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    As the World Turns CAST - Simon Frasier - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Simon Frasier Played by Paul Leyden on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Paul Leyden

    Birthday: 1972-Dec-16
    Birthplace: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Real Name: Paul Leyden
    Height: 6'3"


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    "I'm Dying..."

    Wednesday, September 19 2007

    At the diner, Vienna is on the phone with Jack, having set up Katie to come in and look at honeymoon brochures for a surprise. Just as Katie is saying she hates the island in the brochure, Jack shows up with first class tickets. Oops! Katie feels like a real heel and collapses back into a booth, hating that she’s “ruined another wedding moment.” She explains that she’d been on that island with Simon before and Jack decides that they’ll go somewhere else. He threatens to take her to the College Football Hall of Fame in Southbend, Indiana, and they laugh. Sage calls and Jack has to take off to pick her up for dance class. They leave the diner, deciding to pick the honeymoon destination together. After they leave, Vienna vows to herself that she’s going to help them find the “perfect” honeymoon.

    Katie and Jack are at the farm, being lovey-dovey. They decide that, even if that island has a Katie and Simon history, they’re going to go there anyway and make a new history all their own. They kiss, they hug, all’s right in pre-marital-bliss-ville.

    Saying Goodbye

    Thursday, January 18 2007

    At Jack's, Carly offers her hands for him to cuff, but he says he has a better idea. He throws the handcuffs to Simon. He instructs him to knock him out and cuff him so he and Carly can escape. Carly is hysterical! "No, just wait!" she screams. She asks Jack if he's lost his mind, but he says it has to look real. He instructs her to turn around so Simon can knock him out before he changes his mind. She follows his orders. Simon apologizes to Jack for what he's about to do, and then he knocks him over the head!

    Before Simon and Carly leave, Carly tells a comatose Jack she'll never forget what he done for her, and she kisses him saying she'll never forget him.

    On the plane, Carly says Jack didn't do it for the kids he done it for her. She goes on to say she didn't think he loved her, but now she realizes he does. "What about you, do you still love him?" Simon inquires. She says he's a part of her, a part of her children, and she will "always, always" love him. He says he's not asking her to stop loving him he's just trying to understand what happened between the two of them. She says she thinks he finally forgave her for being the woman she is and not the woman he'd hoped she would turn into.

    "I'm never going to want you to change for me," he says.
    "But I have changed, or maybe I've just become more myself."
    "Look at me. If you want to go home"
    "I can't. He's better off without me. So are the kids," she cuts him short.
    "And you really believe that?"
    "I wouldn't be here if I didn't. Besides, I love you."
    "Say it again."
    "I love you. Youre my future. Youre my life now."
    "Your mine too. I'm going to make this right Carly for all of us."

    Love Triangle

    Wednesday, January 17 2007

    At Jack's, Carly tells him she wants to see the kids, but he informs her that they're not there. She says she talked to JJ on the phone. "He told you," she adds. "He didn't have to," he replies. When she asks where they are, he says somewhere where they won't have to watch when the two of them go down for good.

    Later, he admits to listening in on the phone call. After expressing his anger, he notifies them that they should both be scared, because they're going to jail this time, and they're going there for good! Carly apologizes saying she knows this is killing him. "You're always sorry," he replies. Simon interrupts saying he has one quick question. He asks if he gives himself up right now will they cut him a break. Jack can't believe his request. As he turns to ask Carly where she found this guy, Simon grabs Jack by the collar and yells for Carly to run, but she doesn't run, she screams for Simon to stop! Simon takes Jack down to the couch! Jack pulls his gun, aims it at Simon and says, "Don't give me one more reason to shoot you!" Carly begs Jack to put the gun down. She says he doesn't want to do this. Simon jumps in telling him not to do this to Carly or his kids. He says he'll end up hating himself later, and then asks him to let Carly go. He goes on to say he knows he still loves her. Jack asks Carly why she had to come back. Before she can answer, Simon continues to ask that he let her go.

    Back at Jack's place, Simon confesses that they were gone on the plane, but Carly begged him to turn the plane around and come home so she could see her kids. Carly pleads for him to stop, telling him that's enough, but he ignores her plea. Again, she begs saying he keeps putting everything on Jack's shoulders. She walks over to Jack and finishes. "And every time he's given me a break I've let him down. What do you say, Jack? How about we just get this over with, and maybe you can have some peace?" she sobs.

    Out of Surgery

    Tuesday, January 16 2007

    Carly demands that Simon turn the plane around. She tells him to land the plane somewhere near Oakdale and she'll go from there, but he says they're in this together so he's going back too. She says that doesn't make sense, because there's no reason they should both go to jail. He says he's never been selfish and he's not going to start now, but she pleads for him to be "selfish" now. He asks if she thinks her kids would really be happier knowing she's in jail. She tells him he didn't see Parker, he doesn't know.

    Later, after landing the plane, Simon tells Carly she can open her eyes again. She says next time he needs to learn how to land. Soon after, she asks if he has his phone.

    Carly and Simon hide outside Jack's waiting for the cop to go by before they go inside. He asks if she wants him to wait out here, but she says no. The cop drives by and they hunker down. After he goes by, the two of them enter the house.

    Back at Jack's, Carly yells for JJ. When she doesn't get an answer, Simon gets an uneasy feeling. "I don't like this," Simon whispers. "No, it's alright. He said he wouldn't tell anybody. He must be upstairs," she replies. As she walks toward the stairs, Jack comes out!

    Hughes Family Emergency!

    Monday, January 15 2007

    Carly is relieved to see Simon came to her rescue. "You rat! You weren't planning on leaving without me were you?" Vienna says, coming in and interrupting their reunion. Carly starts to respond, but Simon places his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. Then he reports to Vienna that he came looking for her, but didn't know where she went. He goes on to ask her to help get Carly out, and then he promises they'll go to the Island they talked about, but she knows he's lying to her and calls him a fool! He swears he's telling the truth. She tells him to prove it by leaving Carly with her, but he says they can't, because she'll tell Jack and the prince what they've done. She says then they'll silence her to make sure she can't talk or run to anybody for help, but Simon says that wasn't part of the plan. "Baby, that's the plan now, if you don't want me to blow you out of the water," Vienna replies, blowing into Carly's hair.

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