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    As the World Turns CAST - Casey Hughes (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Casey Hughes (PAST) Played by Zach Roerig on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Zach Roerig

    Birthday: 1986-02-22
    Birthplace: Montpelier, Ohio, USA
    Real Name: Zach Roerig
    Height: 5'11"
    Web site:


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    Sage Finds A Letter And Runs Away.

    Tuesday, July 28 2009

    At Carly’s, Rosanna and Craig are in trouble with Jack for allowing his kids to leave the house. Rosanna explains that they were well taken care of and that it was a business emergency. Jack goes over the rules for the kids again and leaves. Rosanna gives Craig heck for Carly’s drinking. Craig blames the marriage of Jack and Janet for her drinking. Rosanna says perhaps that could be true.

    Broke and Busted!

    Thursday, August 09 2007

    Getting back into the party spirit, Gwen and Maddie bustle about the living room, talking about Casey and Maddie’s current love life. They do the girly heart-to-heart thing, with Maddie telling Gwen that she and Noah are going to go out and have fun, but that it’s nothing fairy tales are made of.

    A Tearful Goodbye

    Wednesday, May 02 2007

    Will and Gwen arrive at Tom and Margo's to see Casey before he heads off to prison. They're surprised Maddie isn't there, and Casey explains what happened last night at the Lakeview. Soon after, Casey heads out the door, determined to see Maddie one last time before he goes to prison. Will chases after him and convinces him to stay put.

    Later, Tom and Margo come back to let Casey know it's time to leave, and the three of them hug goodbye.

    After Will and Gwen leave, Casey thanks his parents for being the best and asks his dad to hold onto his great grandfather's watch while he's away.

    Shortly after, Casey heads for the door and Maddie appears. Without hesitation, he embraces her as she cries and the two pledge their love and devotion to one another. A tearful Maddie watches as Tom and Margo lead Casey off.

    Identity Revealed

    Tuesday, May 01 2007

    At Lakeview, the waiter hands Maddie an envelope. She and Casey sit down at the table as she reads the letter to discover she has been accepted into Westland College. Casey's excited for her, but she isn't happy. He wants to know why she isn't happy about her acceptance letter, and she tells him she wants to stay in Oakdale so she'll be there when he gets out of prison. He urges her to go to Westland and explains that he just wants her to be happy, but Maddie leaves hurt.

    Two Days of Freedom

    Wednesday, April 25 2007

    At Margo and Tom's, Maddie, Gwen and Will show up with balloons and cake for a party, but Casey snaps at them for wanting to celebrate him going to prison. Maddie follows him outside and tells him she wants to make love to him, but he refuses and they kiss instead.

    Moments later, Casey and Maddie go back inside to join Will and Gwen. Casey apologizes for his behavior and the three enjoy cake as they each give Casey gifts he can use while he's in prison. Soon after, Tom and Margo come in, and Tom reveals that they convinced the judge to give Casey a few days before he has to report. Tom goes on to say he also convinced the judge to grant him two full days of freedom before he starts his prison term. Gwen announces that she and Will are going to leave and Will asks Casey to walk them out. As Casey walks them out, Will tells him to drop by the cottage later.

    After Will and Gwen leave, Margo tells Casey the tracking has been disabled on his bracelet so he's free to leave the house. Casey thinks them for their help but wonders where they got the hundred grand. Tom shocks him with the news that they took out a second mortgage on the house.

    Later, before Casey and Maddie leave, Margo instructs him not to leave town and to be back before 9:00 pm. After Casey agrees to obey the rules, he and Maddie leave while Tom and Margo stand in the door hoping they did the right thing.

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