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    As the World Turns CAST - Dusty Donovan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dusty Donovan Played by Grayson McCouch on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Grayson McCouch (

    Birthday: October 29, 1968
    Birthplace: New York, New York USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Grayson McCouch
    Height: 6 '


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    Wednesday, August 23 2006

    Lucinda invites Lucy to a party celebrating life after getting onto her for risking hers. Holden and Luke talk about what to name the baby as they prepare for the christening party. Holden asks Luke to be the godfather. Lucy, Lucinda and Emma arrive. A very happy group. Lucy and Luke serve appetizers, she says he saved her life. The soorbell rings and Lucy answers it, it's Dusty. Holden introduces Lucy as the godmother. She's surprised and thrilled. Emma tells Holden that Lily is there with them in spirit. Ethan Walsh Snyder is welcomed into the world and blessed by the priest. Lucinda invites Dusty to have dinner with her and then invites Lucy to have dinner with her, neither one know the other is coming.

    Oh the Wicked Webs We Weave!

    Friday, August 18 2006

    Dusty is having a drink and Lucy arrives, says she was looking for him. She gives him an envelope with box seats to a Red Sox vs. Detroit game and a coupon for one night's babysitting. They talk about Jennifer's death, Dusty apologizes for blaming Lucy. He says it took a lot of guts to go after Damian like she did. She says she hated herself, she needed to do something for someone, but nothing she could do would make up for Jennifer dying. Dusty tells her she's got a lot going for her, not to let a mistake bring her down. Babysitter brings the baby in and hands him to Dusty. He leaves the tickets and Lucy sitting by herself.

    Luke Finally Sees the Truth

    Tuesday, August 15 2006

    Lucy is having an attack. Meg says maybe it's something in the cellar she was allergic to. Meg gives Lucy an allergy shot. Dusty holds Lucy, tells her he's got her now, everything is ok. Dusty and Lucy tell Meg what's been going on with Luke and Damian. When Meg leaves the room Dusty and Lucy finally make peace with the past, they talk about baby Johnny and how Dusty takes him to the park, when he looks at him. He sees Jennifer's eyes. Lucy is taken to the hospital. The doctor says she inhaled a toxic substance. Lucinda comes into the hospital room, gets onto Lucy for risking her life.

    A Standoff at the Airport

    Monday, August 14 2006

    Holden fails in his efforts to stop Damian from taking Luke away, they leave for the airport. Lucy & Dusty discover they are tied to a now leaking gas pipe. They get loose. Dusty finds an ax, busts down the door. They escape as the wine cellar explodes. Lucy is out cold, an ambulance is called, but she finally comes around, freaked out, worried about Luke, can't breath. Jack and Holden are able to meet the plane before it leaves for Malta. They find out that the law is looking for Damian. Sergio walks onto the plane and overhears. He warns Damian that they can't take that flight, tells that he heard the law is ready to detain him when he arrives in Malta. Luke wants to know what's going on. Sergio takes Luke's arm, Holden and Jack show up, demand Sergio let go of Luke. Sergio grabs a travel bag and hits a security guard in the head with it, pulls a gun and takes Luke hostage in the airport terminal.

    Is Love Worth Dying For?

    Friday, August 11 2006

    Damian pins Lucy against the wall. She tells him she knows he's lying about his imminent death. He says he needs to make sure she doesn't share his diagnosis with anyone; anyone at all. Lucy starts telling Damian how she really feels about him taking Luke to Malta. Suddenly, she is getting dizzy, Damian had switched the tea. She passes out and Damian carries her over his shoulder, locking her in the wine cellar. Dusty walks in and finds the needle Lucy was going to use to take Damian's blood lying next to the overturned tea cup. Lucy comes to in the wine cellar.

    Damian runs into Dusty who says I know she's here. Damian says she's not here and that he can't believe Dusty broke into his house, he should call the police. Damian thinks Dusty left but he didn't. Lucy gets up, finds out she's locked in the room, calls for help. She hears footsteps, grabs a bottle of wine to use as a weapon, but discovers it is Dusty. Sergio appears with a gun, asks what's going on. Lucy tells him she found Damian's records and faxed them to the police, it's all over. Sergio doesn't believe her. He ties Lucy's and Dusty's hands to a pipe. Lucy shouts Luke's name.

    Lucy is Getting in Over Her Head

    Thursday, August 10 2006

    Dusty and Lucinda talk about Lucy trying to bust Damian. Dusty tells Lucinda about Sergio spying on Lucy at the hospital the night before. Lucinda says she's got to get Lucy away from Damian. She asks Dusty why he wants to play hero for Lucy. Lucinda calls Lucy. She lies and says she's not at Fair Winds; she's in the ER at the hospital. Lucinda tells Dusty to stay out of it; Lucy's feelings for him are complicated. Dusty goes to the hospital, finds out Lucy called in, that she lied. Dusty calls Lucinda,asks her how she's feeling, to verify that's she not sick.

    Let's Make a Baby!

    Wednesday, August 09 2006

    Sergio calls Damian from the hospital, says they must leave for Malta immediately no matter how Luke feels. Sergio is spying on Lucy. Dusty is at the hospital with the baby and sees Lucy go into the records office, sees Sergio lurking, watching her. Dusty is there getting medicine for his child. He keeps noticing Sergio who looks really suspicious. Lucy is snooping around in the records office in the dark. Someone tries to open the door, jiggling the handle. Lucy gets a lamp off the desk to use as a weapon, but it's only Dusty. He says she has no business there, tells her about the guy outside who's been watching her. Lucy accuses Dusty of following her. He tells that baby Johnny has been sick. He describes Sergio to her, warns her. Lucy tells him this is none of his business and storms out. Holden shows up and tells her that Dusty called him. Both men tell her she's in danger, that Damian is having her followed. Holden tells Lucy he'll find someone else to handle this. She tells Dusty he had no right to interfere. After Dusty and Holden walk off, Lucy takes something from the nurse's cart and puts it in her purse. Sergio calls Damian and tells him it's a good thing he got to the records room first got Damian's files before Lucy got there. Sergio says they need to leave for Malta tonight. After Damian hangs up, Luke asks him who was on the phone. Damian tells him it was his latest lab results.

    Is Maddy Losing Her Mind?

    Monday, August 07 2006

    At the Lakeview, Lucy tells Dusty that Damian is a great guy. Dusty is worried about Damian's motivations with Luke and wants to know why Lucy would hurt her family by moving in with Damian. Damian shows up and hugs Lucy, he says that he will be happy to get rid of the problem if there is one, meaning Dusty. The two men exchange an evil look.

    At the Lakeview, Lucy tells Damian that Dusty doesn't care about her. He blames her for his wife's death; almost daring Dusty to deny it. Dusty just tells her that he thinks she should be careful. She tells Damian, "Let's go home." He puts his arm around her and they leave. Lucinda arrives. Dusty wants to know what is going on and accuses her of setting Lucy up. She admits that Lucy is moving in with Damian to find his medical records to prove to Luke that he is a liar. Dusty is worried about what will happen to Lucy. Lucinda tells Dusty he's a tyrant and they argue. Dusty says that their plan is going to backfire, that when Damian finds out he's being played, it won't be cool. Dusty says, "Let me help."

    Back at the Lakeview, Lucinda tells Dusty his getting involved would cause Lucy grief after what they've already been through. Dusty says Lucy has no business with Damian. Lucinda is worried that if Dusty gets involved he may tip Damian off. She asks Dusty to swear he will stay out of it.

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