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    As the World Turns CAST - Simon Frasier - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Simon Frasier Played by Paul Leyden on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Paul Leyden

    Birthday: 1972-Dec-16
    Birthplace: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Real Name: Paul Leyden
    Height: 6'3"


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    Second Chances.

    Wednesday, January 13 2010

    Katie, Henry, Clarissa and Simon go to Katie's. Everyone is laughing except for Clarissa. She takes a swipe at Simon for costing her a fortune just so he can settle down in a 'boring little town with a boring little girl'. She storms out and Katie rails at the two men. "The two of you will never change," she says. After Henry leaves, Katie points out how much Simon seems to have enjoyed this. She thinks that a buzz like this won't come along often if he sticks around. "You don't belong here," she says, claiming he's addicted to excitement. "The only drug I can't kick is you," he says. She's glad to hear that and suggests that they leave town together.

    Always The Same.

    Tuesday, January 12 2010

    At home, Katie pulls away from a kiss with Simon. She knows they can't have 'just a kiss' and starts showing him her charts about her daily routines. Katie's exhausted and overwhelmed all of the time and doubts he really wants to be part of that. He begins folding her laundry and apologizes for kissing her... but whenever he looks at her, he wants to. She kicks him out. Before he can leave, he tells her how much she gets to him. "You kiss me and I fall in love with you and you leave me. It's always the same," she says. He says it will be different this time and asks her what she really wants. "I want Brad not to be dead," she says. He walks out. Pam, the realtor, shows up and asks her if she's still interested in selling the house. Katie assures her the house is now ghost free so Pam says she has a couple who are interested in buying.

    Henry takes Clarissa to his room. She reminds him of Vienna. Clarissa tells him to focus and lays out the plan. Simon drifts in and asks Henry what he is doing with her. Clarissa leaves to get the plans. Simon orders Henry to drop out of this but Henry says this is the only way to get Clarissa out of town so he can be with Katie. Simon advises him to prepare to run if anything goes wrong.

    Simon runs into Clarissa in the bar. He warns her not to mess with Henry. Once again, she asks him to get involved but he still refuses. She doesn't think he'll ever be able to walk away from who he really is. "Watch me," he challenges.

    Simon returns to Katie's. She's happy to see him and tells him that she has a buyer for the house. She worries that selling it would be letting Brad down but Simon says it would make him proud. "It hasn't been that long since he died... and I'm already having feelings for you," she says. He hands her some charts he made. He's in every box with her. "It's where I want to be," he says. She's still in love with Brad, she repeats. Simon knows and he also knows they will always have feelings for each other. "Home to me is you," he explains.

    Never Surrender.

    Monday, January 11 2010

    At Al's, Simon gets annoyed by the low tips. Clarissa comes in and tells him that the project they spent two years setting up is about to pay off. Simon refuses to get involved again. She can't believe he's willing to walk away from the biggest score of his life. He's not willing to disappear again, not now. Clarissa doesn't understand and offers to give him some time to think things over. She drops him a wad of cash. He pockets it.

    Simon shows up at Katie's and asks her out. She wonders what that means and begins interrogating him about where he got the money to take her out. He tells her about Clarissa and begs her to rush off to Chicago with him. She suggests he take his friend Clarissa with him instead. He insists that everything is over with the other woman and he is determined to be a new man. "I will be whatever you want me to be," he offers. After he offers to be more than her friend and babysitter, he kisses her.

    I Can't See Period.

    Tuesday, January 05 2010

    At home, Katie laughs as she finds Henry and Simon sleeping together on her couch. She clears her throat. They jump apart when they notice they're on top of each other. She teases them and they remember when Simon worked at the garage. He asks Katie out to dinner and she agrees. After Simon leaves, Henry teases Katie and tells her it's a lot more than just dinner. "The last thing I need right now is a new love," she says. Henry thinks that makes Simon perfect because he's her old love. She wants to concentrate on Jacob and work. She already has an idea to pitch to Kim. Henry urges her to stay open to Simon being around.

    At Al's, a customer rants at Simon while he's making a reservation. As they argue, a woman walks through the door and recognizes him. Her name is Clarissa. He wonders why she is there. She starts to laugh when he explains that he's working there. When she tells him she has a scam set up and she just needs to finalize it, he refuses to get involved. After she leaves, he counts his tips. "Being poor sucks," he complains before calling and cancelling his dinner reservation.

    When Katie arrives at Al's, Simon shows her in. He's closed it and arranges a candlelit meal for them. Henry watches them through the window. "Your mama's happy we're happy," he tells Jacob. Inside, Katie remembers how great things used to taste when they were poor. They eat Shepherd's pie.

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