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    As the World Turns CAST - Simon Frasier - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Simon Frasier Played by Paul Leyden on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Paul Leyden

    Birthday: 1972-Dec-16
    Birthplace: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Real Name: Paul Leyden
    Height: 6'3"


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    You're Too Late.

    Monday, January 04 2010

    When Katie gets to Al's, she spots Simon and goes in to see him. She assumes Henry sent her over there to run into him. Katie's shocked to discover that Simon is actually working there. He claims he doesn't want to live the life he used to live and he needed a regular job. Simon likes Oakdale and wants to stay. She says that's a big problem. As he talks about what Oakdale means to him, a drunk begins making a pass at Katie. Simon chucks him out, stealing his watch on the way. She orders him to hand it in to the police. "See, you are so good for me," he says. She asks him to share the food with her and Henry.

    Simon and Katie return home. Henry is watching "The Twilight Zone" and the baby is sleeping. She takes Henry into the kitchen and confronts him for setting her up. He wants her to be happy. She wishes he'd let her decide what she wants. They curl up on the couch and watch TV until the men fall asleep.

    Brad Says Goodbye.

    Thursday, December 24 2009

    Brad is following Katie and Jacob around as they shop for the holidays. She bumps into a Santa Claus and he wishes her a Merry Christmas. Janet and Dusty walk by talking. Liberty and Parker come out of a shop as soon as they're gone. She tells him she's dropping out of school and he should leave her alone. Jack and Carly walk by. She asks him to wait while she does some shopping. As Jack looks in a shop window, he flashes back to playing with Brad when they were children. Carly returns and finds Jack staring. He can't pretend that everything is okay anymore and walks away. Carly trails after him. Simon and Henry walk by. Simon asks Henry if he can stay with him for a few days. Brad wanders over to Henry so Simon walks away. Henry tells the ghost he has to spend the holidays alone. After he walks away, Santa walks over to Brad. He can actually hear him. Brad's shocked and begs him to make him 'not dead'. "You don't ask for much," Santa laughs. Brad is sick of being stuck and wishes he could let go. Santa tells him to stop 'kvetching' and help the people he loves let go of him.

    Worth More Than Diamonds.

    Monday, December 21 2009

    At the Lakeview, Simon meets with a real estate agent with Jacob at his side. He's looking for a job in her company. He wants to stay so he needs a job. She asks him what would happen if she wanted to follow through on their flirtation. He makes it clear nothing will happen. She admits she won't go into business with him because he's just a 'de-clawed cat burglar' and that's boring. He tells her his claws are as sharp as ever and then hands her the necklace he just stole from her. "I want a life that's worth more than diamonds," he says.

    When Katie goes home, she finds Simon has put Jacob in a Christmas outfit. He says he has some leads on a job. She suggests that he look outside of Oakdale and tells him to move out. "I want to be alone with my husband," she says. He asks her what she thinks will happen with Brad and reminds her that he's dead. "It's like you might as well be in the grave with him," he says. She accuses him of just being angry because Brad is getting in his way. Simon insists that he only came back to help... but over the past few days he's started to feel like they could be good for each other. "I'm married," she says. "If you ever want the company of the living, call me," he says as he leaves. Alone, Katie tells Brad that they will be happy together.

    As Simon walks off, he flashes back to his wedding with Katie.

    I Cannot Be Second Choice.

    Friday, December 18 2009

    At home, Katie explains to Simon that she is eager to get rid of the apartment. It's haunted by memories and Brad's things. The real estate agent arrives. As she looks things over, Brad arrives and begins throwing a tantrum, and furniture. Henry rushes in and begins shouting at him to stop. The agent runs out. Henry admits to Katie that Brad scared her away. Katie's sick of this and leaves. Simon urges Henry to fix this fast. He shouts at Brad not to force Katie to live in a place that makes her miserable. After Simon leaves to accompany Katie to the wedding, Brad tells Henry that he won't sit by and watch Simon hit on his wife.

    Jack goes to the Metro. Dusty and Janet are drinking. Jack pulls Janet away for a dance. Katie and Simon drift in. Teri explains that the wedding was a bust. She's not that surprised, she admits to Simon. She feels bad for Johnny. Before she can leave, Simon asks her to stay for one dance. As they start, Brad arrives. Henry rushes in and tries to stop him from making a scene. Brad can't stand this anymore and begs Henry to let him use his body one last time just so he can dance with Katie. Everyone stares at Henry as he begins fighting and arguing with the invisible Brad. Jack asks him why he's yelling about his brother. Henry tries to explain but Jack doesn't buy it and accuses him of playing a cruel trick. After Henry hobbles away, Jack admits to Janet that he may actually believe him. He walks off as Carly arrives. She trails after him.

    Dysfunction Junction.

    Monday, December 14 2009

    "I may be dead but she's still my wife," Henry/Brad tells the unconscious Simon as he drops him on Katie's bed. An escort comes to the door and Henry/Brad leads her to Simon.

    Katie returns home and finds Simon in bed with the woman. She chases her out. Simon crawls out of bed. Katie demands an explanation. He's confused. "I was talking to Henry... then I woke up naked," he says. He swears he has no idea what just happened and points out how strangely Henry has been acting. "Brad really doesn't want me here," he declares before listing all of the things he thinks Brad has done. She decides he's on to something.

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