. Luke shows up, learns what's going on, Dallas asks him what he's doing there and when the last time was that he saw Jade. He demands that Luke stay put. Gwen says that maybe Jade is The Slasher. Luke says Jade would never do anything like that. But the more they talk, the more Jade looks suspect.

    Louis Meets His Demise

    Friday, September 01 2006

    Henry goes to the police station where Dallas and Jack are putting out an APB for Louis. Henry tells Dallas how much he appreciates the lengths Dallas went to in order to protect Maddie. Dallas feels guilty for not figuring things out sooner. Jack wants to know if Henry has heard from Eve. Henry says Eve told him not to call, to give Maddie time to recover in Chicago, when she never actually went there. Jack talks Henry into calling anyway; he's worried that Louis might be after Maddie. He gets hold of Eve. They figure out that Maddie told each of them that she was going with the other one. Henry panics. Jack says he thinks he knows where Maddie is. He and Henry take off. Jessica and Dallas talk about the case. She says the same thing Henry did, that Dallas did the best he could. He helped a young girl face her past and brought a family closer together. That he is a terrific cop and her favorite nephew, but not to tell his brother. The phone rings, Dallas answers it. "What??! What??!" He says.

    Margo cleans Casey's room because she misses him, she still can't get through to him on his cell phone. She and Tom make a toast to Maddie being off the hook. Jessica, Maddie's attorney, comes over. She and Margo have a glass of wine and talk about the case, about Maddie and Casey. Margo is antsy, waiting for a call back from Casey. Margo is worrying about Maddie coming through ok, after all that has happened to her. Not long after Jessica leaves the door bell rings. It's Henry and Jack asking where Casey is, tells Margo and Tom that Maddie never went to Chicago. Dallas rushes in and says he just got a call that someone is up at Raven Lake killing kids.

    There's Gonna Be Trouble at Raven Lake

    Thursday, August 24 2006

    At the police station, Margo and Dallas question Maddie. Margo asks her if she recognize the mask in the picture. She has a flashback to the rape, remembers the mask falling while she was being attacked. Eve and Henry rush into the interrogation room, Maddie and Eve hug. Maddie tells Margo and Dallas that Louis was the one who raped her. Jack lays the jacket on the table. They ask Henry where to find Louis. Margo and Jack talk Eve into calling Louis and asking him to meet her, They make plans to meet at Java. He says she sounds funny. Margo tells Eve that if Louis calls back not to answer. Jack sits down and talks to Eve, says she shouldn't have married Louis, he has always acted weird. Once she caught him looking at young girls on the internet. She says Louis is capable of anything.

    Louis lied to EVe. He is at the hotel putting on black gloves and picking up a knife. Henry and Maddie head back to the hotel. Henry leaves Maddie alone in the room to go get some ice water. Louis jumps out of the closet, slams Maddie against the wall saying that he warned her, puts the knife against her neck. Maddie pushes him off, he grabs her hair, the cop who is standing watch in the hall knocks on the door and Maddie screams for help. Louis takes off onto the balcony, but not before Maddie accuses him of being The Slasher and he says, ...Let's just say this is not over.... Henry rushes in. Margo, Dallas, Jack and Eve show up. Maddie says this is never going to be over.

    The Truth Will Set You Free

    Monday, August 21 2006

    Margo asks Maddie who attacked her as Dallas, Eve, Henry, but especially Louis wait to hear her answer. Maddie says maybe it didn't happen at all. They don't believe her, but she says she made it all up, that she lied about being raped. She says that her imagination runs away with her. Margo thinks there are too many people in the room, stressing her out. Maddie is in serious trouble, Margo says, and she needs to leave there with some straight answers. Maddie agrees to talk to Margo alone. Louis is having a fit. Margo and Henry talk in the hall, she says she suspects Maddie is protecting someone she knows. Henry walks in and hears Louis tell Maddie ...I knew I could trust you.... Louis tries to twist around what he said, but Henry isn't buying it. Louis leaves. Henry asks Maddie if there is anything she wants to tell him, that he will never let anything happen to her because she tells the truth. Finally, Margo and Maddie are alone. Margo says the bottom line is that Maddie is the prime suspect in a murder, and that her lying about being raped is a criminal offense, asks her why she thinks she needed to lie. Maddie says there was no party. She sees Louis' face clearly in her flashback as the rapist, but says she can't talk about it. Margo won't accept that. She says this is not going to be over until you tell someone the truth.

    Louis and Eve talk in the bar while Margo is talking to Maddie alone. Louis says that Maddie's always had something wrong with her, they need to get Maddie the help she needs. He says there's no telling what she will say next. Eve goes upstairs to the room, Maddie cries in her arms, then cries alone after Eve leaves. In the bar, Henry starts remembering the way Maddie acted when she first saw Louis. He tells Louis he's looking at the piece of dirt who raped his sister.

    Oh the Wicked Webs We Weave!

    Friday, August 18 2006

    At the police station, Margo wonders if Maddie lied about being raped after finding out that there was no frat party. Dallas says he saw her bruises, something happened, Margo wonders what. Dallas plays devil's advocate, ask Margo if it's possible that Maddie has lost touched with reality, that she really
    wasn't raped.

    Louis will not let Maddie leave his room. He keeps asking why she won't let him help. She tells him she hates him. She screams, ...Because you raped me!... Louis says it's not true. He says she came onto him, always seeking him out, wearing skimpy little tops and short skirts. He says she wanted it. He says he can't forget her. She tells him if he comes near her again, she swears she will kill him. Louis ignores her, keeps coming onto her. He says everyone thinks Maddie is crazy. He is trying to be with her again sexually, pushes her, she reaches around behind her and grabs a knife, threatening him with it. He grabs her.

    Margo and Dallas knock on the door. Louis says if she says one word about what happened or she will lose Eve and Henry before he answers the door and lets them in. Margo instantly demands to know what's going on. Louis won't let Maddie speak. Margo wants to talk to Maddie alone, Louis won't allow it. Henry and Eve come in. They agree with Louis that Maddy can't be questioned without an adult present. Dallas tells Maddie that he knows there was no frat party the night she says she was raped. Margo asks her if she was sexually assaulted, Maddie says yes, Louis is listening intently. Maddie says the person who raped her was not a frat boy as Louis gives her the evil eye.

    Will Breaks Gwen's Heart

    Thursday, August 17 2006

    At the police station, Dallas tells Margo she won't believe what he found out when he went to Chicago. The frat party where Maddie was supposed to have been attacked? There was no party.

    Getting Physical

    Wednesday, August 16 2006

    As Jack's arm is bandaged at the airport Luke argues with Damian. Luke remembers that right before Lily fell she said she'd made a terrible mistake, now he knows that mistake was letting Damian get close to him. Luke says that Damian tried to turn him against his family, and that Damian was scared to death that Lily would wake up and tell him the truth. They scream at each other. Luke attacks Damian, calls him a stupid, lying son-of-a-bitch. Holden grabs Luke away, Luke continues to rail at Damian. Dallas shows up says that Luke will have to be the one to press charges Against Damian, Luke says it looks like he's not the only one as he sees Lucy walks in. Lucy confronts Damian, says he left her to die in his wine cellar. Dallas tells the cop with him to cuff Damian and read him his rights, but Luke doesn't want the hassle of pressing charges. If Damian goes back to Malta they can pretend he never existed. He tells Damian he is not his son, not now, not ever. Damian says Luke will always be his son, but Holden faces Damian down and disagrees, says your hold on my son and my family is over.

    Luke signs his inheritance over to Damian, give him back the ring Damian gave him, he is no longer a part of him. Holden warns Damian to make this the last time he interferes in his family not to ever come back here again. Lucy, Holden and Luke hug. Lucy starts telling Luke what happened with the explosion at Fair Winds. She says they have Holden to thank for so much. Luke apologizes to Holden. Holden tells him he didn't stop him like he could have, legally, because he wasn't going to try to control him, but that he would have been on a plane following him to Malta. They wish Lily was there with them. On the plane, Damian looks at the ring Luke returned to him and thinks of what Luke said, that he will always be a Snyder, Damian says we'll see about that.

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