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    As the World Turns CAST - Jack Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jack Snyder Played by Michael Park on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michael Park

    Birthday: 1968-07-20
    Birthplace: New York NY USA
    Marital Status: July 20, 1968
    Real Name: Michael Park


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    Best Day Ever.

    Monday, August 02 2010

    Jack shows up at Carly's and they fret about Holden running off to France. She's miffed he let his cousin run off but he thinks that Holden isn't ready for this wedding after all. Holden calls to say he just landed and should be able to grab Lily and head back in time. Carly and Jack continue to gab and she keeps blaming him until Parker strolls in.

    When Molly goes downstairs, Carly pours her coffee and tries to calm her nerves. They talk about Emma staying with Meg at the hospital and then go through the list of borrowed and blue until Carly hands her something old – a feather from her wedding to Jack. Abigail and Luke come in and check on the bride to be. The kids talk about how odd it is to see Holden getting married. She thinks he seems upset. Jack arrives and rushes upstairs to see Carly. He takes her aside to tell her there is a huge storm and flights are being delayed. Molly asks what this has to do with Holden. They explain that he went after Lily. She cries and assumes there won't be a wedding. Natalie and Ethan bring in some flowers and Molly puts on a brave face. She leaves to take a walk and Carly wonders how Holden could be so stupid. They bicker.

    Parker goes to get Faith on the porch. She accuses him of trying to avoid her. He claims he's just being careful. Molly comes out and tells them Holden will be delayed. She walks off and Faith guesses there is trouble. Molly stands by the window and listens as everyone discusses the plane delays. Reid walks out to her and begins talking about the hypocrisy of the people in town. He tells her that nothing is forever and people move on. They go inside and Molly says they should do things in reverse and open up the cider. Lily makes a toast to 'coping'. Holden calls Jack to say that they will be stuck for a couple of hours. Carly takes him aside and says they need to put off ruining Molly's day as long as possible.

    Did I Win A Beauty Pageant?

    Friday, July 30 2010

    At home, Carly is admiring the work she did on a wedding dress when Jack walks in. He tells her she looks great with the dress and they flirt. They change the topic to Craig and Lily.

    Jack and Carly arrive at Metro for the rehearsal dinner. Jack toasts to the bride and groom. Abigail takes out a poem and her mom starts to cry. As she reads it, Lily walks in. She stays at the back and listens until Carly spots her and ushers her into a corner. Lily tells her about the latest disaster and says she's heading to France to sort it out. When Carly asks her about Craig, Lily gets defensive until Holden approaches and asks what she's doing there. She assures him she's not there to cause trouble and asks him to tell Molly she's beautiful.

    At Metro, the party breaks up. Holden and Molly look forward to their marriage and then split up for the night. Holden tells Jack that he's going to France and it's not for a bachelor party. Jack is shocked that he seriously wants to run off to France on the night before his wedding but Holden is sure he can be back in time.

    Jack stops by Carly's to say goodnight. He explains that he took Holden to the airport and he's headed to France. Carly flips out and wonders how he could let this happen.

    We All Make Mistakes.

    Monday, July 26 2010

    Jack shows up at Carly's and is surprised to see that the party is over. He starts eating the leftover dessert and she talks about the party. They begin discussing what they aren't doing and where they are going. She weeps as she goes over how horrible his relationship with Janet makes her feel. He asks her if she wants him to stay or go. "Unfair question," she says. They rehash things and she admires his 'Dudley Do-Right side' and the fact that he loves her for who she is. He tries to kiss but she tells him 'no'. The Janet argument comes back. Jack assures Carly that she is always the first thing in his life. He asks her out for a walk.

    Out in the woods, Faith climbs out from under Parker and searches for her condoms. He tells her they shouldn't do this and her first time shouldn't be in the woods. She thinks being with him would be special. Parker says they have been friends forever and shouldn't do this. She begins kissing him. Carly and Jack approach in the distance. She wants to drag her son away, but Jack holds her back. They watch as Parker tells Faith that she's not thinking. She complains about her crazy family. Parker knows how she feels and convinces her that they shouldn't do this. His parents finally interrupt and tell Faith that her mother is fine.

    Jack takes Parker home and tells him he was right not to let things go too far with Faith. Parker tries to figure out how to deal with women. Jack's not the best person to ask for advice. They discuss Liberty and Jack advises him never to rush with a woman. He begins cleaning up. Later, Carly returns and is amazed that her place is clean. She thanks Jack and tells him that it's hard for her to believe that this is how things are meant to be. He kisses her and says that they are meant to be.

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