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    As the World Turns CAST - Damian Grimaldi - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Damian Grimaldi Played by Paolo Seganti on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Birthday: 1965-May-20
    Birthplace: Milan, Italy
    Marital Status: Married to Carlotta Chang-2001 to Present
    Real Name: Paolo Seganti


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    Worth More Than Diamonds.

    Monday, December 21 2009

    Damian goes home and crawls back into bed with Lily. He wakes her up.

    They go to the courthouse. Lily worries more and he assures her that everything will be fine and Meg will no longer be a problem.

    Dysfunction Junction.

    Monday, December 14 2009

    Lily notices that her front door has been smashed. When she turns around, Meg grabs her. Lily confronts her for everything she thinks she's done. Meg threatens her with a shard of glass. Lily calls for Damian. He rushes in. Meg holds the glass to Lily's throat and orders him to tell the truth for once. Damian admits that he still cares and made promises he wishes he could have kept. He begs her to let Lily go. "All I wanted was you," Meg cries. Lily breaks free and Damian wrestles the glass from Meg's hand.

    Holden and Molly rush over to Lily's. Lily and Damian explain what happened. Holden tells his sister that he won't let anyone hurt her. "It's too late," she sobs. The cops arrive. Lily called them. Damian explains that there has been a 'terrible misunderstanding'. He covers for Meg and the cop leaves. Damian says that he feels responsible but doesn't want to see her suffer. There will be consequences though... Molly takes Meg away. Damian tells Holden that he won't press charges but he knows what has to happen next. Holden thinks he's had this planned all along. He leaves with Molly and Meg. Damian tells Lily that she needs her honeymoon.

    What Happened?

    Friday, December 11 2009

    Damian is uncomfortable when he wakes up in the hospital and finds Meg staring at him. She asks him if he has been lying to her all along about leaving Lily. He acts shocked and tells her she should move on with her own life. She claims denying this won't change anything. "You seem to have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality," he says. She accuses him of trying to make her think she's crazy. He tells her he will never leave his wife. She begins shaking him and screaming until her mother comes in and pulls her off. Meg tells her mother that she's been sleeping with him and now he's trying to make her look crazy. Emma asks him if there is any truth in this. "I'm in love with my wife and only my wife," he says. Meg continues insisting that Damian loves her. Emma tells her it's time to go home and leads her out. Lily arrives as Damian dresses. He tells her that Meg is losing her grip. She thinks they should get a restraining order.

    Emma brings Meg home. Holden and Molly gather around her and say they want to help her. Meg tells them that Damian has been manipulating all of them and explains that Damian knew Holden was alive all along. She tells them about the DNA tests and Officer Grady. She's sure that Lily never would have married Damian if she knew that Holden was alive. Her mother asks her how long she's known this. She admits she's known for months but lied for Damian. "He is a cruel and vicious human being and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants," Meg says. Damian and Lily walk in. Meg confronts them with everything. Damian says he's having the reports from the Kentucky police faxed over. Meg is sure they will prove she is right. They wait for the fax. When it comes in, they read it over and it says that the DNA was a match for Holden. "That's impossible!" Meg exclaims. Damian smirks. Holden says they probably got some of the blood he lost by mistake. Meg rants. Damian explains that Officer Grady was ashamed of the mistake he made. Meg claims he bought Grady's silence and bought himself a wife in the bargain. Lily accuses her of trying to kill her. "You could have killed the children," she says. Meg tells them they've all lost their minds if they think she could have done that. Molly finds a bag full of poison in Meg's bag. Meg runs out the door. Emma asks Damian and Lily to leave. Once they do, she wonders how all of this is possible. Holden says there are a lot of unanswered questions. He and Molly leave to look for his sister.

    Lily and Damian go home. He apologizes for everything. She's sure that Meg has lost her mind. When he goes up to take a bath, she notices that the window has been smashed. When she turns around, Meg is there.

    Meg, What Did You Do?

    Tuesday, December 08 2009

    At Lily's, Meg confronts Damian for using her. He threatens to throw her out and then begins having chest pains. He collapses and Meg yells at Lily to call 911. As she calls, Molly and Holden arrive. "Meg, what did you do?" he asks. Lily worries.

    Meg stares as Lily goes in to see Damian. He wakes up and Lily explains what happened. She gets nervous because Meg is still watching them. He encourages her to go home and not trust Meg. Once Lily leaves, Meg comes in and tells him not to call a nurse. He thanks her for saving him and says that there are ways to make their 'arrangement' work. She tells him that when he makes a promise, he better keep it or suffer the consequences. He says his fate is in her hands. She advises him to enjoy his last few hours as a married man. As she kisses him, he slips some drugs into her purse.

    Marry The Jerk.

    Monday, December 07 2009

    At the Lakeview, Holden confronts Damian about why Meg thinks she's moving in with him. Damian claims he wishes he knew and points out that he is renewing his vows to Lily today.

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