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    As the World Turns CAST - Damian Grimaldi - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Damian Grimaldi Played by Paolo Seganti on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Birthday: 1965-May-20
    Birthplace: Milan, Italy
    Marital Status: Married to Carlotta Chang-2001 to Present
    Real Name: Paolo Seganti


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    Words To Live By.

    Monday, November 30 2009

    "I love this time of year," Lily tells Damian. "Yes, it's lovely," Damian says. They're at the Lakeview and she's ecstatic to go up to his room. He tries to dissuade her, claiming his room is a mess... and it's full of her Christmas presents. She promises to go home. As he heads upstairs, she spots her mother. Lucinda tells her that she couldn't bring herself to attend Thanksgiving when she knew Damian was going to be there. Lily tells her about Holden suing for custody and asks her mother if she will be on her side.

    Damian goes up to his room. Meg is waiting. He assures her his marriage is only temporary... but he can't end things yet. She can't go on like this indefinitely and says that if he doesn't tell Lily, she will. He asks her to wait until Christmas. She giggles and they make out. Meg stops him. He swears that he will end his marriage by Christmas Eve. "This is going to be the best Christmas ever," she says, hugging him. Damian doesn't look so convinced.

    Luke goes to see his father at the Lakeview. He's afraid that forcing Noah to depend on them more after what they've done to him is wrong and won't help him. For Noah's own sake, they should send him away.

    Damian goes to Lily's and tells her about Luke's idea to send Noah to a rehab center. He's proud of his son for making the tough decision. "Sometimes real love means letting go," he says. "Words to live by," Meg agrees as she suddenly appears. She tells them about an electronic cane she got for Noah. Lily's rather disturbed that she just let herself in like this. They tell Meg that Noah will be going away to rehab. "It probably is best for everyone," Meg says. Lily leaves to start arranging things for rehab. Damian tells Meg she should go. She thinks Noah's departure means that they don't have to wait to be together anymore... but she agrees to wait one more day. She goes upstairs to Damian's bedroom and starts to undress. He tries to stop her but she wants proof of his devotion and begins unbuttoning his shirt. Lily walks in and her jaw drops.


    Wednesday, November 25 2009

    Damian goes over to Lily's with a special dinner he had prepared. He gets a call and steps out. It's Meg asking when she is going to see him. He tells her he's busy but she's not being patient. She threatens to tell Holden everything. Luke arrives and goes in to talk to his mother. He asks her if he can take the kids to the farm early so they can be part of a normal family. When Damian comes in, Lily tells him it will just be the two of them. She's distraught and tells him she misses her kids. He suggests that she go to the farm. "Only if you go with me," she says.

    Holden goes to the farm house where the family has been gathering. He says that Molly is in California with Abigail and assures Janet that Jack will be there soon. Liberty asks her mother to watch football with her. Holden corners Meg about calling Damian and tells her that he's not worth it. They bicker until Damian and Lily walk in. Meg takes Damian aside and asks him to go up to her room with her. He asks her to meet him in his room later. Lily and Holden argue in the other corner. He tells her she can't show up like this. She wanted to be a family for the holiday. He lets her stay.

    We Can Never Go Back.

    Monday, November 23 2009

    Damian is in a hotel room bed with Meg. He listens to a message from Lily and tells Meg he has to go and help his son. She reluctantly lets him go. "But you have to tell Lily everything has changed," she says. He tells her the timing isn't right but they can still see each other. He asks her not to force him to make a choice and just be patient. Meg won't wait forever. He pulls on his pants and promises she won't have to. After he leaves, she calls Officer Grady and tells him she has some disturbing information about Damian.

    Lily and Luke take Noah home. Damian arrives breathlessly. Noah is still angry at him so Luke leads him away. Damian hands the adoption papers to Lily and says they just need a judge to sign off on them. He worries that this might not be the right time for him to move in.

    Luke goes upstairs and tells Noah he knows what he's going through. Luke managed to get through his injury because Noah was there to help him. Noah says this is different because Luke caused this thanks to his mistrust. "We can never go back," he says. They go down to see Damian and Lily to sign the adoption papers. Meg calls Damian and tells him the cop is back and asking questions. Damian tells Lily he has to go out for awhile.

    Damian meets with Meg and Officer Grady at the cafe. The cop confronts Damian for lying to him and says that he is going to have to go to his superiors about how he did. Damian takes the cop outside and points out that he has no proof that he actually lied. He offers the cop $10,000 to go away. Grady says it's a start. They shake on it and the cop leaves. Damian returns to Meg and she guesses what just happened. "I still know what you did," Meg reminds him. To keep her quiet, it's not going to take money.

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