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    As the World Turns CAST - Jack Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jack Snyder Played by Michael Park on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michael Park

    Birthday: 1968-07-20
    Birthplace: New York NY USA
    Marital Status: July 20, 1968
    Real Name: Michael Park


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    Take a Hike.

    Tuesday, July 06 2010

    Craig stops by Lily's to tell her he snagged an investor who may resent Lucinda as much as he does. He says he will be buying into World Wide with him. Lily feels uneasy about it and resents lying to Carly about his involvement in the company. He reminds her if Carly or Lucinda find out he's backing Carlisle, there won't be a company. Craig really wants the company to succeed because it's important to him. Lily thinks it's because he's still in love with Carly. He tells her she's wrong and says he owes Carly for taking Parker's money, so that's why he wants her to succeed. He wants to do something respectable his kids can look up to and so he can be taken seriously. Lily believes him and knows what it feels like to want to be taken seriously. Craig gets a call from Jack telling him Gabriel has been arrested.


    Friday, June 25 2010

    At Carly's Jack tells her not to take the money Craig is offering her from the insurance company. She doesn't want to turn down five million dollars but Jack says it's not worth the pain it will cost her in the long run. She sends Craig away and then argues with Jack, claiming she needs the money for Parker. He says she can always count on him financially. She'd rather have cash in the bank. He shrugs and leaves.

    Janet is surprised to see Dusty walks into the farm house. She complains again about how he lied to her and insists that she is where she needs to be. After he leaves, Jack arrives. She complains about losing her Lamaze partner so he offers to take Dusty's position. She doesn't want him to feel obligated but he's eager to get involved.

    Jack and Janet are touring the hospital birthing rooms and discussing labor. They talk about what great parents they will be. When they join the class, they face awkward questions from other parents. When the session ends, she tells him it felt natural to be there with him.

    The Universe Is In Balance.

    Thursday, June 24 2010

    Craig strolls into the station with Tom and gloats to Jack that all the charges against him have been dropped. "The universe is in balance once again," Craig says. Tom explains that there was no evidence of arson and the judge thought Craig was a victim of police harassment. This also means that Craig will get the insurance payout so now he is free and rich. Jack warns Craig that he'll be waiting for him to screw up. Craig's not impressed.

    Jack goes into Al's and Janet complains about her daughter getting a job. She stops complaining about her problems and he asks her to move back to the farm with him. Janet thinks that would be a step backward. "Think of this as a stepping stone," he says. She gives in.

    Taking One For The Team.

    Monday, June 21 2010

    At the Lakeview, Janet flips out at Dusty after Jack tells her that the money she got was from him, not her father. Dusty defends his choice but she thinks he was trying to buy forgiveness. "You made me feel like I lost my father twice," she says, storming off. He takes out the engagement ring and stares at it.

    Parker shows up at the station. Jack excitedly tells him that he and Janet are having a boy. They look at a photo of Hal and Jack explains that he taught him to be a good cop. Parker tells him that all the times he's screwed up don't matter; what counts is the times he gets things right. As they hug, Janet walks in. She's miffed when Jack tells her he already knows her news. Parker heads off and Janet shows Jack a sonogram.

    Not My G-Man Anymore.

    Friday, June 18 2010

    At home, Carly is on the phone, trying to talk a school into accepting Parker. She's shocked when they tell her the price tuition would be. They hang up on her when she gets flippant. Jack shows up with papers to have the charges against Parker expunged from his record. They begin arguing about her saying he wasn't Parker's father. She claims he was being rash but he's sure that's how she really feels. He doesn't know where they can go at this point; they're too different from each other. Crying, she worries he's not her 'G-Man' anymore. He offers to pay for Parker's schooling but she refuses. She swears she didn't mean what she said. "Sometimes all the trying in the world isn't enough and it's no one's fault," he says, walking out.

    Dusty goes to the Lakeview and makes some romantic arrangements. When he turns around, he runs into Jack and accidentally tells him that he's having a little boy. Jack stares. "Janet is having my son, not yours - don't forget that," Jack says. He wishes that he has told Janet that he's been lying to her about the inheritance money. Janet just happens to arrive and overhear this and stomps over to confront Dusty.

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