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    As the World Turns CAST - Nancy Hughes McClosky - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nancy Hughes McClosky Played by Helen Wagner on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Helen Wagner

    Birthday: 1918-09-03
    Birthplace: Lubbock, Texas USA
    Marital Status: Married Robert Willey (21 June 1954)
    Real Name: Helen Wagner


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    Babs And The Bewildered Bull.

    Tuesday, June 01 2010

    Nancy is having breakfast with Casey and Alison at Java. She wishes they could still be a couple but tells them they have to listen to their hearts. Ali and Casey wander off to pay and she brings up his possible baby.

    Katie meets with Nancy at WOAK. They talk about Brad and how sad she feels without him. Jacob reminds her of Brad more all the time. Nancy assures her that she will never forget Brad. She explains that it took her a long time to move on after Chris died. Katie doesn't think she's ready to move on.

    Twenty Five Years Of Living In Sin!

    Friday, April 02 2010

    Katie and Henry arrive at Tom and Margo's. Barbara makes eyes at Henry and then tells everyone that she saw tension between Bob and Kim earlier. Lisa says that should be gone now and they should be in the making up stage. Bob and Reid drive up. Everyone shouts surprise at Bob and then asks him where Kim is. "That's a good question," he says. He explains that he had a fight with Kim. Barbara promises to find her and bring her back. Nancy asks Bob what happened. He says it was an old argument. Bob looks over at Susan and remembers telling Kim about their affair. Susan smiles at him.

    Back at the party, Reid and Chris bicker. Henry anxiously waits for Barbara to return. Casey goes upstairs and finds Nancy looking at old pictures. She tells him about his great granddad. He hands her back her ring. As she holds it, she remembers her fiftieth anniversary and tells him to keep the ring. She's sure that some day he will get married.

    This Time It's For Keeps.

    Tuesday, December 29 2009

    Casey goes to see Nancy. She congratulates him about the engagement and asks about the ring. Nancy hands him the engagement ring which Chris gave her. She wants it to be Alison's. "Thank you so much," he says.

    Meg's Up To Something!

    Tuesday, April 14 2009

    Alison bumps into Bob and Nancy at the hospital. Nancy is giving Bob a hard time about letting the senior's bus driver go; he says there was no choice and reminds Nancy of the hiring freeze. Alison says she has a solution! She asks them to give her a minute and leaves. She calls Casey and they agree to meet at Java.

    Alison and Casey return to the hospital. They find Nancy and Casey excitedly tells her that he is going to help organize the seniors and drive the bus. Nancy is thrilled with the turn of events. Bob comes in and says Jade is going to help, too! Casey and Alison are not thrilled; neither is Jade. Jade and Casey don't want to work together but Bob orders them to work out their differences. He leaves. Casey tells Jade to get another volunteer job but she refuses. He storms out, saying he'll find something else to do. Alison follows him. Jade tries to leave, too, but Nancy won't let her. "You volunteered, now get to work!" Nancy exclaims!

    Casey returns to the hospital and says he'll work with Jade. Casey is taken aback when Jade and Nancy say they've come up with some great ideas. Casey sits down with them. He goes into the hall a while later and tells Alison this is horrible. She says he can handle it and gives him a cupcake. He feeds her a little of the cake – and then kisses her!

    Digging Up Money!

    Wednesday, September 03 2008

    At the hospital, Chris is talking to Mrs. Ward about her puppy. Nancy knows her and together they tell Chris that she is in trouble because she has to go to assisted living but they don't take pets. She asks if Chris and Alison would take the puppy! Allie walks in and the woman calls her Chris' girlfriend. They reluctantly agree to the plan, pleasing Nancy. Mrs. Ward's nurse comes to take her back to assisted living. Alison asks what is going on. Chris says they are now parents to a furry friend. Chris tries convincing Alison to take the pet because he can't have a dog at The Lakeview. She won't do it.

    Sofie's Dead!

    Wednesday, July 02 2008

    At Margo and Tom's party, Chris arrives late - and drunk! Kim takes him outside as he rambles about lying on the stand and ruining his life. Kim can't believe how far Chris went. Chris says he didn't really harass Alison but he did stop defending her to Brenda. Kim says Chris should have told the truth but Chris says he couldn't face another disappointing look from Bob. Kim says Bob only wants the best from Chris and returns inside. She makes excuses for Chris, saying he wasn't feeling well. Lisa offers a toast to the couple, calling them an inspiration. Lisa gives them her gift - a photo album with pictures. Nancy joins in the fun, as do Casey and Daniel, as they look at the old pictures. Looking through the album, Tom and Margo remember the best times of their lives. They kiss. Tom reminds her of their wedding vows and they each make new promises to the other. Casey says they need new wedding photos and gathers the clan for a family picture.

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