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    As the World Turns CAST - Damian Grimaldi - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Damian Grimaldi Played by Paolo Seganti on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Birthday: 1965-May-20
    Birthplace: Milan, Italy
    Marital Status: Married to Carlotta Chang-2001 to Present
    Real Name: Paolo Seganti


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    That Was Fun.

    Monday, November 16 2009

    Lily and Damian worry that Noah's aunt may not come in time. Suddenly he suggests that they give Noah some more family by adopting him.

    Wholesome Environment.

    Friday, November 13 2009

    In his room, Damian kisses Meg and tells her she's precious. Her help keeping Grady away means a lot to him and he'd like to repay her. She asks him out for dinner. He already has plans but offers to rearrange after she utters a veiled threat.

    Lily arrives at the hotel to see Damian. She's upset so he gives her a tissue and takes her to his room. Meg is waiting there. When she hears them coming, she hides in the closet. Lily tells Damian about Holden's concerns and he tells her she can have whatever life she wants. She thinks they need to prove how normal they are and asks him to move in with her so they can live 'like a real family'.

    Sexual Torture.

    Thursday, November 12 2009

    Damian drops by to see Lily at home. She invites him in for coffee. As she gets it, Meg calls and begins taunting Damian, telling him that officer Grady has been calling her. He hangs up when Lily returns. Meg arrives outside and watches through the window. Damian slips away and calls her. He asks her to try and get Grady off his back. Getting off the phone, he tells Lily that he has to go and asks her out for dinner. After he leaves, Lily finds Meg standing outside and asks her what she is there for. Meg claims she's tired of all the fighting between them. So is Lily. They begin arguing about Damian and Meg warns her not to let him trick her into doing things she doesn't want to do.

    Damian meets with Luke, who is still upset about Noah and Mason. He shows him the DVD of Noah and Mason on the set yesterday. "Does that look innocent to you?" he asks his father.

    Meg goes to see Damian at his place and tells him how freaked out she is over everything. She's not sure that she should be hiding what he knew about Holden from the people that she loves... but she's his 'friend' and she cares about him. When her phone rings, she claims it's Grady. He stops her from answering and begins kissing her.

    Mystery Man.

    Thursday, November 05 2009

    At the courthouse, Damian tells Lily that he will stand by any decision she makes. As she gives him a hug, Holden comes in and stares at them. The judge arrives and the hearing starts up. Holden stands up and declares that his marriage is over. He's not angry, he just wants to forget and move on. Crying, Lily tells the judge that this is what she wants too. The judge declares her marriage to Damian 'binding'. Lily runs to Holden before he can leave and asks him if what he said was true, then why did he kiss her yesterday? He says that Maeve left town, but this isn't about her, or even Damian. He's not the same person he used to be, but he thinks she's always waiting for someone to rescue her, just like when they were young. Damian defends her. Holden fobs him off and walks out.

    Damian tells Lily that she is free now and he will be waiting for her. When he spots Meg, he walks off to chat with her. He accuses her of baiting him. She brings up the DNA test. They slip upstairs to discuss it and she tells him about her chat with Grady. She accuses him of knowing that Holden was alive all along. He makes excuses but she's far from convinced and says that Lily never would have married him without the false information. He asks her what she wants. "I'm your friend and I think you know what that means," she says. He thanks her. She wants more and begins kissing him.

    Holden runs into Lily in the hotel bar. He tells her that he still cares about her. She asks him to keep it to himself. The only reason they aren't married anymore is because of him. As she walks away, he tells her that if Damian hurts her, or anyone else he loves, it becomes his business. She heads up to Damian's room. He sneaks out the door, leaving Meg in the room. Damian tells her he's on a conference call and will be down in ten minutes. When he goes back in, Meg tells him his secret is safe for now.

    See You In Court.

    Wednesday, November 04 2009

    Damian is at the hospital having his gunshot wound treated. Meg sneaks in and begins massaging him. When he notices it's her, he leaps across the room. She claims she isn't stalking him. He tells her that she crossed a line coming in like this. "You cannot manipulate me into loving you," he says. She accuses him of doing exactly that to Lily. He insists that he and Lily have a special connection. Lily calls to tell him about the hearing. When he gets off the phone, he tells Meg that Holden is ending the marriage.

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