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    As the World Turns CAST - Dallas Griffin (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dallas Griffin (Past) Played by Duane McLaughlin on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Duane McLaughlin

    Real Name: Duane McLaughlin


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    You're Fired!

    Wednesday, February 14 2007

    At Margo and Tom's place, Maddie attempts to throw any evidence of the crime away, but when she opens the door to take out the bag she's greeted by Dallas! He apologizes for startling her and she lets him know that if he's looking for Margo, she's not there. He invites himself in and discloses that Casey sent him to check on her. She assures him she's fine, but he reports that when he left the station Margo went back in to talk to Casey. "Maddie, what's going on? Did something else happen?" he asks. She claims she doesn't know what he means. He clarifies that Margo always goes by the book and there has to be a good reason for her to pull Casey from his cell. She states that Margo's just worried about Casey.

    Later, Maddie shows Dallas the door and thanks him for stopping by. Dallas grabs the bag of trash for her and deposits in the trash can on his way out.

    Hughes Family Emergency!

    Monday, January 15 2007

    At the station, Henry is surprised when he learns Katie was the one who bailed him out of jail. He asks why she bailed him out. She says she had to do something with all that royalty money from "Oakdale Confidential," and she thought Maddie could use a break. He says it must have cost her a pretty penny. "Every last one," she replies. He can't believe she helped him after what he did, but she says she thought a lot about that, but she says mostly she thought about what he said to her, and she admits it was true. She goes on to say she doesn't agree with what he did, but she understands. He asks her to help him understand it, because he says he can't see it. She says Simon's his friend, and she should have never asked him to turn his back on him for her. She goes on to say it wasn't fair and she almost lost him because of it, and she never wants that to happen again. "You're never going to lose me Bubbles," he replies. "Good, because I expect you to pay me back," she smiles. "Not with interest I hope." She says no.

    Dallas approaches letting Katie know that an ambulance was called to her sister's house. When she asks if Margo's okay, he says it wasn't for her, it was for Tom!

    Emily arrives at the station to talk to Jack, but when Dallas informs her that he's out of town. She says she needs to talk to somebody, then confides in him. She tells him Craig has kidnapped her son. He asks if she has any proof, but she says she doesn't. When Dusty arrives, she expresses that she believes Craig is the reason Daniel's missing. She goes on to tell him about Tom, then sobs saying she doesn't think she can do this by herself. He puts his arm around her to comfort her, then he asks if she's sure Craig is behind Daniel's disappearance. She expresses that no one's taking her seriously. She says they all think he's just missing. "You want some help?" Dusty offers. "You'd do that?" "Yeah, I'd do anything to stop Montgomery from hurting another kid." She nods, accepting his offer.

    Broken Marriage

    Wednesday, November 15 2006

    At the hospital, Dallas confers with Meg. He asks if she was with Craig between the hours of eight and nine. Meg confirms. Paul informs Dallas she was sick when he arrived. He continues by saying she was out of it, and as a result he doubts she was keeping track of the time. Jumping in, Meg says normally she wouldn't check the time, but since she had to get ready for work she did. Dallas says they'll stay on the case, but so far, all they have to go with are worn break pads. Dusty informs Dallas it was more than just worn break pads. He goes on to say when he hit his breaks nothing happened. Dallas orders Craig to stay close to home.

    As Craig starts to leave, Dusty stops him saying their not finished. With Dallas witnessing everything, Dusty says to Craig, "If you do anything to keep her (Lucy) from testifying, I'll kill you." Craig grins and asks Dallas if he heard that. Dallas confirms, cautioning Dusty about his statement in front of an officer. "Oh, if Dusty can't manage, I'm happy to finish the job," Paul adds.

    Soon after, the doctor walks up telling Dusty it's time to set his arm.

    Before leaving, Craig thanks Meg for her help. Paul pulls Meg behind the privacy curtain and confronts her about covering for Craig. He says he would have backed her up by saying Craig was not there when he arrived. Meg says she wasn't covering for him, she was sick and he offered to help her.

    Craig stands behind the curtain spying on them. While spying, Emily walks up. She's angry, she says he won't get away with it, they'll find out she continues. "Find out what?" Paul asks as he and Meg step out from behind the curtain.

    Dallas comes back saying he has nothing to hold Craig on, and tells him he's free to go. Paul, upset by the news, accuses Dallas of letting a guilty man walk free. Again, Dallas explains they have nothing to hold him for, but says he'll continue working on the case.

    Later, Craig approaches Meg. Meg confronts Craig for telling Paul about the kiss. While quarrelling, she says she's sure if Paul hadn't come home and found them together, then he would have told him about that too. She orders Craig to stay away from her!

    Meg approaches Paul and says since there's enough coverage for the floor she's going home. After Meg leaves, Paul asks Emily to call him if Craig does anything suspicious. She says she will.

    A Fight Breaks Out!

    Tuesday, November 14 2006

    Later on, the ambulance wheels Dusty in to the hospital. Lucy immediately takes over his care. Dusty says to Lucy, "It wasn't an accident." Dallas reveals Dusty's break line was cut, he asks Lucy if she knows anyone who would want to hurt Dusty. "Yes, my father," Lucy responds.

    Back at the hospital, Lucy patches Dusty up and walks him out. Dusty, noticing Craig, asks how long he's been there. Dallas says he knows it's a bad time right now. "No, it's a good time. Let's do it," Dusty says to Dallas. Dallas continues, asking Dusty why Craig would want to kill him. While Dallas is searching for answers, Meg walks up. Noticing Dusty, she asks what happened. "Craig tampered with Dusty's breaks!" Paul fills Meg in. Continuing to search for answers, Dallas asks Dusty where he was before the accident. Dusty says he was at Java. "What time?" Dallas asks. Dusty answers, saying he was there at eight. He goes on to say he left by nine. Craig chimes in saying that proves he had nothing to do with it, because he was with Meg during that time. "Isn't that right, Meg?" Craig asks for confirmation.

    Craig's Restraining Order is Overturned

    Tuesday, October 31 2006

    An alarmed Lucy asks Craig to leave, but when Craig refuses to leave Lucy yells for Chaz. Chaz and Barbara come running. Lucy takes Johnny and leaves the room, and Barbara picks up the phone to call Jack.

    At the Gala, a panicked Lucy arrives with Johnny. Lucy asks Margo and Tom if they've seen Dusty. They inform Lucy that they haven't seen Dusty, and they ask her if something's wrong. Lucy tells Margo and Tom about Craig showing up at Barbara's suite.

    Soon after, Dallas shows up with Craig, and right behind them is Dusty. Dusty tells Craig he'll kill him if he touches Johnny again, and Margo advises Dusty not to make threats like that in front of a bunch of cops.

    As Margo gets ready to arrest Craig, Craig hands a piece of paper to Tom and asks Tom to do the honors. Tom steps forward, takes the paper from Craig, and reads it aloud: "The restraining order against Craig has been overturned. There is no legal reason that he can't spend time with his son... from now on."
    The news shocks them all, and Margo asks Tom if he knew about this, but Tom informs Margo he knew nothing about it.

    Dusty is told he's still Johnny's legal guardian, but Craig does have the right to see Johnny and spend time with him. Dusty asks to see the paper, and Craig tells Dusty they have some unfinished business. After Craig tells Dusty they have some unfinished business, a very angry Dusty gives Craig a look to kill. Dusty tears up the paper and tells Craig he doesn't care what it says! He goes on to say he will get the order reinstated.

    As Dusty walks away, he is informed that until the order is reinstated Craig has a legal right to Johnny. Craig turns to Lucy and asks for his son, but a baffled Lucy looks toward Dusty. Again, Craig asks Lucy to hand over Johnny. Dusty tells Lucy not to give Johnny to Craig, and he informs Margo that he doesn't care if she arrests him, because Craig will not touch Johnny. Lucy, still holding Johnny, tells Craig Johnny belongs to Dusty, and she hands Johnny over to Dusty.

    Will Forgives Jade!

    Thursday, October 19 2006

    Will talks to Dallas and tells him he wants to charge Jade. Will tells Dallas the story of Jade and her fake pregnancy, as well as how she was going to try and frame Gwen for a miscarriage. Dallas tells him he doesn't know what he can charge her with, as the two discuss Lilly walks out of her room and says “You killed her mother, can't we call it even”.

    Maddie Learns the Truth About Jade's Pregnancy

    Thursday, October 05 2006

    Maddie runs into Dallas at Lakeview and asks him to sit with her a minute.

    (Interruption from CBS with a special report. The special report lasts approximately 34 minutes.)

    (Returning from the special report)

    Maddie and Dallas are still talking at Lakeview when Jade approaches and interrupts their conversation. She believes they were badmouthing her and confronts them about it. Maddie informs Jade that they were not talking about her and Dallas tells Jade Maddie's right, they weren't talking about her. Jade, looking unconvinced, walks away. As soon as she walks away, they do begin discussing Jade.

    "You and Jade really don't get along, huh?"
    "Yea... well... I had her pegged from day one. And if people had of listened to me maybe she wouldn't have ended up pregnant with Will's kid."
    "You know about that?" Dallas asks with a look of surprise.
    "Sure, it's not like its some big secret or anything."
    "That's not the way she made it seem last night at the hospital."
    "What do you mean?"
    "She went out of her way not to mention... I mean with most pregnant women, if they're in an accident, they immediately worry about the baby. But with Jade... it's like she didn't even want anyone to know about it."

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