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    As the World Turns CAST - Gwen Norbeck Munson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gwen Norbeck Munson Played by Jennifer Landon on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jennifer Landon

    Birthday: 1983-08-29
    Birthplace: Malibu, California USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jennifer Landon


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    Carly Could Drive A Person To Murder...

    Tuesday, February 26 2008

    Gwen and Will are enjoying a quiet morning at home with Hallie when Bonnie arrives. She tells them the judge is making his decision in an hour. The babysitter arrives and Gwen gives her instructions. Gwen calls Barbara to let her know. Barbara is at the doctor's office but doesn't tell them that; she says she will meet them at the courthouse. Will tells Gwen things will work out and they leave.

    Sofie's lawyer calls her at The Lakeview and tells her to report to court in an hour. She is worried about what will happen and hurries to get her things. As she is leaving Chris stops by to check on her. Sofie is very nervous about the hearing and Chris offers to go with her. They are already at the courthouse when Will, Gwen and Barbara arrive. Gwen tells Sofie they just want the best for Hallie; Sofie says she does, too. The judge arrives and calls Sofie's actions unstable. He rules in favor of Will and Gwen! They are relieved. Sofie asks the judge if she can speak and tells the court how much she loves Hallie. She, her lawyer and Chris run from the room. Will, Gwen and Babs come out and tell Alison and Matt about the ruling. They ask Allie to come by the house for a celebration; Babs begs off and everyone leaves. Alison, Matt and Casey meet the Munson's at the cottage and begin their celebration. After a while Alison leaves; Matt thanks her for introducing him to Will and Gwen. Outside, Casey tells Matt to stop intruding on his life. Matt plays the guilt cards, again, telling Casey that he just wants a normal life and Casey's family is uber-normal. Casey gives in and tells Matt he can stay a while longer. Back inside, Will tries to relax but Gwen can't forget about the things Sofie said in court. She feels guilty that they have Hallie and Sofie has no one!

    Leaving On A Jet Plane?

    Monday, February 18 2008

    Alison meets Will and Gwen at the cottage to tell her about the hearing so far. Allie volunteers to testify for them but they say they need someone who knew Sofie's state of mind. Gwen asks Alison if she'll talk to Aaron about testifying for them. Alison isn't sure if Aaron will do it but agrees to ask him. Will and Gwen check on Hallie, who is fussy. Gwen cries, telling Will she can't lose their baby. Will says they will make it through this.

    Alison meets Aaron at The Lakeview. Aaron says he can't talk to Sofie because she won't even see him. Alison says they don't want to change Sofie's mind - they want Aaron to testify on their behalf! Aaron is stunned and says he can't betray Sofie that way. Alison angrily asks what hold Sofie has on him and reminds him that Will and Gwen can take care of Hallie but Sofie can't. Aaron still won't agree to testify. Alison returns to the cottage to give Will and Gwen the news. Bonnie stops by, too. They tell him Aaron won't testify, which Bonnie says could be the best. Alison agrees to sit with Hallie until the actual babysitter arrives. Bonnie, Will and Gwen leave.

    The court hearing resumes. The judge indicates that he feels a bit more sympathy for Sofie because of Barbara's and Iris's actions. Just then Aaron arrives to testify! As Aaron tells the judge what he knows about Cole and Sofie's state of mind, Sofie's lawyer objects over and over. The judge tells the lawyer to be quiet. Aaron says that Cole was the one who pressured Sofie into giving up the baby, not Will and Gwen, and that when Cole left Sofie she made the decision - on her own - to give up the child. The judge asks Aaron what he thinks is best for Hallie. Aaron says Will and Gwen are able to be parents but he isn't sure Sofie is. "It wasn't her instinct to put the baby first," Aaron says. Sofie can't believe what Aaron has testified to. The judge calls a recess to review all the testimony. Will and Gwen thank Aaron, who hurries after Sofie. He catches up to her in Old Town. She blames him for everything once more, saying she never asked for his help but he just kept pushing his way into her life! She storms off. Sofie is back at her hotel room when Aaron calls. She ignores the phone and cries over a picture of Hallie. "Please give me another chance to be her mother," she says.

    Will and Gwen, back at the cottage, check on Hallie. Barbara calls but they don't have any news yet.

    Nothing About The Heimlich Is Romantic!

    Friday, February 15 2008

    At the cottage Will surprises Gwen with a valentine from Hallie. She asks Will for reassurance that the judge will side with them. Will says the judge can't side with Sofie because of what she did in New York.

    Sofie meets with Chris and asks him to testify on her behalf. Chris points out his family loyalties but she begs him to testify that she had post-partum depression. Her lawyer arrives. Chris agrees to testify. Will and Gwen arrive. Sofie says she was wrong to give up her child but thankfully Hallie will never remember them. She goes into the courtroom. Bonnie arrives and says they have a good chance at retaining custody but it will be heard. As they are headed inside Barbara arrives. Will asks her not to come in but Gwen tells her to stay. Will finally agrees and they go inside. Chris is called as Sofie's first witness. He talks about post-partum behavior, saying it could have caused her to take the baby. The lawyer brings up Cole and Iris and says they pressured Sofie into giving up the baby. He brings up Barbara's part in it. The judge asks what her part was. Barbara takes the stand and says Iris and Cole told her that Sofie wanted to get rid of the baby. She talks about what great parents Will and Gwen are. The lawyer brings up Barbara's payments to Iris and Cole. She says it was for medical bills. Sofie yells that Barbara was trying to buy her child. Sofie takes the stand and says she was a victim of Cole and Iris the whole time. She says she wouldn't have listened if she wasn't alone; the lawyer says the adoption should be void because Sofie wasn't represented. Bonnie points out that she asked Sofie to get a lawyer but she didn't want one. The lawyer questions Chris again, who says that Sofie was pressured! Will can't believe that Chris is siding with Sofie. The judge calls a recess so everyone can calm down. Sofie thanks Chris and hugs him. Will angrily asks Chris how he could do that to them. Chris says he was just offering an opinion and leaves. The court returns to session and Bonnie gives her opening arguments. She points out that Sofie may have been sad and lonely but she didn't have a right to kidnap the child when she didn't even have a job with which to care for her. "You recklessly endangered Hallie's life," Bonnie says! Sofie keeps calling Hallie "my baby" and tries to blame Barbara for the kidnapping! Bonnie focuses on Sofie and reminds her about all the safeguards that she told Sofie about before she signed. Then, Bonnie reminds Sofie that she knew about the time period she had to object. Sofie insists she doesn't remember that. Bonnie tells the judge that Sofie had no rights to Hallie when she kidnapped the baby because that waiting period had been over for one day. The judge asks if she read the agreement and Sofie says she did and then cries that she didn't realize what she was doing. Bonnie turns to the judge, telling him that Sofie is obviously unstable and tells him about what happened to Hallie in New York City. Sofie's lawyer insists that Sofie only made a mistake; Bonnie reminds the judge that Sofie had no rights to Hallie. Bonnie asks if they can bring in a few more witnesses, just to delay. The judge agrees and dismisses them for lunch. Gwen believes they could lose the baby. Bonnie tells them they need a witness who can offset Chris's testimony. Will suggests Aaron but Gwen doesn't like that idea. Bonnie says it could really help their case.

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

    Thursday, February 14 2008

    Will surprises Gwen with a Valentine's gift - a framed picture of their family. Gwen gives him her gift - the same family picture! Gwen tells Will that her life was different - in a bad way - before she met him. He wonders what life would have been like if he had been able to stop Gwen and Casey from sleeping together. Will imagines he gets there just in time and stops Casey. Gwen kind of blows him off and then takes the stage at Yo's. As she sings she can only concentrate on him. After the show, she and Will walk in Old Town and begin talking about their crazy families. Gwen's friends ask her to come with them but she chooses to stay with Will. They return to her apartment and sit on the fire escape outside. Will tells her about his mom and she talks about her mom. Will kisses her. "How about, from now on, this is our place?" she asks. Will likes that idea.

    Pay-offs and Demands

    Tuesday, February 12 2008

    Chris comes out of Hallie's room and says she is doing much better. He asks what will happen to Sofie now and tries to make Will and Gwen see another side of Sofie: the good side that brought the baby home. Will and Gwen aren't interested in Sofie's good side.

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