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    As the World Turns CAST - Dr. Susan Stewart - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Susan Stewart Played by Marie Masters on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Marie Masters

    Birthday: 1941-02-04
    Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
    Marital Status: Divorced Robert Lipton (1983 - 1988) 2 children, Jenny Harris and Jesse Harris
    Real Name: Marie Masters


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    Friday, September 17 2010

    Susan goes to see Bob in his office and complains about having to work with John again. Kim comes in so Susan makes herself scarce, wishing them well on her way out. Bob didn't know how hard it would be to say goodbye. She says it's just goodnight and time to have fun. When she leaves him alone, he packs his desk. He shuts the light out, says 'goodnight' and leaves. The globe lights up and spins.

    There Should Be More.

    Tuesday, August 31 2010

    At home, Casey and Alison look at the photo tribute to Nancy they put together. They talk about how unexpected this was and then he tries to give her the ring. She thinks it's too sudden for his family, especially since they will both be moving away. He can't believe the funeral was so short and declares that they need to do more. As they go out, Lucinda arrives. Susan comes in next, followed by Barbara. They talk about their lives and wonder what Nancy would do. She always managed to live without drama... They recall 'the bus ride from hell' and laugh.

    Lisa, Susan and Barbara go to the Lakeview and Lisa explains that when she 'punches out', she wants to have a big party first. She remembers Nancy and then asks her friends to make a charity donation in Nancy's name. The toast to her memory.

    Bob And Kim Get Married.

    Monday, April 05 2010

    At Tom and Margo's, Susan tells Bob that she's always liked him and he's single right now so... "We'll always be friends, but no more than that," he says. He walks off. Lisa comes up to her. Susan feels humiliated. They each agreed to make a pass at Bob to test his love for Kim. Bob overhears and they explain. He laughs. The reverend arrives and Margo does a background check on him. Kim and Barbara come in next. Henry and Barbara sneak away as the ceremony begins. They go into Casey's room and make out until Tom yells for her.

    Twenty Five Years Of Living In Sin!

    Friday, April 02 2010

    Downstairs, Lisa talks about when she left Bob because he was so obsessed with the hospital. Barbara leads Kim in and everyone claps. Bob wishes her a happy anniversary. Margo gets a call and ushers Tom off. They return a moment later and explain that Bob and Kim aren't actually married. They went looking for the minister at their original wedding and discovered he was in jail for fraud. He was a con artist, not a clergyman. Reid cracks some jokes and leaves. Kim laughs hysterically. Everyone starts to worry, offering her tea, water and beer. "Twenty five years of living in sin!" Lisa laughs. Chris says they can have a real ceremony. Tom offers to call a judge. Kim decides that she's not sure she wants to marry Bob at all. She says this is a chance to re-evaluate. Bob says they belong together. She's not so sure.

    Mick Isn't Here.

    Monday, February 15 2010

    Susan and Emily help Alison get dressed. Margo comes in and tells them Mick is on his way to the station and they have nothing to worry about.

    Bob and Kim are in the chapel talking to Lisa. Tom and Casey come over and they all discuss the police coming by. Tom downplays everything. Katie and Dr. Oliver arrive. Bob's impressed that he's stopped by. When they turn around, Henry and Barbara arrive. As everyone sits down, the music begins to play and Alison starts down the aisle. At the altar, Casey thanks her for making him a better person and nervously runs through all of the things he loves about her, like her honesty. She admits that she's made mistakes but promises to make him happy for the rest of his life. Margo suddenly runs off. Paul and Emily go up to read a passage from Shakespeare. As soon as Paul open his mouth, Mick storms in and shoots him. Reid and Bob gather around Paul. Mick orders everyone to throw their phones on the floor. He yells at Henry to stop trying to escape. Barbara is sure that not even James would stand by to watch Paul die. Paul asks Mick to let everyone go so they can sort things out alone. Margo calls Mick after finding the cop in his car. She tells him to leave now. He tells her that if he sees a cop outside, he'll start killing hostages. "I'm in a room full of hypocrites who act like I'm the only criminal that Oakdale has ever seen!" he yells. Bob asks Mick to let the women go. Kim refuses to leave him. Mick says no one is leaving. Bob has a stroke and collapses. Everyone begs Mick to let Bob go. He agrees to let some of the hostages go. Everyone bickers over who should leave. Susan and Reid leave with Bob, Lisa and Kim, Tom, the minister and Katie.

    At the hospital, Susan checks Kim over and then leaves to check on her daughters. Bob explains to his wife how he faked the stroke to get out. "I just thought, what would Dr. Oliver do?" he says.

    You Lied.

    Friday, February 12 2010

    Susan arrives at Fairwinds and tells Emily that Ali has vanished and Mick escaped from the hospital. Susan explains that Ali and Mick slept together. Emily sputters. "It's bad," Susan says. Emily says she has no idea how bad it is. She explains the Mick story and the results of the DNA test. Susan can't believe anyone's buying this. They run off.

    At home, Casey is making a rambling video message for his wedding day. Bob arrives and Casey begins interviewing him for the video. Bob says that he and Alison are a perfect couple and then talks about how nervous he was on his wedding day. "It made surgery look like making a sandwich," he says. Casey admits that he has doubts about Alison and doubts that he has what it takes to make a good husband. Bob reassures him and advises him not to take things for granted. Emily and Susan arrive looking for Ali. Casey tries calling her but there's no answer. Bob suggests that he interview them for the wedding video. The Stewart women are uncomfortable but do it anyway.

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