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    As the World Turns CAST - Damian Grimaldi - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Damian Grimaldi Played by Paolo Seganti on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Birthday: 1965-May-20
    Birthplace: Milan, Italy
    Marital Status: Married to Carlotta Chang-2001 to Present
    Real Name: Paolo Seganti


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    What If You Could Ask Him?

    Wednesday, January 06 2010

    At the hospital, Lily admits to Holden that she may be pregnant. He doesn't know what to say. She doesn't know what to feel. He realizes she hasn't told Damian yet, but he knows she's a great mom and will work things out. She apologizes for being so defensive before and hopes they can work out custody for the kids. The nurse asks Lily in for her test. He offers to wait for her but she thinks that would be too weird. "Good luck. Whatever that means to you," he says. When she goes in and has her blood taken, Damian shows up after Luke tells him that Lily went over there. She confesses that she might be pregnant. "This is the most wonderful news I've ever heard," he says. The nurse returns and explains that Lily isn't pregnant. Damian interprets all of this as a sign that they should have a child. He suggests that they take their honeymoon. Lily makes excuses and says she's not sure she's ready for any of this.

    Damian and Lily go home, still arguing about the baby. He blows up when she mentions Meg. On cue, Meg calls and tells Lily that Damian came to see her. She apologizes for hurting her and promises to make things up to them.

    I Can't See Period.

    Tuesday, January 05 2010

    Meg meets with her doctor. She tells him how much better she feels. She wants to take the next step. "I need to see Damian Grimaldi," she says, asking the doctor if he will talk Damian into coming. The doctor arranges the meeting. When Damian arrives, Meg tells him how sorry she is for everything that happened. As soon as the doctor leaves them alone, Damian says he finds all of this weird. She tells him the doctor is as easy to fool as he is. Soon, she will be pronounced cured and released. "You know what the first thing I'll do is? I'm going to kill you," she says.

    We Missed Christmas.

    Monday, December 28 2009

    Damian goes to see Paul and asks him if he's seen Meg. Paul plays ignorant. Damian tries quizzing Emily. He tells them that Meg has been calling and threatening him. After Damian leaves, the couple argues until Meg comes upstairs. She apologizes for causing trouble. Paul tells her not to go anywhere and leaves to take care of something. The women argue. Emily thinks she's pathetic. Mick walks in on them. Meg gets in his face.

    At home, Lily is startled when she gets a flash of Meg threatening her. Damian arrives and finds her looking frightened. He offers to call the police to put out an APB on Meg. As they debate, Paul arrives and tells Damian that if he calls the cops, he will have to answer to him. He gives his word that Meg will not hurt them or their children as long as they let him find her on his own. Lily agrees. Damian thinks this is a mistake. They get some wine and go upstairs only to discover that the bedroom has been trashed and the pillows slashed. He calls the cops and tells Lily she should leave town.

    That's Not Good.

    Tuesday, December 22 2009

    Meg isn't please when she walks into the courthouse and finds Lily and Damian there. She begins ranting about how Damian came to see her. Holden calms her down and they sit. Paul arrives and runs into Molly. She says that Meg needs help. He says she just needs to be with her daughter. They sit down behind Meg. Lily approaches Holden and asks him out to talk. She tells him that Meg is getting worse. "She needs to be off the streets," Lily says. Across the room, Molly tells Meg that Officer Grady wouldn't back up her story. Paul assures her that Molly will find any evidence that is out there. The judge comes in and the hearing starts. Holden gets up and says that this is all his fault. When his family thought he was dead, Damian dumped her and she took it badly. He suggests that she could benefit from some therapy. This outrages Meg, who leaps up and says that this is all about Damian's lies. Meg tells her side of the story. Damian objects. Meg begins accusing him of trying to make her look crazy and lying about everything. Damian gets up and says he was with his wife all day and didn't go to Deerbrook. Meg begins shouting and loses control. Holden and the bailiff have to restrain her. Lily says that Meg is a danger to everyone. The judge orders her to be held for further observation. Holden promises his sister that everything will be okay. She weeps as a nurse leads her out. Holden knows Damian is a liar, but would he really do everything Meg has accused him of?

    Damian and Lily go home. She's a bit surprised he's so happy to see Meg go down like this. He says he only wants them to be safe. Lily is sad and moves away from him. He promises that he would do anything to protect her. As they kiss, Meg calls and tells him she will make sure the life he has made will fall apart.

    Worth More Than Diamonds.

    Monday, December 21 2009

    At home, Lily walks in on Damian while he supposedly argues with Meg on the phone. Lily worries that she'll be getting out so he suggests she talk to Holden so the family will consent to keeping her in.

    When Lily goes home, Damian has a treat prepared for her. She tells him about the hearing for Meg and suggests that they go. He asks her to get some napkins. When she steps away, he drugs her tea. They go upstairs for a nap and she tells him how upset she is about this mess. He assures her that Meg will be okay. She passes out. He sneaks off.

    Damian goes to the institution. He bribes a guard to erase him from the camera record and then goes to see Meg. She's not happy to see him. He tells her that he loves her. She cries and says it's his fault she is in there. He promises that he will never hurt her again. He tells her that he meant all of the promises he made to her. Meg pushes him away and begins yelling for help. When a nurse comes in, Damian runs out before he can be seen. Meg rants at them. The guard tells the nurse that no one has been there to visit.

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