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    As the World Turns CAST - Dallas Griffin (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dallas Griffin (Past) Played by Duane McLaughlin on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Duane McLaughlin

    Real Name: Duane McLaughlin


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    Ice Storm: Babies in Peril!

    Thursday, September 28 2006

    Dallas asks Jade why she didn't tell him she was pregnant. Dallas tells her a check-up is confidential and that a doctor would not have told everyone she was pregnant. The nurse who helped her overhears and later confronts her about her pregnancy.

    The Ice Storm Cripples Oakdale

    Wednesday, September 27 2006

    Dallas helps get Jade out of the car. A man outside calls an officers attention to Mike's car which is very bloody and against his windshield.

    At the hospital Jade refuses to get helped by Dr. Hughes. Dallas tries to convince her to be seen by a doctor but she stands firm that she's "ok". When another doctor offers to see her Jade agrees.

    Will is still talking to Gwen about their marriage. As Gwen is about to go back to Will Dallas calls letting Will know Jade was in an accident. Will asks about the baby. Dallas knowing nothing of the baby tells Will he will have to talk to Jades doctor. When he gets off the phone Will tells her that he needs to go to Jade.As he is about to leave Gwen asks him not to leave.

    When she is done with the doctor, Dallas confronts Jade on not telling him she was pregnant.

    Hearts Get Broken

    Monday, September 18 2006

    Gwen and Will are talking outside the chapel when Jade walks up and asks if she can help. Will insist Jade leave. When Jade walks back in the chapel, Dallas apologizes to her for being rough during the investigation. Luke walks up and Jade hugs him. Luke wants to know what's going on with Will and Gwen. Outside, Gwen is afraid Will has fallen in love with Jade. He says that's absolutely not true, but tells Gwen that Jade is pregnant. Back inside, Dallas and Casey talk about Maddie, Dallas promises to keep an eye out for her. Casey tells his dad he doesn't want to go home. He wants to be with Maddie tonight.

    Gwen cannot believe Jade is pregnant and that she's going to keep the baby. Will says he still feels the exact same way he did about her, that nothing will change. But Gwen goes ballistic. She says she has forgiven him over and over, but this time, everything is not going to be ok, it can't be the same, she can't accept this. She takes off running with Will following him. Jade rushes out, Luke chasing her down. She wants to go to Will, she says he needs her. Luke says Jade being pregnant is not going to make Will stop loving Gwen. Jade and Luke walk up on Will trying to call Gwen on his cell phone. He asks Jade if she's ok. She says she is. As they walk away, Dallas and Jessica walk outside and he asks Jessica what she knows about Jade
    Taylor. Jessica says she knows she's trouble. Will continues to try calling Gwen on his cell phone. Jade tells Luke she left her sweater in the chapel in a pew. When she goes in and opens the door, she finds Gwen alone.

    The High Price of Passion

    Friday, September 15 2006

    Maddie is shunned by the kids at the memorial service as she and Casey arrive. She's not sure she can go in. Casey tries to assure her that it's ok. She says her sister did this. Casey tells her that they also know that Maddie was attacked by someone she loved. He promises to be by her side as Tom and Margo, Dallas and Jessica arrive. Gwen and Maddie walk in. Gwen hugs Maddie and asks them if they saw Will outside. Gwen takes her seat next to Barbara, Will still missing. Maddie walks up to the front of the chapel and when she sees the photographs of the dead teenagers she freaks out and runs from the church. Casey is going to follow her, but Margo gets him to sit down with his father and she goes after Maddie.

    Deceit and Rash Decisions

    Thursday, September 07 2006

    Carly goes to the police station looking for Jack. Dallas tells her about what's happened at Raven Lake, tells her the killer is Eve and that Jack made the arrest and it was rough on him. Meanwhile, Jack is drinking in a bar. Carly finds him. She orders them both a beer. She tells him she came looking for him because she knew he was sitting there beating himself up, thinking he should have seen some kind of sign that the killer was Eve. They discuss the case, the kids who were killed. Jack says he hopes no more bodies turn up. He just can't get over the fact that he got to know Eve and didn't have a clue. Carly tells him that's because he's single, he wasn't thinking about anything but attraction. Jack says they shouldn't be having this conversation, they laugh. Carly says they are going to have to deal with each other for a very long time because of the kids. They toast as Simon walks in, he says Carly's babysitter said she was there; he needs Carly for an emergency at work. Jack is clearly upset; he get up quickly, tells Carly that the lawyers will be contacting her about the divorce papers, then he leaves. Simon gets a beer, he tells Carly he can take her to Santa Domingo to get a quickie divorce in a day or two. She says she'd have to call Jack and tell him. Simon says she could call him from the hotel. She agrees to do it.

    The Slasher is Revealed!

    Wednesday, September 06 2006

    Henry and Jack are in the cabin at Raven Lake, they argue because Jack is thinking the killer is Maddie and Henry is adamant that she's not. Outside the cabin, Gwen has become convinced that Jade is The Slasher, she tries to explain her reasoning to Will and Luke, but Luke refuses to believe it, and so does Will. He calms her down. Gwen confronts Jade when she walks up, asks her where she's been, she says she's been walking. Gwen says, "For three hours?!" Dallas arrives. He said he just heard on the radio that Casey is hurt but he's still alive, he tells them that Maddie's sister is The Slasher. Will and Gwen leave to go check on Casey with Dallas. Jade says to Luke, "Did you see that? She wouldn't let him help her; they are SO not back together!" Luke can't believe she's thinking about something like that at a time like this. Will and Gwen sit down, they talk about their relationship, Luke tells Jade to stop staring at them. A medic arrives and begins looking at Gwen's wounds. Jade walks up behind Will and thanks him for defending her, he tells her to give it a rest and walks away. The medic says they have no gurneys, Will carries her. Luke says to Jade let's go home.

    Help Arrives at Raven Lake

    Tuesday, September 05 2006

    Dallas, Henry and Jack show up at Margo and Tom's. Dallas has received news that there are kids being murdered at Raven Lake. Dallas says Maddie is thought to be the killer. Tom calls Casey's cell phone and it rings in the darkness as Casey lays unconscious. Henry tells Jack he's going home, but Jack is smarter than that, he knows Henry wants to go to Raven Lake to find Maddie. Henry says he's sick and tired of people treating Maddie like they do. If Louis has touched her again, Jack can shoot Henry if he wants, arrest him, whatever, he's going to save his sister. Dallas calls the sheriff's department at Raven Lake, trying to get through as Margo falls apart, worrying about Casey's safety. Tom takes the phone from Dallas, representing himself in the official capacity as Oakdale District Attorney. He screams over the phone that they'd better get all their forces out to the lake, that kids are being murdered! The whole group heads out to the lake.

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