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    As the World Turns CAST - Dusty Donovan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dusty Donovan Played by Grayson McCouch on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Grayson McCouch (

    Birthday: October 29, 1968
    Birthplace: New York, New York USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Grayson McCouch
    Height: 6 '


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    Friday, September 17 2010

    At Dusty's, he and Janet change the baby and talk about how much they love each other.

    Jack and Carly wake up in bed together. Sage calls up to them. They go downstairs and discuss Carly's morning sickness. She asks him to fix her car and then realizes that they've become a normal couple with normal problems. She worries they will become boring. Janet and Dusty show up. Dusty introduces them to baby Lorenzo and Janet asks Jack to be his godfather. Jack would be honored. Carly breaks her pregnancy news.

    Baby News.

    Thursday, September 16 2010

    Carly and Jack slip outside of the cabin as she freaks out about Janet giving birth inside. They return and Jack tells Dusty he'll have to deliver the baby. The newlyweds step aside and Dusty starts helping the baby out. Once the baby is born, he cries and Janet marvels at how good looking he is. Carly takes Dusty aside and asks him if this is hard for his since the baby is Jack's.

    Janet, Carly Dusty and Jack arrive at the hospital. Janet is taken away to be examined a nurse recommends Dusty be seen about his ribs. He refuses. As he walks down the hall, he runs into John. He explains that he ran a DNA test and discovered that Jack is not the father.

    Carly walks down the hall and get nauseous. Jack finds her and she tells him he should be with Janet. He thinks she has enough people around her right now. As they turn the corner, they find John telling Dusty that he is actually the father. John and Dusty start to laugh excitedly. Jack walks over and looks at the test. Slightly dejected, he says this is probably best for the baby. Dusty goes off to tell Janet. John tells Carly she ended up with the right guy and walks off. Carly worries about Jack but he ushers her off to see a doctor.

    Dusty goes into Janet's room and tells her the baby is theirs. She cries and they tell each other how much they love each other. Liberty brings Jack in. She and Dusty leave. Janet tells Jack she's sorry. He says that she can always count on him. "Thank you for loving me," she sobs. They tell each other that they deserve the best. The nurse comes in and kicks Jack out. After she feeds the baby, the family files in. Liberty says goodbye to her mom so she can go and catch her plane. Dusty wonders where they are going to live. Janet sobs about how all her dreams have come true. Liberty says her goodbye and goes. Dusty and Janet sit with the baby.

    You Belong Together.

    Wednesday, September 15 2010

    At the cabin, Janet goes into labor. She tells Dusty to call Jack. He reminds her that he's busy at the moment. The contractions get more intense. As she breathes deep, he goes out to his car. When he tries to drive, it gets stuck in the mud. He returns to Janet and she tells him the baby is coming. Dusty starts boiling water. She wishes he could boil her an epidural. He chuckles and tries to get her to breathe. As she yells, Jack and Carly walk in. Carly gets queasy as Janet climbs into the bed.

    I'm Tired Of Kissing Frogs.

    Tuesday, September 14 2010

    At the farm house, Jack thanks Dusty for donating champagne to the wedding party. Dusty jokes that it's in his best interest that this marriage work out. After Dusty leaves, Janet tells Jack that she's in a good place and she's glad he's marrying Carly. They both think they deserve to be happy. He regrets that he hurt her and then begs the baby not to come until he's back from his honeymoon.

    Janet goes to see Dusty and tells him that she just did something stupid. She gives him the whole story about going to see Carly. She wishes that she hadn't snapped at her and been petty. As she complains, Dusty laughs and reminds her that Carly will always be part of her life.

    They go to the honeymoon cabin and begin decorating. He gets nervous when she climbs a ladder. He gets up to do it and suddenly spasms before collapsing. She helps him up and worries about him but he's fine and announces they should leave for the wedding. Suddenly, she goes into labor.

    This Time We Can Get It Right.

    Monday, September 13 2010

    In Dusty's suite, Janet tells Dusty she is there to nurse him back to health. He hopes she will wear a sexy nurse's outfit and tells her to have her way with him. He pulls her into bed. Dusty wants to make out, but Janet wants him to rest. Janet is apologetic for the men in her life hurting Dusty. Dusty isn't fazed by it, but Janet all of a sudden experiences pain similar to a contraction!

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