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    As the World Turns CAST - Will Munson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Will Munson Played by Jesse Lee Soffer on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jesse Lee Soffer

    Birthday: 1984-04-10
    Birthplace: Connecticut, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jesse Lee Soffer


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    Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

    Tuesday, March 04 2008

    Alison stops by the Munson cottage and asks Will and Gwen if they can find out if Matt ever attended Oakdale U! She tells them about her suspicions - that Matt may have attacked Brad at WOAK. Will and Gwen think Alison is jumping to too many conclusions but she is certain Matt has some big secret. They all go to the registrar's office. Gwen shows off Hallie and then accidentally knocks over a glass so the office worker has to leave. Gwen and Will go through the files while Allie plays look-out. As she is watching Casey and Matt arrive to sign up for classes! She tries to hold them off but does a really bad job of it. Mrs. Dunn, the registrar returns, and leads the motley crew inside, where Will and Gwen are waiting. Casey says he is signing up for new classes; Gwen explains that they were introducing Hallie to Mrs. Dunn and made a mess of things. Alison says she tagged along to get a summer catalog. Matt suggests medieval history. Will, Gwen and Alison leave. Matt wonders why they were really there. In Old Town, Will and Gwen say they didn't find any record of Matt attending the college; Will says she doesn't remember Casey mentioning Matt and doesn't recognize him from school, either.


    Wednesday, February 27 2008

    Gwen is still upset about the judge's ruling and tells Will she feels like Sofie is the victim in the situation. Will wants to take Hallie to the hospital to meet Paul.

    Sofie arrives at the hospital to see Paul. She brought him a copy of Treasure Island and Paul asks her to read to him for a while. Sofie grabs a chair and begins to read from chapter one. Will and Gwen arrive and see Sofie inside! They go inside anyway and Will angrily asks what Sofie is doing there. Paul tells Will to back off, that Sofie is his guest and she can stay. Will and Gwen turn to go but Paul asks them to stay so he can get to know Hallie. The baby is fussy but Gwen allows Sofie to hold her anyway. They talk to Paul for a while but then Sofie decides to give them time with Paul; she leaves, but watches through the window. Paul tells Will that his friendship with Sofie shouldn't matter because she lost the custody case. He says he understands where Sofie is coming from! Paul changes the subject but Will won't drop the Sofie-subject. Gwen defends Paul's choice in friends but Will is still very upset. Seeing that they aren't going to meet eye to eye, Will asks about Barbara. Paul says she has been tired but doesn't think anything is going on. Gwen and Will leave. Barbara walks in and asks what Sofie is doing visiting him all the time. Paul tells her to back off, that they are just friends. Seeing that Paul is curious about her objections to Sofie, Barbara changes the subject.

    Chris finds Bob at the hospital and asks how his therapy is going. Bob says things are great and asks where Chris has been hiding out. Chris fudges around his answer so Bob asks what Chris's plans are for the future. Chris says he is sticking around! He leaves and runs into Sofie in the hall outside Paul's room. She says she wants to stay close but then hurries off alone. Will and Gwen leave the room as Sofie returns; Chris is just around the corner, listening to them. Sofie says she has a present for the baby. It's a stuffed animal! Will hands the gift back, saying it isn't right for her to buy things for the baby. Gwen tries to reason with him but Will remains firm. They leave. Chris tells Sofie that things will be fine. She cries about losing her baby and then admits that she has to stop thinking of Hallie as hers because the baby is Will's and Gwen's now. They go for a walk in Old Town and run into Will and Gwen as they are leaving Al's Diner. Chris tries to talk to the couple but Will doesn't like that Sofie keeps showing up and hurries away with Gwen and the baby.

    At the cottage, Gwen tells Will again that she feels sorry for Sofie. Will says they didn't do anything wrong and that they are the best parents for Hallie. Barbara arrives and tells them about Sofie's visits to Paul. She leaves, saying she is through butting in to her sons' lives. Will says that won't last long. Sitting on the sofa, Gwen and Will are both worried about the visits but Gwen is trying to be understanding.

    Carly Could Drive A Person To Murder...

    Tuesday, February 26 2008

    Gwen and Will are enjoying a quiet morning at home with Hallie when Bonnie arrives. She tells them the judge is making his decision in an hour. The babysitter arrives and Gwen gives her instructions. Gwen calls Barbara to let her know. Barbara is at the doctor's office but doesn't tell them that; she says she will meet them at the courthouse. Will tells Gwen things will work out and they leave.

    Sofie's lawyer calls her at The Lakeview and tells her to report to court in an hour. She is worried about what will happen and hurries to get her things. As she is leaving Chris stops by to check on her. Sofie is very nervous about the hearing and Chris offers to go with her. They are already at the courthouse when Will, Gwen and Barbara arrive. Gwen tells Sofie they just want the best for Hallie; Sofie says she does, too. The judge arrives and calls Sofie's actions unstable. He rules in favor of Will and Gwen! They are relieved. Sofie asks the judge if she can speak and tells the court how much she loves Hallie. She, her lawyer and Chris run from the room. Will, Gwen and Babs come out and tell Alison and Matt about the ruling. They ask Allie to come by the house for a celebration; Babs begs off and everyone leaves. Alison, Matt and Casey meet the Munson's at the cottage and begin their celebration. After a while Alison leaves; Matt thanks her for introducing him to Will and Gwen. Outside, Casey tells Matt to stop intruding on his life. Matt plays the guilt cards, again, telling Casey that he just wants a normal life and Casey's family is uber-normal. Casey gives in and tells Matt he can stay a while longer. Back inside, Will tries to relax but Gwen can't forget about the things Sofie said in court. She feels guilty that they have Hallie and Sofie has no one!

    Who's Drugging Who?

    Thursday, February 21 2008

    Barbara goes to the cottage to tell Will and Gwen what is going on. Will is stunned and asks why she didn't call from the hospital; Babs says she didn't want to add to his load too much. She brings up Sofie and Chris, wondering what is going on there. Will says it doesn't matter because no matter whom Sofie's friends are, Hallie is better off with he and Gwen. The hospital calls to update Barbara. She is relieved that Paul is awake. Will suggests that he go with her but Babs says he should stay with Hallie.

    Leaving On A Jet Plane?

    Monday, February 18 2008

    Alison meets Will and Gwen at the cottage to tell her about the hearing so far. Allie volunteers to testify for them but they say they need someone who knew Sofie's state of mind. Gwen asks Alison if she'll talk to Aaron about testifying for them. Alison isn't sure if Aaron will do it but agrees to ask him. Will and Gwen check on Hallie, who is fussy. Gwen cries, telling Will she can't lose their baby. Will says they will make it through this.

    Alison meets Aaron at The Lakeview. Aaron says he can't talk to Sofie because she won't even see him. Alison says they don't want to change Sofie's mind - they want Aaron to testify on their behalf! Aaron is stunned and says he can't betray Sofie that way. Alison angrily asks what hold Sofie has on him and reminds him that Will and Gwen can take care of Hallie but Sofie can't. Aaron still won't agree to testify. Alison returns to the cottage to give Will and Gwen the news. Bonnie stops by, too. They tell him Aaron won't testify, which Bonnie says could be the best. Alison agrees to sit with Hallie until the actual babysitter arrives. Bonnie, Will and Gwen leave.

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