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    As the World Turns CAST - Dusty Donovan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dusty Donovan Played by Grayson McCouch on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Grayson McCouch (

    Birthday: October 29, 1968
    Birthplace: New York, New York USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Grayson McCouch
    Height: 6 '


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    I Am Ashamed To Be Your Daughter.

    Friday, August 20 2010

    Dusty stops by the farm house and finds Janet packing a bag. She informs him that she is going away for the weekend... with Blackie, and if he doesn't like it, then tough cookies. He's just there to apologize about Lucy. The image of them together is still wedged in Janet's brain. She asks him to go away. Once he leaves, Blackie calls. She sobs but insists all is well; she just wants a nap. As she writes a letter for Liberty, she finds an old picture of her with Dusty and drops it in the trash.

    At home, Carly yells at her coffee maker and then at Jack for jumping the gun with Blackthorn. She moans about how she has nothing now. He tells her that they are a team and can move on together. She agrees to practice that. Before they can start making out, Dusty arrives and informs them that Janet is going to a castle with Blackie so they can be pampered. Jack's furious. Carly insists on being involved in going after Blackthorn and explains the botched surveillance attempt. They hand Dusty the medal they found and Dusty decides to ask around about it. After he leaves, Carly says that Janet got what she deserves from Dusty because she keeps pushing him back.

    Dusty goes to Metro and tells Johnny that Teri will be looking after him while they're out in the country. She sends him off to get lunch and then Teri asks her boss what is going on. He shows her the medal and she explains that her dad had one just like it. She explains that members of a burial society carried it to make sure that immigrants get a proper grave if they are poor. She assures Dusty that Blackie isn't in business with Ralph.

    Dusty goes to see Lucinda at Worldwide and demands to know everything she knows about Blackthorn. He is sure that he's connected to Manzo and could hurt Janet. Lucinda does her makeup and tells him to blame himself for Janet turning to another man.

    Dusty calls Jack and Carly at home and tells them what he found out about the medal and who else was a member of the society. He assumes that Blackie is part of Ralph's inner circle and asks for Jack's backup. Carly refuses to let Jack go. She thinks this is about his brother and Manzo. If he acts without thinking clearly, something bad will happen. He says he has to do this alone.

    Take It Or Leave It.

    Friday, August 13 2010

    At the farm house, Dusty and Janet continue to bicker about his sleeping with Lucy. He reminds her that she pushed him away but it's not too late for them. "You can't stop loving me. Take it or leave it," he says. The ultimatum offends her and she rants until Liberty interrupts. Dusty departs and Janet cries to her daughter. Janet clangs pots until she explains that she caught Dusty in bed with his ex. After Janet cries some more, Blackie calls to ask how she's doing. He apologizes again for kissing her and hopes he'll see her around.

    Craig tracks down Dusty at Metro and asks him to take Johnny out of town. Dusty guesses that Blackie has been uttering threats and storms off. Craig tries leaving Dusty messages to stop him. Gabriel arrives and listens as Craig calls to check on his young son. Gabriel approaches his father and tries to tell him what he knows. Craig just expects another rant so he walks off.

    Dusty storms into Al's to corner Blackie and threatens him to stay away from Johnny. Craig arrives and gets between them. Dusty leaves and Blackie complains, then demands his money fast.

    In Old Town, Dusty tells Lucy to stay away from him and her father because things could get ugly. She's sorry things worked out the way they did and hands him back his good luck charm. "It didn't work for me," she says. Her mother approaches so Lucy says goodbye, claiming Janet would be a fool not to take him back.

    You Dropped A Bomb On Me.

    Thursday, August 12 2010

    Janet interrupts Lucy and Dusty having sex in Dusty's suite. She remarks, "I guess I should have knocked." Dusty pleads with her to stay, but Janet angrily leaves. Lucy thinks it might be for the best if he stays. Dusty thinks Janet came over to mend things and admits he wants to be with her. Lucy thought he wanted her. Dusty says he wanted Lucy in the moment, but if Janet wants a future with him, he wants one, too. He leaves a sad Lucy.

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