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    As the World Turns CAST - Will Munson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Will Munson Played by Jesse Lee Soffer on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jesse Lee Soffer

    Birthday: 1984-04-10
    Birthplace: Connecticut, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jesse Lee Soffer


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    Is Maddy Losing Her Mind?

    Monday, August 07 2006

    At the police station, Margo tells Jack and Dallas that the cuts on Maddie's hands could be self inflicted. The three of them talk about Will and Jade, saying they need to separate them, that Will is getting more nervous the longer his wife is not around. Maddy, wet and wrapped in a blanket, tells Gwen, also drenched, that Will and Jade were trying to kill her because she overheard them talking about sleeping together. Gwen is angry and refuses to believe it. She asks Maddie how she knew it was Will and Jade that she saw. Maddy starts having another flashback and Gwen consoles her. Margo walks in and asks Gwen to leave so she can talk to Maddy alone. When Gwen comes out of the room, Jack is questioning Will and Jade. Gwen listens, looking very concerned.

    Back at the police station, Will hugs Gwen and she asks why he hasn't bothered to wonder if Maddie is okay. Eve and Henry show up and want to take Maddie home. Dallas says she needs a doctor. Jack tells Will and Jade that they can leave. Casey rushes in, asking Margo about Maddie. He wants to see her. Margo informs her son that seeing him will make matters worse. She tells Casey to go home.

    Henry tells Margo he needs to see Maddie, she doesn't argue. Henry hugs his sister for a long time and tells her that the police think she faked her attack, and hurt herself, but tells her he doesn't believe them. Maddie says, "Maybe I did," and looks bewildered. Will and Jade assure each other that Maddie didn't tell Gwen what she knows about them. Jade lays her hands on Will's shoulders in a very intimate way. Gwen walks in the doorway just in time to catch this.

    Back at the police station, Will and Jade argue. He tells her to mind her own business, not to talk to him about his wife, and to leave, please. Jade obeys and Will and Gwen go home. Dallas and Margo talk about Maddie while Eve listens in the background. Dallas defends Maddie, but Margo is skeptical.

    Maddie tells Henry she can't remember what happened and she keeps seeing things that aren't there. He brings up the sexual assault from her past. Maddie doesn't want to talk about it. She says she thinks she's losing her mind.

    When Will and Gwen get home he asks if she's hungry. "No," she says. "Thirsty?" he asks. "No." She questions him about how he ended up at the lake where Maddie was in trouble. Will asks her how she got there. She says she was looking for him. He asks, "What's wrong?" She says his mom made her paranoid talking about him and Jade. She says maybe his mom is not too far off the mark and finally tells him what Maddie told her, that she'd heard Will and Jade when they were talking about sleeping together.

    Gwen tells Will that Maddy said he and Jade tried to kill her. Will goes ballistic, denying it. Gwen says she saw Jade at the police station, the way she looked at Will and touched him. They argue, Gwen asks him straight up, "Did you sleep with Jade?"

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