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    As the World Turns CAST - Jessica Griffin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jessica Griffin Played by Tamara Tunie on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tamara Tunie

    Birthday: March 14th, 1959
    Birthplace: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
    Marital Status: Married (Gregory Generet- October, 1995) No Children
    Real Name: Tamara Tunie
    Height: 5' 9"


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    Jack makes an arrest!

    Thursday, February 08 2007

    Jessica notices Jack acting very mysteriously and asks him what's up, but he refuses to talk. Instead he goes to Casey and asks to talk to him. Casey asks him to wait until after the ceremony, and Jack agrees to wait. Margo is puzzled when Casey doesn’t come up on stage with her, so after the ceremony is concluded, she goes to Casey and Jack to ask what's going on. When Jack refuses to tell her, Margo pulls rank on him and he has no choice but to tell her. "I have a warrant for your son's arrest," he reports. Maddie stands close by and is visibly upset by the news. Margo and Lisa's jaw drops. Tom comes over to Casey to find out what's going on and Jack explains that he's arresting Casey for breaking into Crash to steal bonds. Will walks in at that moment and hears the news. Maddie pleads with Casey to tell them that he didn't do it. She tells Jack that Elwood did it but Casey denies this. Adam and Gwen watch as Jessica asks if she can sit in on the statement. Margo allows this and when Tom also asks to be there, Lisa but doesn't think he should, in his condition. Margo asks Adam to come with her to the station and Gwen runs off to apologize to Will as Jack handcuffs Casey and takes him to the station. The family is disheartened and they all go to Oakdale PD. Jack takes off to meet Parker at the doctor's office, while Maddie questions Casey. She of course doesn't think he did it.

    Sisterly Chat

    Wednesday, January 10 2007

    After Jack leaves, Jessica arrives. Relived to see her, Carly asks how long it will take to arrange bail, but Jessica informs her bail is "off the table." Carly says Jack is making everything personal. Jessica asks if she knows where Simon is, but she says she doesn't, and that is the truth. Next, she asks her what she knows about the jewels, but Carly doesn't answer. She reminds Carly that the way it works is she has to tell her the truth.

    Henry Aids Simon

    Thursday, January 04 2007

    Craig informs Dusty that they lost. Dusty asks what his point is. He says that night in the garage everything came to a head and looking back at it, it was almost inevitable, and the people that were there know what happened. He goes on to say they don't need a judge and jury to place the blame. Therefore, he says the truth is that night and what lead up to it can't be undone, and they all have to move on. He says that why he decided to let the matter go. Dusty asks Jessica if she's willing to go along with this. She says willing to respect Mr. Montgomery's wishes in this case. Craig says he would think so since he's the one who took the bullet to the chest, and he says this is how he wishes to resolve it. Jessica continues by saying her office will issue a statement today saying that the charges of attempted murder against Dusty have been dropped. She goes on to say that as a result, the state won't be charging Craig as an accessory. "Well, look at that! All be da***! That's what I call a win, win," Craig smirks. As Emily, Meg and Dusty stand in shock by the news, Craig says, "Well don't everyone thank me at once," Dusty asks to speak with Jessica. Taking her outside, he asks what the catch is. She says there isn't a catch, but he says there's always a catch with Montgomery. She says he doesn't have to thank him or anything, but she advises that if he's willing to let it go then he should too.

    Craig Makes a Shocking Confession!

    Wednesday, January 03 2007

    Due to new developments, Jessica tells Dusty she thinks she can get him a new bail hearing. She goes on to say she doesn't understand why he didn't tell anyone about the blanks. He explains that he was trying to protect Emily. "You'd risk going to jail?" she asks. "To keep my son safe from Montgomery, yes," he answers.

    Dusty tells Emily and Meg no matter what happens he appreciates what they did. Jessica approaches telling Dusty she wants to go over his statement before they go to court. After Dusty leaves with Jessica, Craig's lawyer arrives. Emily and Meg worry because she looks confident. She goes inside and tells Craig that she's talked to the DA and they don't have enough to hold him. She says she'll be back to help him within the next couple of hours. Before she can leave, he asks her to wait.

    Later, Meg and Emily wait impatiently for Craig's lawyer to come out.

    "She's been in there for a while," Meg comments.
    "Yeah, she must think she has a way out of this," Emily replies. "Oh my G… Craig doesn't have security cameras at Fairwinds does he?" Emily adds.
    "I don't know. I hope not," Meg answers, looking alarmed.

    Meanwhile, Jessica asks Dusty to promise her he won't jump bail, or run off to find Johnny and Lucy if she's able to get him a hearing. Without answering, he hangs his head. She tells him they can fight this, but the only chance he will have of getting custody is if he plays by the rules.

    Craig comes out, but his lawyer is begging him. "Please, don't do this. It's a mistake," she says. He informs her that he appreciates her advice and counsel, but he says his mind is made up.

    "Everyone, I would like to say that everything that Dusty and Emily said is true. I'm guilty as charged," Craig confesses, shocking everyone.

    Katie Holds the Proof!

    Thursday, December 28 2006

    Jessica arrives at the jail to see Dusty. She says she doesn't have anything new to report, but she says she came by because his case is top priority. He suggests she go home to celebrate the New Year. She says she hasn't even started her pep talk, but he says he's had many visitors and no one has cheered him up yet. She says he wins, then informs him that she'll call someone to take him back to his "cage."

    Lies, Lies and More Lies!

    Thursday, December 07 2006

    At the police station, Lucy stops in to see Dusty. Dusty says he thought they said goodbye. She admits she was wrong about everything. Dusty recommends Lucy let him go. He says she's a good person, he doesn't deserve her, and neither does Craig. She says she'll never condone what he did, but when he done it she didn't know the whole truth. She reveals that her father set him up. "You fell for it," she finishes. She goes on to say Craig made sure he would shoot him so he could get Johnny. He admits she was right from the start, because Craig played him. She warns if he ever tries to shoot her father again she'll wash her hands of him.

    Later, Lucy says she wants to make sure her father doesn't know he set Dusty up. She says no matter what he hears or sees her do she is on his side. Jessica barges in asking Dusty what he's doing talking with Lucy! She advises Lucy not to talk to Dusty anymore without talking to her first.

    After Lucy leaves, she asks Dusty what Lucy was doing there. She reminds him that talking to the victim's daughter is not a good idea. She wonders if he thought she might have come by to nail him. "That did cross my mind," he says. She expresses she's never had a client like Dusty try so hard to keep her from helping them. He tells her he needs to know the date of the custody hearing. She says that's not their first priority, but he says it's his. She notifies him the date is in one month, but says it's not going to matter if he's in jail. He replies that will give him enough time. "Enough time for what?" Jessica inquires. "Enough time to stop Montgomery if he gets my son," Dusty replies.

    Paul and Meg Change Their Wedding Plans

    Monday, December 04 2006

    At Lakeview, Jessica asks Carly for a chance to help her, if what Katie wrote in her book is true. She reminds Carly that she's not just her lawyer, but she's her friend. She goes on to say if there's anything she wants to get off her chest she can. Carly says there's nothing she has to get off her chest. Before leaving, Jessica reminds her that she has her number, telling her to use it if she needs to.

    After Jessica leaves, Jack approaches Carly. He informs her Katie came to visit him at the station, he says Katie told him the jewel theft might not have been fiction. Carly says she has no proof and wants to get back at her for being with Simon. Jack reveals that Vienna said she was confident the necklace she wore back was the real thing. “She said that?” Carly asks. “Does that surprise you?”

    Jack warns Carly to watch her back in case Katie starts investigating the jewel theft. Carly expresses that says she's not worried about Katie.

    “Even if she starts digging into your past?” he asks.
    “I can take care of myself, Jack.”
    “I hope so. The last thing I'd wish on you is more trouble.”

    Carly thanks him for caring and believing in her. He says at least she isn't the only one trying to make up for past mistakes. She asks, “So you believe me?” He confirms, but warns her to watch her back.

    “That little b***ch* has to be stopped,” Carly says, after Jack walks away.

    Wedding Plans!

    Friday, December 01 2006

    Carly goes to Java, and bumps into Jessica. She asks Jessica when her parole is up. When Jessica asks her why she's asking, the two discuss Oakdale Confidential. Jessica tells Carly that as her lawyer, if she has anything she wants to divulge to her, now would be a good time.

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