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    As the World Turns CAST - Simon Frasier - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Simon Frasier Played by Paul Leyden on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Paul Leyden

    Birthday: 1972-Dec-16
    Birthplace: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Real Name: Paul Leyden
    Height: 6'3"


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    Carly Tells Simon It's Over

    Thursday, December 21 2006

    Carly meets with Simon. He hands her, her Christmas present early--tickets to Hawaii. He sees she's not excited and says, "This is the part where you wrap your arms around me and say thank you, thank you." She says she can't accept the gift. When he asks why, she says she can't see him anymore. When she explains why they have to end things between them, Simon tries to assure her things will be fine. He says she has to tell him how they can make this work out, because he's not going to give her up. He goes on to say, if she wants time away from him until everything blows over, he'll understand. She says she has to stay away from him for good or she'll go to jail. He continues to plead. He says he'll do whatever it takes. Carly says she can't risk losing her family. "You have to let me go. You have to let me go, Simon," she weeps. Without words, he kisses her goodbye. "Goodbye, Simon," she says, then walks away.

    Sage Announces The Sun From Her Project is Gone!

    Friday, December 15 2006

    At the science fair, Simon advises Carly to distract Jack so he can get rid of the sun on Sage's science project. Jack informs Sage that he's ready to see her project, but Carly comes up and attempts to stall him. He asks Sage to get him a snack, then asks Carly why she doesn't want him to see the project. She says she wants him to see it, but she says Jill is such a know-it-all that it's been difficult for Sage to keep up, so she would like it if he makes a big deal out of the project first to make Sage feel like she's the star.

    When Sage comes back, Jack asks her to go ahead and explain the science project to him.

    Meanwhile, Simon is trying pull the sun off the science project while using his other hand to take Jill's picture with her mom.

    Finally, he manages to get the diamond from the project. At the same time that he grabs the diamond, Jack walks over to look at the project. Sage yells that her sun is gone! Jack asks Sage what her sun looked like so they can search for it. She says just like mommy's necklace. Carly and Simon leave; offering to look for the sun. Simon let's Carly know he got it, she instructs him to get rid of it--quick!

    Lucy kidnaps Johnny!

    Thursday, December 14 2006

    At the science fair, Carly continues to worry about her necklace that has disappeared. Simon says Sage may have taken it, but Carly says she wouldn't take it without asking. Soon after, Sage runs up and asks her mom if she wants to see her project. Carly takes Sage to a room where they can be alone. While inside, Carly asks Sage if she took the necklace. Sage says she didn't take it but she saw it. "Where?" Carly asks. She explains she saw it on the couch when she was playing with her magic crystal. Carly asks if she may have mixed them up. She replies that she's not sure, but she might have. Sage reminds her mom that she tried to show it to her several times. She says she knows and now she wishes she had looked at it. Sage says her magic crystal looks exactly like hers. Carly looks worried.

    "So your crystal and my diamond look the same?"
    "When they're together I can't tell them apart."

    Carly says she'll be right back. She grabs Simon and pulls him in the room. She instructs Sage to tell Simon about the necklace and her magic crystal. Again, she says it looks just like "mommy's" necklace. Simon asks if the lady told her where she got it. She says no. He asks if she'd like him to drive her home to pick it up. She says he doesn't have to because it's already there. She says it's a part of her science project. Simon rushes out to see the project; Carly follows.

    Back at the science fair, as soon Simon and Carly see Sage's project, Carly's mouth drops open! "I don't believe it," Carly says. Jack arrives just in the nick of time! Sage hugs him saying she's glad he's there, because now he can see her science project too. Simon and Carly look worried!

    Will Pays Iris to Stay Away From Gwen!

    Tuesday, December 12 2006

    At Carly's, Carly and Simon enter with Henry and Katie still in the living room! When they go inside, Henry pulls Katie down onto the floor behind the couch; she lands on top of him. Once Carly and Simon are inside, Carly informs Simon that she didn't unlock the door; she says it was already unlocked! Simon says maybe Jack stopped by, but she says he would have called first, and even if he had dropped by, he wouldn't have left the door unlocked.

    Simon and Carly begin making out on the couch, eventually they leave to take their love making upstairs. Once upstairs, Katie and Henry slip out the front door. Katie informs Henry that Simon is going to jail because he stole the diamond. Henry says good, lets go to Jack. "No, I have a better idea," Katie replies.

    Once Carly hangs up, she goes for her necklace but informs Simon that it's gone! Simon wonders if Sage may have taken it, but she says she wouldn't take it without asking. Simon begins to search for it, but he stops telling her it's okay because it's fake. He asks her to promise him if something does happen she'll walk away so he can take the fall 100%. Instead of promising, she says she thinks Katie broke in while she was gone and stole the diamond! Simon says even if she did take it, it's a fake and there's nothing to link them to the prince's jewels. Carly says she doesn't know, she has an uneasy feeling about it. He informs her those feelings are guilt, "they're natural," he says. She replies that she thinks those feelings mean she's not cutout to be a jewel thief. He says that's good since he just quit the profession, and now they can be "good" together. She thinks they already are "good" together. He suggests now they concentrate on growing their real estate business together; "do some traveling," he says. She reminds him that she has the kids. He says they can take the kids with them. He says their going to really get to know each other better and none of it will have anything to do with diamonds or breaking the law. "It's all blue skies ahead for us. We are going to be fine because we threw the real diamond it the river. Do you know what… that's the best thing we ever did."

    Katie and Henry Break Into Carly's House and Make a Discovery!

    Monday, December 11 2006

    Carly and Sage arrive home. Sage asks her mom if she's mad at Daddy or Simon. She says she mad at everyone but her and her brothers. "What about Mary?" she asks. "No, I'm not mad at Mary."

    Carly changes the subject by offering to make Sage a nutritious snack before Jill's "perfect and very organic" mother arrives to pick her up so she can work on her science project with Jill. Sage offers to help.

    "No, no, no. I'll work out my frustration stirring that natural peanut butter. You just stay here and relax and pretend you have a nice mom."
    "I do," Sage replies.
    "Oh, Sweetheart, I love you. I'm so glad you think so. You know, I'm tempted to give you orange soda and pork rines just to see the look on that woman's face."

    Sage giggles at her mother's response.

    After Carly exits the room, Sage takes the diamond out of her pocket and says, "I wish your magic could make Mommy happy."

    Later, Carly comes back and gives Sage her cookies. The phone rings. It's Simon wanting to come over so they can talk. She asks him not to come over, but he continues to beg. She explains that she's busy. He continues to try and convince her to talk with him. Finally, she gives in and says to come on over.

    At Java, Carly tells Simon she's not mad at him, she's mad at herself. Simon says he's had plenty of opportunities to split over the last couple of months, but he's still there. He goes on to say the jewelry theft will be the last crime he'll commit and asks Carly for her forgiveness. She replies that she didn't come there for that, instead she admits she came to tell him off. He lets her know she did tell him off and look where they ended up. She says she didn't intend to end up there, "it's just too complicated you know, there's too much going on," she adds. He suggests they just remember the conversation and "table" it until a less stressful time in their lives. She says life only gets more stressful, not less stressful. He assures her things are going to settle down. Not wanting to continue the discussion, she says she's going to go home to her "empty" house. "Empty," Simon hints. "You really do have a one-track mind," she grins. He says he figures now that they're both going to be law abiding and legit citizens they need to find some other way to pass their time.

    Back at Carly's, Carly is rummaging through her purse to find her keys. While searching for her keys, Simon tries seducing her. She giggles asking him to wait because she does have neighbors. Meanwhile, on the other side of the door, Katie and Henry are happy because they just found the diamond!

    Romance Appears to be Blooming for Henry

    Friday, December 08 2006

    Outside Java, Jack tells Sage since he and her mom are in the middle of something important at the moment they'll view the gift the homeless lady gave her later. She says okay, but informs her daddy that she's bored. Carly says she has paper and pencils if she wants to draw a picture for her daddy. Sage accepts the offer.

    After Sage wonders off to draw, Jack continues to try and find out about the necklace. To prove she's telling him the truth, Carly offers to take the necklace off and give it to Jack so he can have it analyzed. Simon informs Jack that he's not taking the necklace because he gave it to Carly as a gift. Carly insists Jack take it to prove once and for all that she is not a liar!

    "So he called you a liar? Simon asks Carly.
    "No, no he just..."
    "No, he just doesn't believe you?" Simon interrupts, then continues directing his comments to Jack. "So you asked her if the diamond was stolen and she said no. I mean what are you going to do, Jack?"
    "What do you think?" Jack replies.
    "Well, considering you were once upon a time married to her, I would say you should believe her."

    Simon continues arguing with Jack, he says, "If Carly says the diamond isn't stolen then it isn't."
    "Problem with that is, Carly didn't say that, you did. And I don't take your word for anything," Jack retorts.

    As they continue to fight, Carly tells them that's enough! Simon refuses to stop, he says all he's doing is questioning her. Jack agrees adding that he's not arresting her. He goes on to say he needs hard evidence to make an arrest, and he can get a search warrant to get that. Carly says it's okay if he gets a warrant. Jack asks if she's sure about that. "Yes," she replies.

    "Yeah, well, get the search warrant. That's a good idea. And since how I gave her the necklace..." Simon says.
    "Yeah, you gave it to her. She can do with it what she wants," Jack butts in.

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