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    As the World Turns CAST - Simon Frasier - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Simon Frasier Played by Paul Leyden on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Paul Leyden

    Birthday: 1972-Dec-16
    Birthplace: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Real Name: Paul Leyden
    Height: 6'3"


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    Oh the Wicked Webs We Weave!

    Friday, August 18 2006

    Simon wants to go to the drive-in with Carly and her kids, but Parker says, ...Does he have to?... Simon handles in well, makes the kid laugh, him and his siblings pile in the car. At the drive-in, Simon makes buds with the three kids. Parker climbs in between Simon and Carly. Simon asks Carly to go get him a cup of coffee, then asks Parker why he climbed up there. Parker says he wants to know what Simon wants with his mom, they come to an understanding. Carly and Parker fall asleep, Simon has been having a blast eating popcorn and watching the movie. When they get back to Carly's, Simon carries one of the kids upstairs to bed before he and kisses Carly on the cheek and leaves.

    Will Breaks Gwen's Heart

    Thursday, August 17 2006

    At the work site, Simon is telling Mike he's got to rip down all the work he's been doing on the wall. After Simon leaves the room Katie shows up. She and Mike start making love right there on the floor. Simon walks up behind them, but they don't see him, they are much too busy.

    Gwen shows up at Carly's. Carly is so worried about her being attacked, but sees that something else is wrong. Gwen tells Carly she lost Will to Jade. They sit down and have a sister to sister talk about it. Gwen says she can't accept that it was just a one night stand between Will and Jade; every time she turns around they are together. Carly says that Jade is playing a game, maybe she stole Carly's old play book. Don't take what she says at face value. That it would work, tells her to go down to the Wagon Inn and evaluate things for herself. Gwen tells her she's afraid of getting hurt again, Carly says that's a chance she'll have to take if she wants to fight for Will, that Gwen can make the choice to forgive him if she wants, go find out if Jade's reports are accurate. Gwen admits that Jade has lied about everything, decides to go. After she leaves, Simon knocks on Carly's door, just wanting to talk. She tries to get rid of him, she is taking her kids to the drive in, he wants to go with them, maybe it will help him get over what he just saw, tells her about Mike and Katie making love. She invites him in, she admits she saw Jack with Eve at the hospital, that's why she's being so compassionate. She asks him if he really wants to go to the drive-in, it'll be a night he'll never forget.

    Getting Physical

    Wednesday, August 16 2006

    Simon and Carly are on the plane, on the way back from NYC. She thanks him, tells him her life has changed and what happens to Jack isn't her worry anymore. When they arrive at the airport, Carly freaks out when she sees Jack injured, he tells her he's not her problem anymore. Carly wants to go to the hospital, but Simon tries to talk her out of it. She tells him she thinks he's just jealous because she can be there for Jack and Simon can't be there for Katie, she takes off for the hospital where she comes upon Eve and Jack laughing and flirting. Carly leaves, shows up to have a drink with Simon. Eve and Jack sit down and she tells him her worries about Maddie and how Henry is out of control. She says sometimes she feels like Louis is a complete stranger.

    A Standoff at the Airport

    Monday, August 14 2006

    Simon & Carly are having dinner in NY. He wants to prove how sneaky and clever he is, pretends to be a waiter and has Carly take his picture. He flirts with the female customer, meanwhile lifting her necklace. He shows it to Carly, she thinks he's nuts. The woman comes back screaming that she's been robbed. Simon gives the necklace back, says he found it on the floor after she left, she tries to give him a reward, Carly won't allow him to take it. She tells him he's incorrigible.

    Gwen Is Devasted by Will's Confession

    Tuesday, August 08 2006

    In the New York hotel suite, Jack talks to Simon on Carly's cell phone, Jack can hear music in the background. Carly asks what Simon told Jack. He says he told him to call back when he lightened up. Carly demands that Simon not to ever speak for her again. Then she becomes worried that Jack called because something may be wrong with kids, Simon says if it's important he'll call back. Carly gets angry, tells Simon to stay out of her marriage, not to answer her phone anymore and that she wants to set some ground rules, keep things businesslike, Simon says that he reserves the right to appreciate her as a beautiful woman. She protest, tells Simon the deal will be that she works, he pays her, no gifts, no answering her phone, no trying to make Katie jealous, stop humoring her, she quits, again. Simon shows her to the door, calls her bluff. After a few minutes Carly goes back in the room and tells Simon to leave, but he calms her down by promising to honor her wishes. Carly wants to call room service for champagne, she tells Simon she wants to be Jack;s wife and independent, Simon says he can teach her how to do both. They make a toast to her career. Simon comes up with a name for her business, CTS designs! They are fantasizing about an empire, drinking champagne. Carly makes a logo. Simon asks her if she thinks she can handle it, they fall back on the bed, dreaming of the future. They decide to go out to dinner and dancing.

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