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    As the World Turns CAST - Gwen Norbeck Munson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gwen Norbeck Munson Played by Jennifer Landon on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jennifer Landon

    Birthday: 1983-08-29
    Birthplace: Malibu, California USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jennifer Landon


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    Take The Baby and Run!

    Monday, March 17 2008

    In the stairwell, Cole calls someone and says their plan will work! He is still there when Will and Gwen catch sight of him. He tries to run but they follow. Will notices that Cole is holding Hallie and orders him to stop. He sends Gwen to get security and then Cole threatens to drop Hallie down the stairs if Will won't let him go! Before he can do that Gwen returns with security guards. Cole tosses the baby at Will, who catches her, and then tries to run. The security guards follow Cole. Will and Gwen take Hallie back to Sofie, who is relieved she is okay. The nurse returns to check on Hallie just as the security guards return to report that they lost Cole! Sofie is very worried. She breaks down and tells them that as much as she wants to be a mother she isn't equipped to deal with a baby. "I just can't be a mother right now," she says and walks out.

    Vienna's Choice!

    Friday, March 14 2008

    At Will and Gwen's, they try to keep Sage distracted with breakfast making. Parker and JJ have already left for the day. Sage asks about Hallie; Will and Gwen are trying to explain when Carly arrives. Will takes Sage into another room while Carly fills Gwen in about Jack and about Parker. Carly asks if it would be okay if Sage stays with them a little while. Gwen says it is fine because Hallie isn't there any longer. Carly is crushed for Gwen and wants to stay but Gwen says they'll be fine. After Carly leaves, Gwen and Will make plans with Sage for the day.

    Sofie arrives at the Lakeview Lounge with Hallie in tow. She sees Lisa and says she couldn't get a sitter. Lisa doesn't care; she says Hallie can't stay at the bar all day! Sofie says Hallie will be fine but Lisa won't give in. She pats Hallie, who has become fussy again, and realizes the baby has a high fever that Sofie hasn't noticed. She sends them to the hospital. Sofie is pacing the hall when she runs into Alison. A doctor comes by and says Hallie's fever is under control but she is severely anemic and needs a blood transfusion. Sofie isn't a match; the doctor says to call the father but Sofie doesn't know where Cole is. She tries to call Cole but he doesn't answer his cell phone. She leaves a message begging him to come and help their daughter. Alison tells Sofie that she should try contacting Gwen, too. Sofie tearfully calls Gwen and says Hallie is sick and needs help. Gwen and Will arrive; she goes in to be matched. When they are alone Will berates Sofie, wondering why she waited so long to get help. She insists she only thought Hallie was fussy. When she says she called Cole before calling them, Will gets very upset. He can't believe Sofie tried calling Cole first. Gwen returns and says she is a match and the transfusion will begin soon. Will and Gwen go to see the baby. They are talking with Sofie in the cafeteria when Cole walks in!

    Hello! I've Been Kidnapped!

    Thursday, March 13 2008

    At the cottage, Gwen and Will play a board game; she wins. He suggests they watch a movie but Gwen just wants to be alone. Will says he understands. She apologizes again for charging ahead without him. Will hugs her and says they will get through it all together.

    In the parking lot, Carly tells two Chicago police officers about the shooting and Kit's death. She promises to give them more of a statement later if they will let her go with Jack now. Carly gets in the ambulance to ride with Jack to a helicopter yard where he will be flown to Oakdale Memorial. Carly calls Gwen to tell her about the shooting and asks her to pick up the kids and watch them for her. Gwen agrees and says she'll meet them at the hospital. At the hospital Carly tells Gwen Jack is in grave danger because the bullet is very close to his heart. A doctor comes in to check on Jack and says they've repaired the damage to his lungs and removed the bullet. Carly is relieved. Gwen leaves to call the kids.

    Parker arrives at the hospital and is relieved that Jack is recuperating. Jack reminds the kiddo that everything will be fine but when Parker learns that Kit is dead he isn't so sure. Gwen tells Parker they have to go. Jack is reassuring Carly that things will be fine when Margo returns to the hospital. After speaking with the D.A., she says they are going ahead with the trial against Parker since they have no way of knowing what part Kit had in the killing. Carly cries. Margo apologizes and leaves. She returns to Jack and lies down on the bed with him.

    Who's Lonely Now?

    Tuesday, March 11 2008

    At the cottage, Barbara tells Gwen they will work things out and reminds her that the judge decided on what would be best for Hallie. Gwen can't stop believing that she somehow stole Hallie, though. Will returns home and tells them that Paul has offered Sofie a place to live. Barbara and Will are very upset; Gwen tries to calm them down but Will turns his anger on her. "With Paul's help, Sofie could take Hallie away from us legally," he says. Babs leaves. Gwen doesn't understand why Will can't understand her thinking; Will can't understand why Gwen gave their child away.

    Barbara returns to the cottage a few minutes later and says Meg is going to try talking to Paul. She has a dizzy spell but Will catches her. Will is worried but Barbara insists she is only upset about Hallie. As she is leaving, Barbara advises them to stop fighting about Hallie and listen to one another. When they are alone again, Gwen admits that she doesn't see how she can live her life without Hallie. But, she says, she can't keep Sofie from Hallie, either.

    Gwen Gives Hallie To Sofie!

    Monday, March 10 2008

    Will finds Gwen crying over Hallie in the living room. She says she can't keep Sofie away from the baby. Will can't believe what Gwen is suggesting. "I feel like I stole her," Gwen says. Will convinces Gwen to talk to Bonnie first so they are legally covered. He leaves to get Bonnie; Gwen promises to stay at the cottage but once Will is gone, she grabs Hallie and leaves. Will meets with Barbara and asks her to help him. He says he needs to stay close to Gwen and tells her that Bonnie needs to explain how difficult undoing an adoption is. Babs agrees to help. Will leaves.

    Upstairs, Sofie runs into Gwen, who says she is there to give Hallie back! They go into Sofie's room and Gwen says she can't keep them apart and that only Sofie can determine where Hallie belongs. She leaves a bag of Hallie's things and then leaves. Hallie becomes fussy but Sofie has no idea what to do with her. The more she cries the more freaked out Sofie becomes. She grabs Hallie's bag and leaves but runs into Barbara in the lobby. Babs asks what she thinks she is doing but Sofie ignores her and leaves.

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