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    As the World Turns CAST - Jack Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jack Snyder Played by Michael Park on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michael Park

    Birthday: 1968-07-20
    Birthplace: New York NY USA
    Marital Status: July 20, 1968
    Real Name: Michael Park


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    Take It Or Leave It.

    Friday, August 13 2010

    Jack takes Carly to the Lakeview and they set everything up for her surveillance. He wishes her good luck. She goes down to the lounge and approaches Blackthorn. They sit down to have a drink. She claims that she writes for a financial blog and begins asking him questions about how he made his fortune. Janet walks in and sees them together.

    You Dropped A Bomb On Me.

    Thursday, August 12 2010

    Jack bumps into Janet in the lobby of the Lakeview. Jack wonders what is wrong and Janet cries that she never wants to see Dusty again! Jack wants to drive her home and she reluctantly agrees.

    Back at the farm, Janet tosses out her lasagna she made for Dusty and wonders why she can't find a man who wants to stay with her. Jack gets her to admit that she saw Dusty and Lucy together. Jack points out that she kept turning Dusty away. Janet worries she has blown it. Dusty suddenly appears and asks if he can come in. Jack leaves them alone to talk. Dusty apologizes for what she saw and wishes she called first. Janet tells him it wouldn't matter because he already moved on. Dusty remarks that he can only get slapped down so many times and didn't want to move on. They agree they are in a loaded situation. Janet is still upset that he was with Lucy and doesn't know how they can move forward. Dusty is tired of fighting. Janet lists out all of his mistakes. Dusty points out that he left Lucy to come talk to her.

    Carly goes to the police station and tells Jack about Craig and Anthony's conversation. Jack wants to find evidence and take things one step at a time, but Carly yells she can't sit around and let Craig get away with something else! Carly offers to saddle up next to Anthony. Jack wants her to stay out of it, but Carly asserts he can't stop her. Jack laments that the problems between them have made her doubt the strong and incredible person she is. Carly thinks the risk is worth it, but Jack tells her they are in it together and asks how she feels about wearing a wire.

    Needy And Dependent.

    Wednesday, August 11 2010

    At the farm house, Holden and Jack discuss Carly. Holden starts to explain that Craig has some kind of attachment to her company. Jack worries.

    At the Lakeview, Craig meets with a bank manager to discuss his credit. Jack shows up and interrupts. He takes Craig aside and questions him. Craig asks the banker to leave and then Jack keeps harassing him for answers. They bicker about Carly and Jack insinuates that Craig is behind Carly and Lily's problems.

    Carly goes to the station to see Jack and informs him about Craig's role in Carlisle. She insists that it was all Lily's fault. He believes her so she's relieved. They discuss how the factory was all a scam. She's disappointed that another company of hers has flopped. They joke around and then he sings her praises and they wonder how Craig is to blame for everything. She fetches him a coffee and then suggests that she interrogate Craig while he digs into Blackthorn.

    Cutting Their Losses.

    Tuesday, August 03 2010

    At the farm, Carly takes action to distract Molly from Holden not being there and pretends to hurt her ankle. Carly thinks she should go to the hospital but Molly should get ready. She asks her to postpone the wedding until she gets back and Molly says of course. She asks Jack, who is in on her plan, to help her to the car. As Jack brings Carly outside, she fesses up that she really did hurt herself.

    Jack brings Carly into a hospital room and flirts with her as he looks at her ankle. He says they could have just rescheduled the wedding but Carly reminds him how things can change in just one day. Abigail calls Jack to tell him the wedding is off.

    Carly and Jack run back to the farm and find Molly. Carly tells her cousin she can't give up on this. Abigail comes out to say her goodbyes to Carly and Jack. Alone, Molly assures Carly leaving Holden is the right thing to do, but encourages Carly to fight for Jack. Jack comes in and Molly says she'll come back to Oakdale when they set a wedding date. Molly leaves and Carly gets upset because weddings get to her, especially the ones that don't happen.

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