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    As the World Turns CAST - Gwen Norbeck Munson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gwen Norbeck Munson Played by Jennifer Landon on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jennifer Landon

    Birthday: 1983-08-29
    Birthplace: Malibu, California USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jennifer Landon


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    When Will Things Get Better?

    Tuesday, July 27 2010

    At the police station, Will and Gwen confirm Barbara's signature. Henry busts in with Vienna's email. Margo shows him the credit card signature and purchase and Henry excitedly confirms it is hers and the lingerie store is her favorite. Henry wants to investigate the clue. Paul enters the station and offers to accompany Henry. Katie wants to go, but Henry angrily tells her she isn't needed. Margo tries to cheer up a tearful Katie. Katie worries that she has lost Henry forever. Margo can understand Henry's anger, but Katie breaks down and admits that she felt like keeping Vienna and Henry together brought her closer to the good times she shared with Brad. She wonders when things will get better and she can move forward. Margo begins to cry, too, and pulls Katie in for a hug. Margo thinks that Henry will eventually move past his hurt.

    Gwen and Will share coffee at Java. Will is surprised at how great Paul has been. Gwen thinks that Emily seemed weird when she discovered Barbara was back and suggests that Emily and Paul might be in on Barbara's disappearance! Will is skeptical, but Gwen notes that Paul is certifiably crazy. Will reminds her that he is, also, and doesn't think Paul would be in on it. Gwen softens and admits that seeing Iris reminded her how great Barbara has been.

    A mysterious woman enters Gwen and Will's suite. Outside the suite, Will and Gwen prepare to enter the room!

    I'll Do What I Want.

    Tuesday, July 20 2010

    Gwen and Will are startled to find Iris in their suite! Iris claims she is there to see her granddaughter, but Gwen tells her to stay away! They both accuse Iris of trying to capitalize on Barbara's disappearance. Gwen orders her to walk out and never come back! Iris informs them she has been in jail, but is now a reformed person and wants to make amends. An upset Gwen tells Iris they are in the middle of a crisis and don't need her. Will asserts that she is to stay away from their family. As Iris leaves, Halle runs up and hugs her and says, "Grandma, stay!" Iris worms her way into joining them for dinner. At dinner, Gwen leaves, but Iris follows and catches her trying to call the police. Gwen demands that Iris tell her what she wants! Iris won't, so Gwen tells her to say her good-byes and leave forever. Before leaving, Iris presents them with some of the money she owes Barbara. A rattled Gwen wants to pack and leave before Iris comes back. Gwen suggests staying at Fairwinds for protection until they find Barbara.

    Until It Was Too Late.

    Monday, July 19 2010

    At the station, Katie is uncomfortable talking about what happened to Barbara but Margo demands some answers. She finally explains that Barbara called Vienna before she vanished. Katie admits that she knew about the fake pregnancy and feels terrible about everything. She goes over all of the details of Vienna's plan and the fake miscarriage. Will and Gwen gasps but Katie makes excuses for her friend. Will is sure that Vienna did something to his mom. He begins accusing Katie of protecting Vienna. Margo tells her little sister she has a lot of questions to answer.

    Alison and Casey are taking Hallie window shopping in Old Town before sending her off to get ice cream. The adults talk about being parents and he says it would have been a nightmare to share parenting duties with Vienna. When the little girl comes back with her cone, Ali and Casey discuss how they've stopped hating each other. He leaves for work and Gwen comes by to get her Hallie. She fills Ali in on the latest with the Vienna mess. Ali laughs about how unbelievable it is and then tells her about Casey's part in it. Will arrives and tells Gwen what else he has learned from Henry and they try to wrap their heads around it. He's sure something must be seriously wrong.

    Will and Gwen go up to Barbara's room. She thinks she can smell his mom's perfume. He calls for her. Iris walks out, playing with Barb's perfume.

    Off With Her Head!

    Friday, July 16 2010

    At Fairwinds, Gwen admits it's a revelation to see Paul and Emily acting like a normal family. They begin talking about Barbara disappearing. Will arrives and announces that Barbara is now a missing person. Emily thinks that Barbara just wants to be the center of attention. Will starts to fume at her. Paul defends his wife. Everyone agrees Barbara is a pain but Will continues badgering Emily. Gwen is sure that Barbara wouldn't run off when she had the chance to spend time with her granddaughter. Accusations fly and Emily and Paul try to explain what's been going on with Barbara and how many enemies she's made. Will and Gwen leave to track down Vienna.

    Henry goes downstairs at the Lakeview and asks around about Barbara but no one has seen her. Katie follows him around and he explains he's annulling the marriage. If he could, he would annul their friendship too. He doesn't know how she could have betrayed him like she has. Henry tears her up for destroying the happiest relationship he ever had just because she's a miserable person. "I lost Brad because of you and I forgave you!" she blurts out. He guesses she's a better person than him and walks off. Will and Gwen rush up to him and ask about Barbara. He starts to worry. Katie wanders over and Henry vows to track Barbara down. The clerk walks over and hands Will Barbara's phone. It was found in the stairwell.

    Gwen and Will bring the phone to Margo at the station. Katie arrives and says she was there when Barbara made her final call.

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