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    As the World Turns CAST - Damian Grimaldi - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Damian Grimaldi Played by Paolo Seganti on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Birthday: 1965-May-20
    Birthplace: Milan, Italy
    Marital Status: Married to Carlotta Chang-2001 to Present
    Real Name: Paolo Seganti


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    See You In Court.

    Wednesday, November 04 2009

    At the courthouse, Lily tells the judge that none of this would have happened if she'd known her husband was alive. Holden says it never would have happened if she didn't have feelings for Damian. He asks to have at least one of the marriages annulled. Damian rushes in and asks Lily if he can talk to her before she decides anything. They step into the hall and he tells her that he will support any decision she makes, but if she decides to annul their marriage, he hopes it could be a sign that they could have a fresh start. "I haven't lost faith in us Lily. I never will," he says. When they return to the courtroom, the judge offers Lily a day to think things over. After Damian leaves, Lily asks Holden if he really wants to go through with this. He claims that he's never stopped loving her, but if she wants him back, she has to promise to cut Damian out of her life completely. If she can't belong solely to him, there is nothing left between them. She says she can't live without him and asks him if he can really walk away from the life they built. He kisses her and says he'll see her tomorrow.

    Luke runs into Damian and tells him that Noah's script has suddenly changed and become very personal. He thinks that Mason is trying to undermine his relationship with Noah. Damian tells him that he needs to fight for what he wants.

    I'm Free! What's Stopping Me?

    Friday, October 30 2009

    After seeing Lily kissing Damian through the cabin window. Holden sneers and runs off. Lily breaks away and tells Damian to stop doing this to her. He insists that they love each other; the way that she kisses him proves it. "There is more to love than passion. There is history and comfort and need. I need Holden," she says, claiming that she only turned to him because she was missing her husband. She asks for the annulment again.

    Lily walks out and tries to start her car. It won't start. Damian comes out and she tells him she can't stay there with him. He offers to drive her to Holden.

    When Lily goes home, Damian is waiting. She admits things aren't going to work out with Holden. He tells her he's sorry. She doesn't know what to do. He says that Holden didn't even show up at the cabin and he is blind to all of the beautiful things that she does. She's free to say goodbye to Holden once and for all, he adds. "I'm free! What's stopping me?" she wonders. She doesn't know what's wrong with her anymore. She feels like a woman who needs a man to live, but she's not that woman. She thinks she should be alone for awhile. "I want my life back. I want to wake up and make choices," she says. Damian wonders what that means for them. She still thinks they should end their marriage. He refuses to give up and begs her to hold off on the annulment. She agrees. "I'll be waiting," he says.

    Call Me A Murderer.

    Thursday, October 29 2009

    At home, Lily tells Lucinda that she feels bad about deceiving Holden by trapping him into a trip to the cabin. Lucinda says this is for the best and walks out. Damian arrives with the annulment papers she sent him. He reminds her that they vowed to spend the rest of their lives together. "We can't keep those promises anymore," she says. He notices she's got her bags packed. She explains that she's taking the kids away for a break. "We need some time apart," she tells him. He doesn't think this is fair. "Don't make this any harder than it already is," she says, asking him to sign the papers.

    Damian runs into Holden at the Lakeview. He sees his bag and asks him where he's going. Holden says he's going away with the kids. "You've been set up," Damian tells him. He explains that Lily is waiting for him at the cabin while the kids are really with Lucinda. "If it turns out that she chooses you to spend the rest of her life with, then so be it," he offers. Holden doesn't believe it.

    Damian surprises Lily when he shows up at the cabin and confronts her. He tells her that Holden isn't coming and it's because he told him that she was there. She's shocked. Damian points out that she had to manipulate Holden to simply get him to talk to her. Why would she want a man who would let her go so easily when there's a man who really wants her? She claims that Holden is just hurting because of what she's done. "If he wanted you, he'd be here," he says. He proclaims that he loves her and she loves him too. As he begins kissing her, Holden arrives outside. When he looks in the window, he sees them together.

    This Is The Way Love Is.

    Friday, October 23 2009

    Damian is disappointed to bump into Lily at the Lakeview and learns she is just looking for Holden. He points to Holden laughing at the bar with Maeve. Lily walks over and tells him that their children want to throw a Halloween party. Maeve makes herself scarce. Holden tells Lily to talk to her husband and walks away. When Damian asks her to have a drink, she turns him down.

    Luke runs into Damian at the Lakeview. He tells his son that he is legally married to Lily and Holden has no claim on her anymore. Luke doesn't know what to think. "This is the way love is," Damian says. Luke says the only important thing is what his mother wants.

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