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    As the World Turns CAST - Will Munson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Will Munson Played by Jesse Lee Soffer on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jesse Lee Soffer

    Birthday: 1984-04-10
    Birthplace: Connecticut, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jesse Lee Soffer


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    Thursday, July 29 2010

    Gwen and Will leave to talk privately in the hallway. Gwen and Will decide to use Hallie to look around in Emily's room! As they go through her things, Emily enters the room and demands to know what they are doing! Will notes that Emily is acting nervous. Emily coldly says he's a lousy liar and it's a wonder he got away with murder as long as he did. An angry Will tells her that Paul can buy her lies, but he doesn't have to. Gwen yells that she has everything all wrong. Emily begins to have a meltdown and accuses Gwen of never forgiving her. Paul enters and demands to know what is going on! A crazed Emily yells that she is tired of being treated like a criminal. Paul wants everyone to calm down. Will and Gwen apologize, but Emily doesn't believe them. Paul leaves to answer the door and returns with a letter sent via messenger from Barbara.

    Henry and Katie head to Fairwinds and read the note from Barbara saying that she wants to be alone. Paul thinks that Barbara has been playing all of them. Henry can't believe that she wouldn't write more. Henry tells them about the lady at the hotel who looks like Barbara and thinks she's being held hostage. After Henry and Katie leave, Paul isn't sure about Barbara but believes Emily is off the hook. Emily and Paul leave, and Gwen apologizes for screwing up. Will thinks they should leave in the morning since they've overstayed their welcome. Gwen leaves to take a walk by herself.

    Gwen takes a walk through Old Town and sees missing person posters of Barbara up everywhere. She is shocked to see Iris is hanging up all of the posters! Gwen appreciates her help but asks for her to stop because Barbara is okay. A dramatic Iris gets down on her knees and thanks the universe for letting them know Barbara is safe! Gwen convinces Iris to rejoice over a cup of coffee. Iris apologizes for getting so carried away. Gwen asks her why she changed. Iris claims she missed her Gwennie. Gwen is impressed and proud of Iris. Iris wants to share more good times, but Gwen informs her that her family is leaving in the morning. Will arrives and thinks they should pack, but Gwen wants to stay in town for a few more days!

    Right Where You Belong.

    Wednesday, July 28 2010

    Will and Gwen go over to Barbara's determined to find evidence. Before they can go inside, Henry calls and says they are going to go on air to make an appeal. They rush off to the station. A woman walks out of the room.

    Will and Gwen meet Henry and Katie at WOAK for the broadcast. They go live and the former Geneva Swift makes his public plea for Barbara to come back. He blames himself for not following his heart and believing they were the real thing. Henry talks about how underappreciated Barbara was and begs for her to be let go. When the broadcast ends, Will tells him he did a good job. He heads off and Katie tells Henry she's sure Barbara will come back now. They get a call saying someone matching Barbara's description was just seen.

    Paul and Emily go back to Fairwinds and she says that she chucked the bracelet because she's sick of his mom sticking her nose into their lives. They bicker about his mom and he insists she's not a mother. Em isn't convinced and is sure his mom will try to destroy him and his happiness again. Paul insists that will never happen. As they bicker about the evidence she found, Will walks in and Paul hands him the bracelet. There's plenty of bickering and Paul defends his wife and tells him to back off. Em goes off to check on the kids and the brothers discuss how much they've changed. Gwen arrives and announces that Iris is back again. She thinks her mom may have turned over a new leaf so they decide to give her a chance.

    When Will Things Get Better?

    Tuesday, July 27 2010

    At Fairwinds, Paul entertains Hallie, Gwen, Will and Emily with a story. Paul gets a call from Margo informing him that Barbara has been using her credit cards in Oakdale. Paul kisses Emily and boasts that she was right about Barbara, but Emily admits she wishes Barbara wouldn't come home! Emily doesn't want anything bad to happen to Barbara, but doesn't think she's a bad person for wanting Barbara to stay away. Paul yells that she is a part of their family and he would never have married her if she was judgmental! Paul leaves a shocked Emily to join Gwen and Will at the police station.

    Gwen and Will share coffee at Java. Will is surprised at how great Paul has been. Gwen thinks that Emily seemed weird when she discovered Barbara was back and suggests that Emily and Paul might be in on Barbara's disappearance! Will is skeptical, but Gwen notes that Paul is certifiably crazy. Will reminds her that he is, also, and doesn't think Paul would be in on it. Gwen softens and admits that seeing Iris reminded her how great Barbara has been.

    A mysterious woman enters Gwen and Will's suite. Outside the suite, Will and Gwen prepare to enter the room!

    I'll Do What I Want.

    Tuesday, July 20 2010

    Gwen and Will are startled to find Iris in their suite! Iris claims she is there to see her granddaughter, but Gwen tells her to stay away! They both accuse Iris of trying to capitalize on Barbara's disappearance. Gwen orders her to walk out and never come back! Iris informs them she has been in jail, but is now a reformed person and wants to make amends. An upset Gwen tells Iris they are in the middle of a crisis and don't need her. Will asserts that she is to stay away from their family. As Iris leaves, Halle runs up and hugs her and says, "Grandma, stay!" Iris worms her way into joining them for dinner. At dinner, Gwen leaves, but Iris follows and catches her trying to call the police. Gwen demands that Iris tell her what she wants! Iris won't, so Gwen tells her to say her good-byes and leave forever. Before leaving, Iris presents them with some of the money she owes Barbara. A rattled Gwen wants to pack and leave before Iris comes back. Gwen suggests staying at Fairwinds for protection until they find Barbara.

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