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    As the World Turns CAST - Simon Frasier - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Simon Frasier Played by Paul Leyden on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Paul Leyden

    Birthday: 1972-Dec-16
    Birthplace: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Real Name: Paul Leyden
    Height: 6'3"


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    Romance Appears to be Blooming for Henry

    Friday, December 08 2006

    Later, inside, Carly informs Simon that he was giving them a chance to dump the evidence. He reminds her they've already dumped the evidence.

    When they take a seat at the table, Carly tells Simon she was married to Jack and still has feelings for him. He asks her to stop worrying about Jack, because they can't un-do what has already been done. Carly lets Simon know she's going home. She says she needs some time to figure things out.

    Lies, Lies and More Lies!

    Thursday, December 07 2006

    At Java, Simon asks Sage to pick a roll out for him, he says he can't decide which one he wants. While she's picking out a roll for Simon, Carly explains how she couldn't sleep well last night, because she was worried about everything. Like always, Simon notifies Carly that she has nothing to worry about. He says he knows Vienna too well, "she's all talk and no action," he says. He reminds her that they got rid of the evidence. She says she can't loose her children over this.

    Later, Back at Java, Sage comes back with Simon's roll, he takes a bite saying it's delicious, but he must eat and run. After Simon leaves, Sage informs her mom there was a lady outside looking for food in the garbage. She asks if she can give her food to the lady. Carly thinks it's sweet and follows her outside. On their way out, Jack arrives. He pulls Carly aside showing her the report Vienna just filed! He instructs her to listen and tell the truth, because her life depends on it. Carly refuses to answer Jack's question. He says he already has his answer and asks where the necklace is.

    The homeless lady wants to thank Sage for giving her food. She tells Sage she found something walking around yesterday that she wants her to have. Sage says she doesn't have to, but she insists. She pulls the necklace Simon and Carly thought they got rid of out of her bag then hands it to Sage. Sage's eyes light up when she sees the necklace! Sage thanks her and places the necklace in her pocket.

    At Simon's place, Maria gives him the copy of the necklace he asked her to make. Simon thanks her, handing her a yellow envelope. On Maria's way out, Vienna arrives! Simon hides the necklace behind his back. She tells him that she went to Jack, and before leaving she says she's going to light some candles and soak in the tub, while doing it she will think of him in prison.

    Back at Java, Carly says, "Well Jack, if you must know where the necklace is…" Simon arrives, interrupting Carly. With him, he holds the necklace; he shows it to Jack then places it around Carly's neck. He says the jeweler fixed the clasp. Jack thinks it's a coincidence that he walks up with the necklace just as he was asking about it. Simon says he knows, asking Jack what his interest is with the necklace. "I bet you could hazard a guess," Jack replies.

    Sage approaches and says the homeless lady was really nice. She says because she gave her the roll the lady gave her something "really pretty." "Would you like to see it?" Sage inquires reaching into her jacket pocket.

    The Wedding is Off!

    Wednesday, December 06 2006

    Back at Simons, Carly and Simon begin kissing passionately. Unable to control their emotions, they enter Simon's room with thoughts of making out. As they enter, their surprised to find Vienna waiting! "I thought we had an understanding, Simon," Vienna says. The two put on an act in front of Vienna. After their little act, Simon escorts Vienna out in to the hall, asking her to give him some time to talk with Carly.

    Once Vienna is out of the picture, Simon and Carly pick up where they left off, but Carly pushes Simon away saying she can't stop thinking about Vienna down the hall. A knock at the door interrupts them. Carly says it must be the champagne he ordered, but it's Vienna! Carly continues her act, begging Simon to stay. Vienna catches on, recognizing it's an act. Finally, Simon tells her he's not leaving Carly, "Not now, not ever," he says. Vienna threatens to tell the prince what he done. Simon advises her to go ahead, because she has no proof! He goes on to say even if she was to succeed who's to say she wasn't involved too. Before leaving, she tells Carly not to get too comfortable. "This isn't over!" she finishes as she walks out the door.

    After Vienna leaves, Carly worries about going to jail. Simon re-assures her they're not going to jail. He reminds the proof linking them to the jewels is at the bottom of the river.

    Tossing the Evidence!

    Tuesday, December 05 2006

    Carly walks in on Simon and Vienna kissing. Vienna apologizes to Carly, plants another kiss on Simon, then leaves. After Vienna leaves, Simon informs Carly that Vienna knows the truth about the necklace. Carly panics, asking Simon to promise her they won't go to jail. He tries comforting her, saying not to worry; Vienna will keep their secret. When she asks why, he says, "Because we're breaking up." Carly refuses to be dumped! He explains that he's not really dumping her.

    "It's over Simon: she wins!" Carly says.
    "So, you want me to go back to Vienna?"
    "As opposed to me going to jail? Yea," she replies.

    Simon discloses to Carly that he won't put her or her children in jeopardy! He doesn't want to waste one moment of their time together -- that means more to him than the jewels.

    Later, in town, Simon informs Carly that the solution to their problem will be there any minute. Soon after, Maria arrives. Simon introduces Carly, saying that she's the jeweler who made the necklace. After his quick introduction, he lets Maria know Carly loves the necklace and then he asks her to make a copy for Carly's sister. "I'm sorry Simon, I can't do it," the jeweler replies. She expresses her regret, but says she's swamped. Simon tries again. He finally convinces her to make a copy, but she can't promise when she will have the copy.

    After their meeting with the jeweler, Carly feels it would be better if she gets rid of the evidence. Simon tells her that it's "totally unnatural," but she asks him to trust her. Hesitantly, Simon removes the necklace from her neck. She says that he has the jeweler wrapped around his finger and she'll have the copy made for them in no time.

    Carly clutches the necklace tightly in her hand. "Goodbye my precious gems," Carly says, kissing the necklace goodbye.

    "You know, Vienna's not going to like this. She was counting on your renewing," Carly says after tossing the necklace into the water.

    "Well, that's just too bad isn't it?"
    "Hmm… so, how long do you think it will be before Vienna calls Jack and tells him that we are in possession of stolen property? Oh, I'd love to see the look on her face when we call her bluff."
    "You are a very wicked woman."
    "It's part of my charm," Carly laughs.
    "It certainly is," Simon says with a kiss.

    After Simon and Carly walk away, we see the necklace lying on the ground near the water!

    Paul and Meg Change Their Wedding Plans

    Monday, December 04 2006

    Outside the bookstore, Vienna arrives and congratulates Katie on her new book. Katie asks if she's read it. Vienna says she hasn't, but she may order a copy and have it sent over to the hotel. Simon seems in a rush to get Vienna away from Katie, but Vienna tells him not to be rude, saying she hasn't answered Katie's question about why she's back in Oakdale yet, and she reveals to Katie that she's back to see Simon. “Oh really,” Katie says, looking interested. Katie goes on to ask if she brought the prince along. Vienna answers saying she did not. Katie reminds Vienna that the last time she saw her she was wearing those jewels “that were to die for.” Again, Simon tries to pull Vienna away. She responds, saying if he and Katie have some unfinished business she can wait. Simon says no, then escorts Vienna away.

    Henry shows up asking why she called asking him to get there in a hurry!. Katie reveals that Vienna is back, and reports to him that Jack called Vienna to ask about the jewelry heist at the hospital event! Henry's shocked, saying he thought she made that up. Katie says she did, but Simon appeared suspicious when he tried to drag Vienna away quickly to hush her up. She goes on to say she realized she might have uncovered the truth when Simon freaked out after he read what she wrote. She says she believes Simon and Carly did steal the jewels, then she asks Henry to help her prove it. She states she needs to get Mike back no matter what it takes! “Heaven help anyone who tries to stop me,” Katie finishes.

    Vienna informs Simon that she read Katie's book. She says she wonders if he did steal her blind. She says maybe she should call her jeweler to have the necklace examined. As she picks up the phone, Simon grabs it and hangs it up. Vienna blackmails Simon, saying she thinks after all her generosity he owes her “one little thing.” “What's that?” he asks. “Come back to me,” she replies. Simon says he can't do that to Carly. Not happy with his answer, she threatens to call the prince to have the jewels examined. Again, she picks up the phone. Once more, Simon places the phone back on the receiver, then he tells Vienna Carly's a strong girl she'll get over it. “So, we have a deal?” “Sure,” Simon replies.

    Before Vienna leaves, she and Simon share a very passionate kiss. Carly walks up and catches them!

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