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    As the World Turns CAST - Will Munson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Will Munson Played by Jesse Lee Soffer on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jesse Lee Soffer

    Birthday: 1984-04-10
    Birthplace: Connecticut, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jesse Lee Soffer


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    Hello! I've Been Kidnapped!

    Thursday, March 13 2008

    Alison surprises Casey at the Hughes home and begins questioning him about Matt. Casey tries to convince her that she is wrong but Allie keeps pushing. She tells him about the information that Emily found on Gray. The more Allie talks the more concerned Casey becomes. Casey goes to Will's for help. After listening to Casey's claims, Will agrees to help. They go to the police station and convince one of Hal's old buddies to let them use a computer for a school project. He and Matt look up Gray Gerard but find nothing. They look up Jerry Pulaski and find a lot of arrests - and another alias! They are still looking when the detective returns for his computer. Once he has finished his work, he lets Casey and Will look up some more information.

    Who's Lonely Now?

    Tuesday, March 11 2008

    At Fairwinds, Will goes off on a tangent against Paul, saying Gwen is feeling very guilty. Sofie listens. Paul and Will argue and Will asks if Paul is just trying to assuage his conscience about losing his own child! Will storms out. Sofie says staying there was a bad idea and leaves, too. Paul stops her at the door and asks her to stay so he doesn't have to ramble around the mansion alone. "So I'm self-pity?" she asks, annoyed. Paul reminds her that he can provide her with security but Sofie insists that she prove her ability to be a mom on her own. She leaves. Sofie returns to her room at The Lakeview and wonders how she will support Hallie alone.

    At the cottage, Barbara tells Gwen they will work things out and reminds her that the judge decided on what would be best for Hallie. Gwen can't stop believing that she somehow stole Hallie, though. Will returns home and tells them that Paul has offered Sofie a place to live. Barbara and Will are very upset; Gwen tries to calm them down but Will turns his anger on her. "With Paul's help, Sofie could take Hallie away from us legally," he says. Babs leaves. Gwen doesn't understand why Will can't understand her thinking; Will can't understand why Gwen gave their child away.

    Barbara returns to the cottage a few minutes later and says Meg is going to try talking to Paul. She has a dizzy spell but Will catches her. Will is worried but Barbara insists she is only upset about Hallie. As she is leaving, Barbara advises them to stop fighting about Hallie and listen to one another. When they are alone again, Gwen admits that she doesn't see how she can live her life without Hallie. But, she says, she can't keep Sofie from Hallie, either.

    Gwen Gives Hallie To Sofie!

    Monday, March 10 2008

    Will finds Gwen crying over Hallie in the living room. She says she can't keep Sofie away from the baby. Will can't believe what Gwen is suggesting. "I feel like I stole her," Gwen says. Will convinces Gwen to talk to Bonnie first so they are legally covered. He leaves to get Bonnie; Gwen promises to stay at the cottage but once Will is gone, she grabs Hallie and leaves. Will meets with Barbara and asks her to help him. He says he needs to stay close to Gwen and tells her that Bonnie needs to explain how difficult undoing an adoption is. Babs agrees to help. Will leaves.

    Will returns to the cottage but Gwen is gone. He arrives at The Lakeview as Gwen comes off the elevator, alone. Crying, she hugs him. They return to the cottage and Gwen says she had to do it. Will says Sofie might still bring her back but Gwen is certain that Sofie will keep her. "I didn't realize how this would feel," she says and apologizes for not giving him a chance to say goodbye to the baby. In the living room, Will picks up one of Hallie's toys and leaves the cottage. Barbara arrives a few minutes later and Gwen explains that she couldn't keep Hallie away from Sofie. As upset as Barbara is, she sees the pain that Gwen is in and holds her while she cries.

    Sofie runs to Paul's and he tells her that she has no right to have Hallie! He says he'll help her, though. Sofie puts Hallie down in one of the spare rooms while Paul calls an adoption lawyer and sets up an appointment. Sofie says she can't keep the baby because she can't be a single mom and hold down a full time job. Paul says she can live with him. She is stunned by the offer. He insists that he is just trying to be a better person. With no other options, Sofie accepts. Will walks in a few minutes later and asks Paul to help him with the Sofie problem! Sofie walks in the room and Will becomes very upset. "Sofie and Hallie are living with me," Paul says.

    Hi Mommy, I Was In A Car Bomb

    Wednesday, March 05 2008

    Gwen meets Will at Java. He notices how distracted she is and asks what is going on. She reluctantly tells him about Paul's call and the visit to Fairwinds. This angers Will, who doesn't completely believe that Sofie wasn't somehow involved. He wants to go confront Paul but Gwen asks him not to go. They argue about Paul. Gwen defends Paul, which angers Will all the more. He leaves. When Gwen is alone Sofie walks in! Sofie tries to explain and Gwen says it is okay. Seeing how upset she is Gwen asks if she wants to hold her but she won't. Gwen says things will be okay and that they aren't shutting her out entirely. As they talk Chris walks in. Gwen sees him and on her way out the door asks him to talk with Sofie. Chris sits down with her and after her Paul story says that Paul isn't the nice guy she knows. He tells her about Jennifer and the baby-switch and all of Paul's other bad deeds but Sofie refuses to believe him. Chris keeps talking and finally Sofie begins to see the light. He is paged back to the hospital but asks Sofie to join him for dinner later. She agrees to meet him.

    Will bursts in to Fairwinds while Barbara is doctoring Paul and asks what Paul is trying to pull! Seeing Barbara there, Will attacks her, too, but she insists that she knew nothing of Paul's plan. Will focuses on his brother and tells him to stay out of his life as long as Sofie is in Paul's life. Paul defends his actions, saying he was only trying to help Sofie. He and Will argue; Barbara gets between them. Will tells them both to stay out of their lives and leaves. Barbara leaves, too. A while later Sofie arrives and tells Paul that she understands why he called Gwen. She asks him if he is really a bad guy! Paul tells Sofie that he has made mistakes in the past but doesn't really go into details. He wins Sofie over by saying that Will is wrong in trying to keep her away from Hallie. He says he is trying to make changes to his life and she agrees to give him a clean slate. She promises to visit him again in the future. Paul asks her to read to him but Sofie says she has to go meet Chris for dinner. She leaves.

    Gwen is putting Hallie down for a nap. She is having doubts about winning custody of Hallie! She tells the baby that she knows how Sofie feels. As she is talking Will returns home and tells Gwen that it isn't their fault that Sofie lost custody. Gwen emotionally tells him that she is having trouble with how sad Sofie is feeling and says they shouldn't judge Sofie on the basis of money. Will says Gwen has a stronger connection with Hallie that Sofie can never have. The more she talks about giving Hallie back the more upset Will becomes.

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