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    As the World Turns CAST - Will Munson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Will Munson Played by Jesse Lee Soffer on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jesse Lee Soffer

    Birthday: 1984-04-10
    Birthplace: Connecticut, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jesse Lee Soffer


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    No More Fun and Games!

    Friday, February 08 2008

    Aaron calls Will and Gwen, telling them that Sofie jumped in a car and left. He says he won't give up looking. Gwen notices the answering machine is beeping and they listen. It's a message from Chris! He tells them about Sofie's call and that Hallie may be sick. Will and Gwen leave the cottage. They arrive at the hospital and question Chris about the call. Chris isn't sure of anything. They decide Will should go to New York to find Sofie but she is already back in Oakdale! She walks up with screaming Hallie and Gwen tries to grab the baby. Sofie keeps her away from Gwen and hands the child to Chris, asking him to take care of her. Gwen yells at Sofie that she is a kidnapper; Chris tells both women to stay out of the exam room! Gwen and Sofie argue; Sofie says Gwen brought this on herself by not allowing Sofie any and all access to the baby! Will walks up with Margo and she arrests Sofie on kidnapping charges. Sofie screams about how horrible Gwen is and she is hauled away.

    Evan's The Killer!

    Wednesday, February 06 2008

    Gwen and Will are canvassing the Chicago neighborhood. They run into a woman who recognizes Sofie's picture! The woman says Sofie hasn't been around for a while; Gwen tells her about the kidnapping. They ask several more women but none recognize Sofie. Will calls Margo but there is no news from Oakdale; Margo says they are probably wasting their time! Will tells Gwen they should go home. Crying, she says she won't give up. Will convinces her to come home in case they find Sofie. Once there, Will shows Gwen some summer clothes he bought for the baby and says they will have a magical summer as a family.

    Sofie is in New York! She looks around at the big buildings and smiles. A police officer notices the crying baby and offers to help her; she gives him the cold shoulder. The cop walks away but watches them. Hallie becomes fussy so she puts down her purse to find the pacifier. She grabs it and keeps walking, not noticing that she dropped her wallet! Sofie stops a few blocks away to check her money supply and realizes she's lost her wallet. Hallie starts crying very hard and nothing Sofie does can calm her. She finally calls Aaron to ask for help. She makes him promise not to tell Will and Gwen and then says she lost her wallet and Hallie is very fussy. She tells him she is in Central Park. Aaron arrives at the park and tells Sofie they have to get Hallie warmed up and then they have to go back to Oakdale. She says she won't go back because they'll take her baby. She plans to live in Canada where the authorities can't find her or Hallie. Aaron shows her two plane tickets and says she won't lose Hallie if she turns herself in. He says he'll stand by her, too. Sofie pretends to go along with his plans. While she goes to the restroom, Aaron calls Will and Gwen to give them the good news. He hangs up and realizes Sofie has disappeared again! He calls Will back to give him the bad news.

    Emily Seduces Chris

    Monday, February 04 2008

    Will and Gwen are outside the cottage, making plans for the next few hours and their next night out. They are surprised to find the door unlocked but don't think anything of it. They wake Barbara, who says Hallie was fussy for a bit but she's been fine the last few hours. Gwen goes to the nursery - and finds Hallie is gone! Gwen and Will freak out, blaming Barbara and asking where Hallie is. Babs doesn't know. She remembers Sofie's visit and tells them, making Will more angry. He says she should have called them and not Bonnie. Gwen tries calling Sofie but doesn't get an answer. They leave for The Lakeview but Barbara stays at the cottage in case Sofie turns up.

    At The Lakeview, Will and Gwen run into Aaron and tell him what is going on. He shows them to Sofie's room. It's empty! Aaron calls Sofie; she answers and says she is taking her baby! She hangs up on him. The three of them go to the police station; they tell Margo what is going on. Gwen says Sofie wouldn't hurt Hallie. Margo agrees to put out an Amber Alert and asks Aaron to come with her so they can trace his phone calls. Will hugs Gwen and says things will be okay. Margo and Aaron return. The Amber Alert is in place and Kim is running Hallie's and Sofie's pictures on the 10 o'clock news. Will and Gwen return home and give Barbara the news. Barbara apologizes over and over but Will is too angry to listen. She offers to make a statement for Margo or hire an investigator but Will says she should just leave. Babs gathers her things, tells them she'll do anything to help them and leaves. Gwen breaks down. She blames herself for pushing Sofie to spend time with Hallie. Will says it isn't her fault. Aaron stops by and tells them about Sofie's place in Chicago. He leaves. Will and Gwen decide to go to Chicago.

    Sofie Kidnaps Hallie!

    Friday, February 01 2008

    Barbara is still at the cottage. Will and Gwen talk about having some time alone and she volunteers to watch Sofie so they can have a date. Gwen readily accepts, telling Will that Babs is eager to prove she can be a great grandma. They leave for the evening. Will and Gwen arrive for their romantic dinner. Both are worried about Hallie because they haven't left her alone for an entire evening but decide they can trust Barbara. Sofie walks by, sees them alone and says, "They left Hallie with a sitter!" and quickly hurries away. Will and Gwen finish dinner and Gwen makes a point to stay a little longer for coffee so that Barbara has some extra time with Hallie. Gwen reminds him that Barbara's heart is always in the right place but that her actions do get messed up from time to time. They leave to go home; Gwen suggests they do the dating thing a little more often now that Barbara is back in their lives. Will agrees and they head home.

    Jack Is Parker's Problem!

    Wednesday, January 30 2008

    Alison arrives at the cottage and sees Casey there. She invites him in when he hesitates. Will and Gwen are very excited to see Casey. They introduce Hallie; Casey is nervous around the little one, because he is still upset about Billy. Gwen and Allie leave to feed Hallie. Casey says it feels really weird to be out of prison; Will understands that because of his time in the psych ward. Gwen returns; she asks Casey about Maddie! Casey says he isn't talking to Maddie any longer. Will asks about school but Casey isn't interested in that either. Alison comes back from the nursery and Casey decides to leave for his job search. Alison and Gwen suggest Al's but when Casey learns Henry owns the place now he says that won't work. Casey leaves. Alison asks Will and Gwen what is going on with Casey. They aren't sure and say he's probably just having problems adjusting. Barbara arrives; Alison leaves. Gwen goes to get Hallie and introduces her to Barbara! She holds the baby, crying over her. Gwen and Will realize there is more going on than simple grandmotherly feelings but Barbara won't tell them about the cancer.

    Casey's Home and Bob's Awake!

    Tuesday, January 29 2008

    At the cottage, Will decides they have to call Sofie to set up some boundaries about Hallie. Gwen is reluctant but agrees. Gwen calls Sofie and asks her to come by the cottage that afternoon. Sofie drops everything to come to the house. Gwen asks Will for reassurance; he says they are absolutely doing the right thing. Sofie arrives with Aaron in tow a few minutes later. They try to talk to her but Sofie is more interested in talking about Hallie. When the baby cries she tries to go to her but Will and Gwen stop her. Aaron goes to check on the baby and Sofie asks what is going on. They tell Sofie that they need to have boundaries between them. "You're going back on your word," Sofie cries, calling Hallie her daughter. Will and Gwen stand firm and Sofie is heartbroken. Aaron comes out of the nursery with Hallie and Sofie asks to say goodbye. They offer to let her hold the baby but Sofie won't. Crying, she tells Hallie that she can't come around for a while and leaves. Aaron follows.

    Casey arrives at Will and Gwen's cottage and watches them through the window.

    Dusty's Funeral

    Wednesday, January 23 2008

    Barbara runs into Will and Gwen at The Lakeview. She apologizes for getting in their way and tells them about Dusty's funeral. They ask if they can go with her! Barbara is surprised but pleased. She brings up Paul, worried about her other son. "I know I made a lot of mistakes," she says but Will cuts her off and says they can work through anything. Barbara goes to the front desk as Sofie walks up. She asks if she can babysit Hallie while they are at the funeral. Will turns down the offer. They leave Sofie in the hallway.

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