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    As the World Turns CAST - Emma Snyder

    Full detailed profile on Emma Snyder Played by Kathleen Widdoes on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kathleen Widdoes
    Emma Snyder

    Actor: Kathleen Widdoes

    Who played Emma Snyder over the years

    Kathleen Widdoes (1985 - 1989 - on contract, 1989 - present - recurring)

    Useful information on Emma Snyder

    * Emma resides on the Snyder farm just outside of Oakdale.
    * 1995 - Emma was arrested for passing counterfeit bills but she was cleared of the charges.
    * Decided to sell part of the farm but the project was doomed.


    Current: Runs the Snyder farm
    Past: Romance author


    Emma Snyder was happily married with five children. Her husband died and left her to tend to their children and run the farm. The farm was all they had but Emma kept it going. The farm, passed down from her family, provided a safe haven for her children. At one point, times got tough for Emma and the farm was in danger of being foreclosed. Only Meg and Holden were home at this time. Holden took it upon himself to get a job working at Lucinda Walsh's Stables as a stable boy. Lucinda had a daughter named Lily and Holden became friends with her. At this time, Lily was in love with Dusty Donovan, and Meg wanted Dusty too. Meg and Lily didn't hit it off very well. Emma liked Lily Walsh from the beginning and welcomed her to stay at the farm.

    Emma's older daughter, Iva ran away from home and never called or wrote to Emma. This left Emma devastated. For years, Emma assumed the worst had happened to her daughter. After over fifteen years, Iva showed up at the farm to see her mother, only to have Emma reluctantly take her back. Emma spent all those years in pain for her lost daughter and was overwhelmed by her homecoming. Emma later found out why Iva ran away. Iva was thirteen when she went to visit her aunt and uncle in Kansas. While visiting, she was raped by her cousin Josh. She learned that she was pregnant now with Josh's baby, so she ran off to Chicago to a place for unwed mothers to give birth to her daughter. She didn't want to burden her family, and thought it was best if she ran away.

    It was thought that the daughter Iva gave birth to was Holden's girlfriend, Lily. Everyone became concerned that Holden had fallen in love with his niece. Nevertheless, Emma was forced to reveal some family secrets. First, Iva wasn't their biological daughter. They had adopted her when she was young, because her mom and dad were too poor to keep her. Josh was not really the biological son of Iva's aunt and uncle. This meant that Holden and Lily were not related.

    One by one, Emma's children returned home, starting with her oldest, Seth. He was an aspiring writer and wanted to help Emma run the farm. Caleb and Ellie came back from Chicago to stay with their mother. Emma had her house full again. She supported each one of her children as they got back on their feet. While helping her children, she found herself dating again. First, Dr. John Dixon called on her. But at the same time, Cal Stricklyn called on her as well. Cal was the biological father to Josh. She eventually chose Cal. Emma still felt devoted to her deceased husband and wouldn't consider marrying anyone else, even after all those years had past since his death. Seth encouraged his mother to pursue a career as a romance novelist so Emma started writing. She eventually began a relationship with her publisher, Ned Simon. Unfortunately, Ned murdered a man who had hurt his daughter. Emma found herself alone again.

    Many people found refuge at the Snyder farm, including her nephew, Jack Snyder. Angel Lange, who was married to Holden, stayed there for a while after her and Holden got a divorce. Caleb's wife, Julie Wendell stayed with Emma. Julie was a little wild, but that didn't stop Emma. She tried to teach Julie to cook while she and Seth stayed with Emma. Rosanna Cabot also stayed with Emma when she ran away from home, as well as Carly Tenney. Julia Larrabee stayed with Emma, but her visit was cut short when Emma threw her out of the house for taking advantage of Emma while making her moves on Holden, who was separated at the time but still married to Lily. She also allowed Meg to marry Josh Snyder there on the farm, after Josh proved himself to be reformed.

    Emma continues to run her farm by herself and loves visits from her grandchildren. The holidays are still very special on the farm.

    Emma decided to sell off part of the farm because the work was becoming too much for her. Paul Ryan and Mike Kasnoff entered into a partnership to develop eco-friendly housing but it turned out the land was contaminated. Paul tried everything to save the project, including taking money from a loan shark, but there was too much contamination. After Ethan fell into a hole at the job site, Emma decided to change her plans and donate the land for a park. Brian Wheatley helped organize a benefit for the land.


    Harvey Snyder - deceased


    Dr. John Dixon
    Cal Stricklyn
    Ned Simon


    Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (adoptive granddaughter by Iva)
    Rose D'Angelo (adoptive granddaughter by Iva - deceased)
    Matthew John Dixon (grandson)
    Abigail Williams (granddaughter)
    Aaron Snyder (grandson)
    Luke Snyder (adopted great grandson)
    Faith Snyder (adopted great granddaughter/granddaughter)
    Natalie Snyder (adopted great granddaughter/granddaughter)
    Ethan Walsh Snyder (adopted great grandson/grandson)
    Jade Taylor (adopted great granddaughter)
    Brad Snyder (nephew)
    Jack Snyder (nephew)
    Josh Snyder Stricklyn (adopted nephew)
    Sage Snyder (great niece)
    Parker Munson (great nephew, adopted)
    Liberty Ciccone (great-niece)


    Seth Snyder (son)
    Iva Snyder Benedict (adoptive daughter)
    Ellie Snyder (daughter)
    Caleb Snyder (son)
    Holden Snyder (son)
    Meg Snyder (daughter)


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    Tuesday, June 29 2010: I'm Not Good For You.

    Holden arrives at the hospital and his mom fills him in on what happened with Meg. His sister yells for him and he walks into her room. She's begging for his help. Emma takes her son aside and wonders what to do. She thinks they should call Paul.

    When Paul arrives at the hospital, Holden reads him the riot act. Emma stops him. She doesn't blame Paul for this, but she does blame him for ruining Meg's life for years. Meg yells for Paul. He sits by her side and tells her this is all his fault. He knows that he can't make things right. The only thing they can do is move on with their lives. "I'm not good for you," he says, admitting that he loves Emily and his life is with her. Meg weeps. She doesn't know if she can get better without him. Loving her is not something he will ever regret... but she has to get better for their little girl. He holds her face in his hands, kisses her and stands. Meg says she'll never regret him either. He walks out in tears and Emma says that the doctors think Meg should be taken far away to recover. She asks him to take care of Eliza.

    Back at the hospital, Meg gets dressed and Holden explains that she's going to a hospital near DC. Emma promises to visit her all the time. Meg knows she needs to leave home so she can come back again. She leans on Holden and the three of them walk out together.

    Monday, June 28 2010: Back To Normal.

    At Fairwinds, Meg continues drugging herself while pointing a gun at Emily. Em tries begging her to stop but Meg's buzz is growing. Meg begins shouting that she is doing this for Eliza and Paul is on her side. Em attempts to rationalize with her but that doesn't work very well. Meg keeps drinking methadone and says that it will be easy to convince the cops that she wasn't responsible for this. "You're going to be dead and you'll be blamed for your own death," Meg says with a chuckle. Em tries to convince her that the cops are onto her and offers to leave town for her. They begin wrestling for the gun. As Paul, Emma and an orderly rush in, Meg throws Emily back and takes a shot at her. Emma asks for the gun. Paul explains that he loaded the gun with blanks. Meg asks to see Eliza again and then begins accusing Emily of drugging her. Em explains what happened and Paul says that he's known she was telling the truth all along. Emma tries to calm her daughter. Barbara and Henry arrive and she begins ranting at Emily for tying her up. Paul explains what's been happening and that he's known all along. His wife is furious that he played along but he says the stakes were too high to say anything. Henry drags Barbara out. Meg crawls up in a ball on the couch. She moans that Emily is the evil one. Her mother promises that things will be okay and leads her away with the orderly. Paul turns to Emily and apologizes. "At least things can now go back to normal," he says. Paul knew that she could never lie to him and had to ratchet things up so Meg would act out. She's furious and slaps him.

    Emma is with Meg in the hospital, trying to comfort her.

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