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    As the World Turns CAST - Simon Frasier - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Simon Frasier Played by Paul Leyden on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Paul Leyden

    Birthday: 1972-Dec-16
    Birthplace: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Real Name: Paul Leyden
    Height: 6'3"


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    Hughes Family Emergency!

    Monday, January 15 2007

    Meanwhile, Carly and Simon are on a plane getting ready to make their escape. When she asks Simon where the pilot is, he says he's the pilot. She grows very nervous about Simon piloting the plane, but he assures her he's had a few classes and they'll be fine. He goes on to say she has to trust him or they're going to be caught. She gives in saying she'll pray.

    Later, Carly is impressed with Simon's pilot skills. After complimenting him on his flying, she confesses that she lost faith in him. He replies that he loves her. When he reports to her that they're going to Canada, she says she can't go. He asks why. She says if they go to Canada then come back they'll be arrested on the spot. He reminds her that if they stay they'll be arrested. She says that at least she'll be able to see her children even if it is through bulletproof glass. She goes on to say at least she'll be able to talk to them and tell them she loves them.

    "Listen Carly, we don't know it's going to be like that. Look, someday…"
    "Someday. What is that? A year? Ten years? You know how many birthdays and Christmases and proms and graduations that is? It's a lot! She interrupts.
    "Alright Carly, you just tell me what you want to do and I'll do it. You just tell me exactly what you want and I'll do it right now."
    "Turn the plane around," she replies.

    Amber Alert!

    Friday, January 12 2007

    At the farm, Simon asks Vienna where the prince is. She says he's in Cuba then notifies him that the prince has ordered Carly be sent to Leonia. He asks if she can find him something to wear, because he says doesn’t want to be recognized, but she refuses to leave him downstairs by himself.

    Later, Vienna tells Simon leaving the diamonds with Carly was stupid. He says he needs to get to her so he can talk to her before they send her to Leonia, but she tells him to forget about Carly and the diamonds. She says she has enough money to keep them both happy. He says he just wants what Carly owes him, but she says it's too dangerous. She suggests they escape together, but he says he needs the diamonds first. "Now, if you cross me I'll cut your heart out," she says, licking his face.

    Later, Vienna tells a guard she called the prince about the Snyder woman being arrested. She says she has a surprise she wants to send to him -- a gift. She shows him a big crate. Inside she says it's a sculpture of her nude. Actually, it's not a sculpture in the box. It's Simon!

    After the guard leaves, Vienna talks to Simon through the crate. She tells him she's going to go check on the guard, and orders him to stay right where he is.

    The guard returns to inspect the crate. He calls for Vienna. When she doesn't respond, he goes ahead with his inspection. As he removes the front from the crate, he finds Simon sitting inside!

    Before Carly leaves, she tells Jack to take care of the kids, and to get Gwen to help him. She goes on to ask him to tell JJ she's okay, because she knows he worries about him. Tears begin to fall, but she continues asking him to tell Parker she's not mad at him and she loves him, and that she knows he loves her too. He nods in agreement. After he says he'll tell the kids what she said, she goes on to say, while gently rubbing his face with her hand, "And Jack, take care of yourself too. I know that I did a lot of damage, and that you kind of given up on love, but Jack, I never stopped loving you." "I never stopped loving you," he replies with tears in his eyes. They share a kiss before she goes.

    As Carly goes out the door, she sees the big crate. She turns around to find the guard knocked out. Simon comes out. "Simon! Oh thank God you came for me," she says, greeting him with a hug.

    Thy Shall Not Steal!

    Thursday, January 11 2007

    At the Snyder farm, Simon asks to talk with Vienna. She says she has to make one call first, when he asks who she says the police, but he takes the phone from her. She reminds him that he swiped her jewels while she was sleeping. He says he made a terrible mistake and wants to confess.She asks what he wants to confess. He says choosing Carly over her. He goes on to say if he were thinking straight and rational, he wouldn't have stolen from her. She asks what Carly has to do with this. He says nothing. She tells him goodbye, and he hands her phone back. She says she'll give him a head start before she calls the police. He asks if she wants to hear his proposition. "What proposition?" she asks.

    Back at the farm, Vienna tells Simon there's only one thing that will truly satisfy her, and that is if he's behind bars for the rest of his life! "What about diamonds? Don't you still, kinda like diamonds?" he inquires, capturing her attention. "So," she replies. "And I know how much you still want to get back at Carly. What if I was to say there was a way you could have both," he continues. When she says keeping talking, he proposes splitting the money so they could both be comfortable for a very long time. "Together?" she asks. "If that's what you want," he answers. "I wouldn't. I hate you," she says. When she asks the location of the diamonds, he says they are in a secret place. She asks if Carly knows about this place, and he says she chose it. "Oh, I see. So, she's going to turn you in, get free, and run off with them?" "That's right. Exactly right. Unless I get to them first." "And what's stopping you?" "I need help, Vienna, your help." After he explains how she can help him, she asks if her position would be dangerous. "Absolutely," he answers. "But how can I trust you?" He says she can use him to get the diamonds and make Carly squirm. "And when I'm done with you?" "Toss me aside if you like. Although, I am hoping you'd very much like to keep me.

    When they hear a door close, Simon asks if it's Emma. Vienna calls out to see if it's Mike. When he confirms, Simon quickly turns looking for a place to hide. Vienna says to him, "Or maybe I should let Mike tear you limb from limb, and then send you off to jail. Now that would be much more fun than boring old diamonds," she grins.

    Later, Mike asks whom she was talking to. "Noone," she replies. "I heard voices," he adds. She says she was talking to herself. "Why?" She says she does that when she's angry, because it makes her feel better. When he asks who she was telling off, she says, "That no good ex-boyfriend of mine. I think about the way he treated me and it makes me FURIOUS!" she shouts, slamming the linens on top of the table Simon just happens to be hiding under. Standing over the table, she goes on to say he told her she was the only woman he ever loved, but then he stole from her and humiliated her. The whole time she expresses her anger for Simon, she's slamming her hands down on top of the table causing Simon to jump each time. Mike reminds her that her life isn't the only one Simon's messed up. He goes on to say if he had any backbone at all, he would turn his self in. She says he would never do that. Then she shouts, "He's way too selfish." When she says someone will have to do that for him, Mike says they'll have to find him first. "Ah, well, that's not a problem. He might be much closer than you think he is," she smiles. Meanwhile, Simon is underneath the table looking very frightened now!

    Later, Vienna tells Mike she has something important to tell him. He asks if she's going to hit on him again. She says she's not, and she's appalled that he thinks that. She goes on to say she doesn't want him. She advises him to go get dinner for himself so he doesn't have to be distracted by her temptations. Taking her advice, he leaves saying he's going to Al's.

    After he leaves, Simon thanks her for not giving him up. She says that's because she hasn't heard the rest of his plan, but if she doesn't like it she says she'll call the police.

    Simon explains his plan, then says after she's done her part and gotten away safely, he'll go in, take the diamonds, sell them, then use the money to escape. She says it's a brilliant plan and agrees to help. "You're the best," he says. "I'm going to help you with the first part and the rest of it too," she says, throwing herself on him. "Okay, ummmm… what do you mean?" "I'll be there every step of the way. We'll be true partners. I will never leave your side again… ever," she clarifies.

    Sisterly Chat

    Wednesday, January 10 2007

    Henry continues to tell Simon he needs to get out of Oakdale, but he's determined to take Carly with him! When Henry asks about his plan, Simon asks for the clothes to change into first.

    After changing clothes, Simon asks Henry for his coat. He says before he gives it to him he wants to know his plan. "Okay, okay, I'll give it to you," Simon replies. "Straight up?" Henry asks. "Straight up," he confirms. "Here's the deal," he continues, delivering a blow to Henry knocking him to the ground!

    Vienna returns from shopping to find Simon waiting for her!

    Jack Places Carly Under Arrest

    Monday, January 08 2007

    We see Henry and Simon in the car. Henry reveals that Jack arrested Carly. He says he has to help her, but Henry says it's too late, and tells him he has to get out of Oakdale now!Simon demands that Henry open the door, but Henry continues to refuse. He says if he goes charging in there then they'll both go to jail on grand larceny. Simon calms down a bit to listen to Henry. Henry directs him to get down in the floor so he can help him.

    Later, while driving down the road, Simon remembers him and Carly making love. He rises up informing Henry that he's wrong. He says he's going back. "What?" Henry responds. "No matter what, I'm not leaving without Carly."

    Psychic Visions

    Friday, January 05 2007

    Still on the phone, Carly asks Simon to say what he had to say, but in case he lost his place, she reminds him that he was telling her he loves her. He says he does. She asks if he's going to tell her where he is. He says no, he's going to hang up. She tells him not to hang up. He says he has to go somewhere where he'll be safe. She says she needs to know where he'll be. "Back home," he says. She reminds him about the box he gave her that has cash in it. Then she begs him to tell her where he is. She says she'll meet him there. He promises her he'll see her again, and asks her to promise him she'll stay out of trouble. She says she will. Before hanging up he tells her she's an incredible person and he loves her. "I love you too," she replies.

    Once off the phone, she pulls out the case and finds the cash along with a passport.

    Back at his place, Henry brings a laundry cart. Simon asks what he is doing. He says he done a bad thing and is trying to make up for it. He orders Simon to get into the cart. No way," he replies. Later, we see Henry pushing Simon out in the laundry cart.

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