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    As the World Turns CAST - Meg Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Meg Snyder Played by Marie Wilson on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Marie Wilson

    Birthday: 1974-10-12
    Birthplace: Greece and raised in Toronto,
    Marital Status: Married- (Michael Wilson -December 31st, 1996) 1 daughter
    Real Name: Marie Wilson
    Height: 5' 8"


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    I'm Not Good For You.

    Tuesday, June 29 2010

    When Paul arrives at the hospital, Holden reads him the riot act. Emma stops him. She doesn't blame Paul for this, but she does blame him for ruining Meg's life for years. Meg yells for Paul. He sits by her side and tells her this is all his fault. He knows that he can't make things right. The only thing they can do is move on with their lives. "I'm not good for you," he says, admitting that he loves Emily and his life is with her. Meg weeps. She doesn't know if she can get better without him. Loving her is not something he will ever regret... but she has to get better for their little girl. He holds her face in his hands, kisses her and stands. Meg says she'll never regret him either. He walks out in tears and Emma says that the doctors think Meg should be taken far away to recover. She asks him to take care of Eliza.

    Back at the hospital, Meg gets dressed and Holden explains that she's going to a hospital near DC. Emma promises to visit her all the time. Meg knows she needs to leave home so she can come back again. She leans on Holden and the three of them walk out together.

    Back To Normal.

    Monday, June 28 2010

    At Fairwinds, Meg continues drugging herself while pointing a gun at Emily. Em tries begging her to stop but Meg's buzz is growing. Meg begins shouting that she is doing this for Eliza and Paul is on her side. Em attempts to rationalize with her but that doesn't work very well. Meg keeps drinking methadone and says that it will be easy to convince the cops that she wasn't responsible for this. "You're going to be dead and you'll be blamed for your own death," Meg says with a chuckle. Em tries to convince her that the cops are onto her and offers to leave town for her. They begin wrestling for the gun. As Paul, Emma and an orderly rush in, Meg throws Emily back and takes a shot at her. Emma asks for the gun. Paul explains that he loaded the gun with blanks. Meg asks to see Eliza again and then begins accusing Emily of drugging her. Em explains what happened and Paul says that he's known she was telling the truth all along. Emma tries to calm her daughter. Barbara and Henry arrive and she begins ranting at Emily for tying her up. Paul explains what's been happening and that he's known all along. His wife is furious that he played along but he says the stakes were too high to say anything. Henry drags Barbara out. Meg crawls up in a ball on the couch. She moans that Emily is the evil one. Her mother promises that things will be okay and leads her away with the orderly. Paul turns to Emily and apologizes. "At least things can now go back to normal," he says. Paul knew that she could never lie to him and had to ratchet things up so Meg would act out. She's furious and slaps him.

    Emma is with Meg in the hospital, trying to comfort her.


    Friday, June 25 2010

    Paul shows up at Memorial to get Meg and bring her back to Fairwinds with him. He assures her that Emily will never hurt her. Meg smiles.

    Paul and Meg return to Fairwinds. He tries to get her to relax so she takes his hand. Emily and Barbara burst in and the arguments begin. Emily and Paul throw accusations around until Eliza is brought in. Emily bites her lip as Meg holds the baby. Paul orders Emily out and asks Barbara to leave as well. The women storm off. Meg gleefully talks about holding her child and goes upstairs with her and Paul. After they put her to bed, they go back downstairs once Meg has changed into something that shows more cleavage. She tells him how much this is like old times and wonders how she could show him how much this all means to her. As they get close, he says this might not be a good idea. He gets a business call and then declares he has to leave for Chicago. Paul agrees to leave her alone with Eliza as long as she agrees to call someone for help if she needs it.

    At Fairwinds, Meg dumps a photo of Emily and Paul into a drawer. Emily suddenly shows up and challenges her to make her leave. She vows that she will get the truth, whatever it takes. Meg takes a bunch of pills and says she will convince the cops that she tried to poison her. Then she whips out a gun and levels it at Emily's head.

    What She Deserves.

    Thursday, June 17 2010

    Emily runs around Meg's hospital room ranting at her and accusing her of running off to Fairwinds. They argue and Em says she's on to her plan. Meg calls for a nurse. Emily continues to taunt her until a nurse walks in and sends her out. Meg smiles to herself and orders some pie.

    Barbara goes to see Meg at the hospital. Meg plays up her frailty and asks her to keep Emily away. Barbara tells her that Emily has been drugging her so she could take Eliza away. Meg acts shocked. "She's going to get what she deserves," Barbara says.

    Meg rolls over in her hospital bed and finds Emily standing there, demanding the truth. Meg squeals until Paul arrives and accuses Em of being a threat to Eliza and Meg. The cops arrive and arrest her for stalking.

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