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    As the World Turns CAST - Eve Browning

    Full detailed profile on Eve Browning Played by Bonnie Root on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bonnie Root
    Eve Browning

    Actor: Bonnie Root

    Who played Eve Browning over the years

    Bonnie Root (July 2006 - September 2006)

    Useful information on Eve Browning

    * Currently in Prison.
    * Single/Widowed.
    * 2006 - Let everyone think that Maddie was murdering people when it was she who was the murderer!
    * 2006 - Killed her husband, Louis, Lia McDermott and Nate Bradley and attempted murder on Maddie, Gwen Munson, Will Munson, Casey Hughes, Zach Harding, Ann Lynch, Alex Hoffman, Geneva Samuelson and Ian Black while they were vacationing at Raven Lake.
    * 2006 - Framed Louis by putting "the slasher's" hooded jacket in his suitcase.




    Eve played the loving, caring sister who had raised Maddie up until the time she came to Oakdale in 2005 to live with her brother, Henry. She showed up in Oakdale in 2006 to come to her sister's aid. Maddie was in trouble with the law when she slashed the inside of Jade's car, Casey's friend. This made everyone think that Maddie had snapped. When teens in the town were being brutally slain, Maddie started to wonder if she was guilty of more than just slashing the material on a car. Soon, she was a suspect in the murders, and although Eve pretended to defend Maddie and comfort her, nobody knew her secret. She was the one murdering the teens.

    The teens decided to get away one last time before school started, so they headed to Raven Lake. The trip started out well. The teens had a great time, until slowly - one by one - they started dying. "The slasher," who was in Oakdale, had followed them to Raven Lake, and since there was no cell phone service or any authorities at the lake, they had to stick together until they could get help. When Maddie showed up at the Lake, the other teens began accusing her of killing their friends. Maddie was confused and not sure if she was innocent or not.

    One evening Tom and Margo felt uneasy that they couldn't get in touch with their children, Casey and Will. They decided to call the police to check on the kids. Meanwhile, at the lake, the slasher had taken out several more victims. Louis caught up with Maddie. She thought that he was the slasher and tried to run from him, but as he was talking to her, the slasher killed him and then came after her. While she was running from the slasher, she caught up with Casey, who stopped the slasher. When Maddie pulled off the mask, she discovered that the killer was Eve! Maddie was devastated to find out that her sister was a killer, and asked, "Why?" Eve admitted to Maddie that she was jealous of her because Louis had fallen in love with her. When the police arrived at the camp, they arrested Eve and escorted her away. Eve was found guilty of the murders and sentenced to prison.


    Louis Browning (deceased)




    Henry Coleman (brother)
    Madeline 'Maddie' Coleman (sister)
    Bernadette Coleman (sister)
    She also has four other unknown sisters.




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    Wednesday, September 06 2006: The Slasher is Revealed!

    Maddie comforts Casey as he lays wounded. She pulls the mask off The Slasher, it is Eve. As she lies on the ground, she confesses everything. She says she killed all those people because of Maddie. Her hatred of Maddie comes spewing forth. She says, "cute little Maddie, poor little Maddie!" She calls Maddie a some horrible names. She says Maddie came to her house, paraded herself in front of her husband, that Maddie made the rape happen. Eve says all she had in the world was Louis and Maddie took him from her. She says she killed all those people to frame Maddie. She says Maddie is not her sister; she's a vicious little you know what. Maddie gave her no choice but to kill Louis.

    Maddie screams, "Those kids lives meant nothing to you?!" Eve says they didn't matter, but Casey was different. He had to die; then she would have taken someone away from Maddie that she loved, just like she took Louis away from her. She reaches for the knife, they wrestle, Maddie gets the knife away.

    With the sheriff's deputy assisting them, Margo and Tom are frantically looking for Casey. They find him lying in Maddie's arms. When Maddie says her sister is the killer, the cop shines his light the way she points and Eve is gone. As she runs through the woods, she runs into Jack and tries to tell him that Louis is The Slasher. He doesn't buy it, he grabs her hand, sees the blood on hit, puts her in handcuffs as Henry walks up, she starts cackling madly, laughing at Henry, saying the look on his face is worth it all. Henry is blown away. Eve says, "Here we go, poor Maddie, I'm standing here in handcuffs, but how is this affecting Maddie!" She asks him why he never worried about her like he does Maddie. She is crazy, she asks Jack how he likes the wine she sent him. Jack leads her to the cop car. They come upon the ambulance putting Casey inside. Eve asks Maddie if she told Margo, who is standing next to Maddie, that this is all her fault. Henry tells Maddie he's going to get her to a doctor, he tells her it's over now, Maddie tells him that Eve said it's all her fault, and she hugs Henry, says that nothing will ever be the same.

    At the police station, Eve tells Jack he's really doing a good job, she tells everyone in the police station that she and Jack had what you call a connection as she laughs.

    Friday, August 25 2006: Let's Get it On

    Maddie wakes up from a nightmare about Louis. Henry and Eve come in, say they are trying to help the police find him. Maddie says Louis is never going to let this be over. She says the police will never catch him. Eve wants Maddie to go back to Chicago with her, where she'll be safer. Maddie wonders if Margo told Casey that she's not The Slasher. Henry says they can go talk to Casey, clear everything up.

    At Casey's, Gwen is down about her marriage. Casey tries to lift her up, talks about going swimming, making a bonfire. She says maybe she and Will DO need their space, she says the main reason she's going to the party at Raven Lake is that she knows Jade won't be there. Ann brings in snacks for the trip and she and Casey leave the room. Gwen is looking for music when a masked person with a knife walks up behind her and she screams bloody murder. Casey tackles the person. It was Zack playing a joke. He can't believe everybody is so uptight, they are watching Maddie pretty close, right? Maddie walks up outside, hides in the bushes and overhears Zack telling Ann that Casey is looking forward to moonlight swims and no husbands. The gang leaves, Henry walks up after Maddie has gotten out of the bushes. Maddie tells him he can leave, that she called Eve and told her to pick her up there. After Henry walks away she calls Eve for real and tells her that Henry wants her to stay there with him, that she's not going to Chicago with her. Then Maddie calls about buses to Raven Lake.

    Eve goes to the police station to say goodbye to Jack. She tells him that With him she feels connected in a way she hasn't in a long time. Jack says he's glad he got to know her. They hug. Carly walks in just as they do. Jack runs to catch up with Carly as she walks away. She tells him that the details of their lives are not each other's concern and they only need to make arrangements for the kids. She leaves and he goes back to talking to Eve. She tells him she'll be back after things are straightened out with Maddie and she'll see where things go.

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