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    As the World Turns CAST - Dusty Donovan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dusty Donovan Played by Grayson McCouch on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Grayson McCouch (

    Birthday: October 29, 1968
    Birthplace: New York, New York USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Grayson McCouch
    Height: 6 '


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    This Time We Can Get It Right.

    Monday, September 13 2010

    At the hospital, John pulls Dusty in for a hug. Dusty introduces Janet to John. The pair leaves to talk to Janet's doctor. The doctor informs them that she is experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions and may have to induce labor because the baby is so big. Jack and Carly arrive to learn it was a false alarm.

    Dusty takes Janet back to the farm. She wants Dusty to get some rest. Dusty admits he's having lunch with John first and leaves. Faith enters and tells Janet that Liberty is out with Parker talking about fashion school. Faith begs Janet not to tell Liberty that she told her. Liberty and Parker return and Janet angrily asks Liberty what she thinks she is doing! Liberty is angry that Faith blabbed. Faith and Parker leave the ladies alone to talk. Janet reminds Liberty that she has tons of help and doesn't want her to sacrifice her dreams. Janet asserts Liberty has been given the gift of time and needs to make the most of it.

    Over lunch at Java, Dusty shows John the sonogram picture. Dusty thinks that because the baby is so big, Janet might be further along. John wonders if he is indulging in wishful thinking. Dusty wishes John would stay permanently, but John laughs that there is too much drama in Oakdale for him. After Dusty leaves, John swipes Dusty's coffee mug. When John returns to the hospital, he orders a paternity test!

    Dusty returns to the farm and Janet tells him about Liberty not going to fashion school. As the baby kicks, Dusty reminds her they are also beginning a new life and he isn't going anywhere.

    You're Free.

    Wednesday, August 25 2010

    In the basement, Blackie holds Janet back as Dusty screams at her to run. He pulls a gun on Janet and walks her out, telling her that she has to go away with him. She says he's a common thug. Blackie's thugs drag Dusty out to them. Janet screeches when she spots them. Before Dusty can be dumped in the dumpster, he fights back, cracks heads together and jump kicks the gun out of Blackie's hand. His thugs run away. Janet stomps on Blackie's toes. He falls to the ground and grabs his gun. Jack runs over and takes a shot at him. As Blackthorn hits the ground, Janet starts gasping. Blackthorn runs and Jack chases after him. Carly calls for an ambulance and Dusty tries to keep Janet calm. She apologizes to him for being an idiot.

    Dusty takes Janet up to her room. She keeps apologizing for being an idiot. He says it's okay. Jack and Carly come in and tell them the latest. Janet sends them away so she can tell Dusty what a mistake it was to turn her back on him. She wants him back. "I never left," he says. They kiss.

    Never Call Me Mom Again.

    Tuesday, August 24 2010

    In the basement, Janet notices the bruise on Blackie's head and wonders what's wrong. When she tries to go into the pantry to get peanut butter, Dusty starts yelling but he's got a gag in his mouth. The thugs try to shut him up while Blackie convinces Janet to leave with him. He walks her back to her room and offers to take her out to dinner later.

    Blackie goes down to the basement to see Dusty, who has been beaten up a lot. Blackthorn tells him there's no one to save him now. As they're about to load Dusty up, they hear someone at the door. Blackie opens up and sees Janet.

    Busy Telling Everyone What To Do.

    Monday, August 23 2010

    Blackie's thugs have Dusty captive in a van.

    Blackie goes down to the basement where his thugs are keeping Dusty. He offers to let him go free if he'll vanish. Dusty wants to whisper something to him so Blackie leans in. Dusty headbutts him. "You're going to be sorry you did that," Blackie warns. As he walks out, Janet walks into him while looking for peanut butter.

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