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    As the World Turns CAST - Gwen Norbeck Munson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gwen Norbeck Munson Played by Jennifer Landon on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jennifer Landon

    Birthday: 1983-08-29
    Birthplace: Malibu, California USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jennifer Landon


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    Not That Smart.

    Monday, July 12 2010

    Will and Gwen watch as Hallie runs around Barbara's room. They start to ponder what happened to Barbara and he wants to continue digging into it.

    Jack drops by Carly's and asks her if she wants a coffee and a talk about where they stand. Molly bustles in so Jack makes himself scarce. Molly apologizes for ruining the moment. Her cousin fills her in one things getting better with Jack and then Molly tells her that she feels bad for throwing a big wedding with everything that's going on. Carly encourages her to pursue her fairytale ending. Gwen shows up at the door and Carly starts to scream giddily. They sit down and Carly fills her in on everything that's happened in the last year. Even with all of that, Gwen doesn't understand why she isn't with Jack. She suggests that fate will lead them back together. Carly just wants to concentrate on business right now.

    Will and Gwen are at Barbara's when they find his mom's passport on the floor.

    The Best Friend Anyone Could Have.

    Friday, July 09 2010

    While sitting on a bench in Old Town, Paul sees Will, Gwen and Hallie. He's excited to see his family and tells them Barbara is on a cruise. They tell him Barbara was supposed to meet them in Carbondale yesterday so it doesn't make sense for her to have gone on vacation. Paul then updates them on Barbara and Henry and then Casey and Allison see Will and Gwen. Casey and Alison take Hallie to get some ice cream, leaving Gwen and Will to marvel over Casey and Alison's seemingly repaired relationship. Gwen goes to get the dirt as Will talks with Paul about what's going on with Barbara. Will doesn’t agree with Paul that she's on a cruise because she was supposed to watch Hallie for them while they went somewhere. Paul just thinks she needed to get away and Will asks about Paul's new calm, zen-like attitude. Paul catches him up on how good his life is and says he thinks Will worries too much, because Barbara is probably fine.

    Gwen, Hallie, Alison and Casey go to Al's and catch up. Alison and Casey explain what's been going on and claim they are just friends and all is forgiven. Once alone, Gwen questions Casey who explains he realized he wasn't perfect and he shouldn't have expected Alison to be either. She shares with him that she and Will are doing amazing. They discuss their past and his pregnancy scare with Vienna. Will and Paul come to Al's and Casey walks Alison back to work. Gwen and Will decide to stay at Barbara's place despite Paul offering his home to them. Gwen is cold to Paul and once he walks away Will asks her to be more polite to his brother. He also expresses his worry for his mother.

    Paul gets Will and Gwen settled into Barbara's and leaves. As they muse on Barbara's disappearance, Hallie finds Barbara's passport. Will and Gwen don't see it though and discuss how sweet it is to be back where everything started for them.

    Leaving Is The Hardest Part...

    Friday, April 04 2008

    At the cottage, Will returns with sandwiches and munchies. Gwen is upset because Carly's kids can't make the party. She wonders if leaving so soon is a mistake. Will says there will never be a perfect time to leave. Outside, Barbara nearly falls at the cottage door. Paul catches her and asks if everything is okay. She says she is just tired and they go inside. Will thanks Paul for coming; Barbara tells Gwen how much she loves her. She tells Hallie goodbye, too, and then hugs Will, telling him how proud Hal would be. Paul teases that he expects hugs like this now that he is the "good son". They all laugh. Barbara hugs Gwen and then Will one more time. She tells them to have fun with their friends and leaves. Jack, Parker and Carly arrive. Carly takes Gwen to get a few pictures; Gwen asks about Jack. Carly says she is working on winning his heart again. Jack tells Will that if they ever need anything they only have to call. Paul takes Parker aside, saying he would like to be a stand-in big brother if Parker needs one. When Carly and Gwen return, Will takes a family picture with Jack and Carly.

    Alison finds Chris at the hospital and tries to bully him into going to Will and Gwen's with her. He says he has too much work but finally gives in. They arrive at the cottage as Aaron does. Will isn't thrilled but Chris steps up and apologizes for his part in the adoption hearings. All is forgiven. Aaron takes Alison aside and asks what is going on with Chris; Allie says they are just friends. Aaron is jealous. Chris tells Alison that he doesn't want to push his luck with Will so he is leaving. He invites her to come along with him and she accepts. Aaron watches them, very unhappy. Casey, Luke, Noah and Ameera arrive. Luke explains that Ameera is Noah's wife-in-name-only; Luke jokes that Casey is now his "boyfriend". Casey objects to that description. Paul takes Will aside and says he wants to be a better brother. They hug. Just then Sofie arrives. She tearily says her goodbyes to Hallie. When Aaron tries to make her stay, though, Sofie says she wants to be alone and hurries out. Paul follows. On the porch she tells him about Barbara's surgery. They leave together. Will takes Gwen into the bedroom and she says she finally realizes why they need to move - because Sofie can't move on with them back in town. Noah and Luke are lamenting their problems with the INS. Gwen has a great idea - Noah and Ameera should move into the cottage, that way they'll have more freedom because Luke and his "boyfriend" could visit any time. "Uuh, I'm not in this for a long-term relationship," Casey jokes. Luke doesn't like the idea either, but Noah and Ameera convince them it is a great plan. Will takes a picture of the "happy couples". When everyone is gone, Will and Gwen toast to their new life. He kisses her.

    We Belong Together...

    Tuesday, April 01 2008

    Will returns to the cottage and Gwen tells him about Barbara's suggestion and Sofie's offer! Will is stunned and wonders what Sofie is really after. Gwen says as much as she wants to help Babs, this could be their chance to put themselves - and Hallie - first. Will tells her to start packing.

    Barbara arrives at Fairwinds and asks Paul to help her convince Will and Gwen to move on - literally - with their lives. Paul wonders what Barbara is really up to and she says she owes it to Will to let him have a life free of Oakdale and Sofie. He reluctantly agrees to stand by her and they leave for the cottage. They barge straight in, telling Will and Gwen that they can handle things in Oakdale. They talk over one another for several minutes until Will interrupts and says they just decided to leave for a while. Paul and Will talk quietly for a while. Paul apologizes for taking Sofie's side but explains that he was just trying to be fair to all sides. Will forgives him. Barbara asks for their plans and convinces them to stay for a farewell party. She leaves.

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